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This upcoming weekend (November 4th) is when we set our clocks back an hour, which may cause some problems with schedules if you have very small children. If you are familiar with Sprout then you may be familiar with Pajanimals, a cute puppet show that focuses on teaching preschoolers how to move through their day, especially bedtime, successfully.

Pajanamals have a few tips to help your preschooler adjust to the time change a little better and I know I will be doing these for Jaxon since he goes to school it’s going to be way different for him this year.

  • The night of (Saturday November 3rd) put your child to bed at his/her regular bedtime before setting the clocks back.  Then before you go to bed make sure to set all the clocks back an hour.

  • Your child will more than likely wake up early since they went to bed at the normal time, this is the time when we as parents just have to have an extra cup of coffee or something to keep us going through the day.

  • Stick to your child’s original schedule, if they usually eat at 11am, keep that time. They will more than likely be hungry before but you can help that by giving them a light mid-morning snack. Do the same for nap-time  keep them going even if they seem to slow down and are ready earlier.

  • Keep them up. Make sure they stay up to their original bedtime. They may be cranky and you know they are tired but put them to bed at the regular time.

By using these 4 tips, your child can adjust, hopefully quickly, to the time change. It may take a few days but it’s better than having a child who is going to bed early and waking up way before you are ready to!

Something else that Pajanamals has a tip for is transitioning from playtime to nap/bedtime. Having a transitional object, a physical object that takes the place of the mother-child bond. It helps when the child is not with the mother for long periods of time…like a security object. All of my kids have had or do have an object that they have to have to sleep or when they are away from me or Jeff for long periods of time.

Pajanamals sent Jaxon, my 3 year old, a Snuggle Up Story Mat from TOMY. It’s great for nap-times at home or at school if they allow things to be sent in for nap-time. Jaxon enjoyed laying in it in the living room and watching TV and then would randomly roll over and look at the book that he was just using as a pillow. It features all of the Pajanamals characters and is light and soft.


One reader will win a Pajanimals Snuggle Up Story Mat (retail value $29.99)

*Jackie received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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  1. Audra Weathers on

    We read 3 books every night and the she likes me to say “night night, sleep tight, don’t let the ladybugs bite”. 🙂

  2. Kimberly Schotz on
  3. Colleen Maurina on

    First is bathtime, brush teeth, storytime and then heat up his favorite hotpack in the microwave for him to cuddle with.

  4. Our little one is only a few weeks old, but we make a point of spending some down time together as a family cuddling on mom and dad’s bed before putting the baby in the bassinet – he definitely sleeps better afterwards!

  5. Gretchen Gerth on

    Reviewing the day and deciding on the best thing that happened and the yuckiest. I did it with my kids, and now with my grandkids when they stay over night.

  6. Our bedtime routine is long because the kids there’s a lot of water requests, lotion requests and lots of bedtime stories

  7. Priscilla Benavides on
  8. Laura Proctor Unger on

    I let my oldest son choose 4 books to read to him every night, and then he chooses one song that I sing to him before he goes to sleep.

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