$100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!


$100 Target Gift Card Giveaway

I am so happy to announce a really fun and easy giveaway, just in time for the holidays! Β Think of all of the holiday shopping you could do with this card if you are the lucky winner!

target gift card giveaway

Open to US residents only. Giveaway ends 12/16 @ 11:59 EST.

Good luck!


*Eighty MPH Mom is sponsoring this Target gift card giveaway along with co-hosts Slice o’ Heaven, Outnumbered 3 to 1, InRandom and Simply Budgeted. Prize will be sent directly to winner from Eighty MPH Mom.


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  1. If I won this card I would by my three kids christmas gifts.. I lost my job so money is tight and This gift card would do wonders for all my kiddos!

  2. I would split the gift card between my two boys for Christmas. This year is going to be a small one. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Tell me in a comment, what you might buy or who you might buy for, from Target if you win! Food, xmas gifts for myself and my neice Kayla. She’s a great kid!

  4. I would buy myself some clothes. Since having baby number two, nothing fits and I literally have about 10 bags of clothes to donate away. I desperately need some new clothes but I don’t want to spend tons on myself since I don’t need fancy clothes for work (SAHM). So this would be perfect–no guilt! (Although I imagine I would also spend some on my girls because I can’t resist)

  5. I would probably buy groceries, but possibly some holiday gifts for my kids. There are great deals at Target on electronics right now, which is all they ever want.

  6. I would use it for both necessities and holiday shopping! I would first buy food and toilet paper, then buy baby clothes for the baby or video games for the fiance.

  7. I’d get a new toaster oven.. maybe a microwave. Really need to replace those two items badly!
    Thanks for the giveaway~

  8. kelly nicholson on

    Tell me in a comment, what you might buy or who you might buy for, from Target if you win!

    mostly food..im hungry!

  9. I would probably pick up another bookshelf and then use the rest to stock up on personal, cleaning, household, &/or pet supplies.

  10. I’d find something for my oldest daughter as we need something for her for Christmas, then her Birthday is just two weeks later. Probably clothes as she hasn’t had many new ones since her baby was born. She loves Target, as does our entire family. Thanks!

  11. Here is another great goody I’d like to target in on πŸ˜‰ I drink a lot of black tea and purchase it all at Target – they have it at the most reasonable price I’ve found yet. Won’t take y’all long to figure out that my Mom should have named me, “Frugal” – born comparison shopper! Usually make a gallon of tea at a rip – use the black tea for calming (per Dr. Oz), green for weight control and a fruit tea for the antioxidants (plus, it tastes great!) – drink it cold in the Summer and, if we have a few cold days in Winter, warm it up in the micro.

  12. I know my husband has been wanting some new knives for the kitchen and I’d love to get him some decent ones!


  13. I would get my family presents we can’t afford them this year so this would really help

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  14. I would use it to buy toys for our local radio station 96.5 TIC FM’s “We are the Children” Christmas Party. This has been held annually for I believe the last 14 years for under privileged children in our area.

  15. Oh how helpful this would be for my side of the families gifts…not celebrating until January so perfect and soo appreciated!

  16. I would LOVE to win this gift card! Money is scarce and I still need to buy my parents and my brother and my best friends a gift! It would be nice to get myself something nice like a sweater. Because it is very cold in CA

    -need to win soooo badly


  17. I would buy christmas gifts for my 2 year old daughter .I’m a 20 year old mom of a 2 year old and one in heaven .I’m also a full time student with no income & i’d love to buy my daughter christmas presents this year .

  18. Jessica Manapul on

    I would give it to my sister and brother in law who took my brother and I into their house and took care of us even though they aren’t even our parents.

  19. if i won i would go shopping and spend it on myself,,through the whole year i buy the kids and never do anything for myself. I would be proud to win and spend on me for once!!!

  20. I would probably get a Keurig with it! Its been on my wishlist for over a year now. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance and good luck all!

  21. I would buy for myself, my husband, our new house (if we ever get it!) and my best friend and anyone else that needs anything =]

  22. If it’s gifts, they would be for my son. I buy a lot of everything of Target though, so who knows what it would actually go towards!

  23. I would put it toward a new camera. I have bought lots of electronic upgrades for my kids and husband this year, but Momma needs a new camera!

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