Reverse Charades Expansion Packs Review!


Every since one of my contributors did a Reverse Charades review, I have been dying to try this game. Since we have quite a few gatherings at our new vacation home, this sounded like the perfect game to play with a fun group of people!  It is a twist on the classic Charades game, but in this case, a whole team acts out the word.

reverse charades game

What I didn’t know until recently though, was that there are now expansion packs available for Reverse Charades!   I was thrilled when I was sent not only the original game, but the “Girls Night In” expansion pack. I finally had a chance to play this with my favorite girlfriends, and oh my goodness, did we have fun!

reverse charades girls night out expansion pack

Girls’ Night In Edition—Strut your stuff at your next girls-only party with outrageously fun women-themed words like: mani-pedi, blind date, Charlie’s Angels, shaving legs, aerobics and soccer mom. A portion of the sales of this edition goes to support breast cancer research.
Sports Edition—Get ready to rumble at tailgate parties and victory celebrations with athletic-themed words like: grand slam, fumble, Olympic torch, 7th inning stretch, synchronized swimming, kickboxing and tag team wrestling.
Holiday Edition—The perfect stocking stuffer to make your parties and family gatherings even merrier and brighter with holiday-themed words like: Frosty the Snowman, mistletoe, snowball fight, sleigh ride, piñata and 10 Lords a-leaping.

Reverse Charades Girls Night In Edition expansion pack

With words such as those shown above, how could anybody not have fun?  We pulled Dolly Parton as one of our words, and you can imagine how we acted that out.  We sounded like a group of school-age girls as we laughed hysterically.  There are so many fun words in the Girls Night In edition of Reverse Charades -and as the name suggests, they are all suited for … well girls!  All of the things girls are interested in, including beauty, characters and more.

Reverse Charades and the expansion packs are a fantastic gift idea for the holidays. I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t have fun with this game – adults and kids will all enjoy it, and can even play it together. There is a Junior Edition too, which is for ages 6+.

Good news! All three new Reverse Charades App expansion editions are now available for Apple and Android products!

If you are looking for a new game for your family and friends to enjoy together, look no further than Reverse Charades and Reverse Charades Expansion packs!

You can purchase all of the above at

*I received the above game and expansion pack, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. This would be a fun game to play with my family. We set aside a few hours on Sunday to play games together or to just read, sometimes watch a movie. I am curious to see how my boys would do with this, how they would act things out. I am guessing it can get pretty hilarious.

  2. When we play Charades the kids love it. Charades is one of our families favorite games to play. This looks like it would be a great new take on the game.

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