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I am a huge fan of music. I like all kinds of music except for jazz and opera. If you were to look on my iPod, you would probably be surprised at the range of music choices that are on it. But music is only as good as the sound quality, and the cheap-o ear buds don’t always do justice to my favorite music.

Bassbuds make my music sound fantastic! I received a gorgeous pair of Bass Buds for review, and after using them, I realize how much I have been missing in the way of sound quality over the years, while using the standard ear buds that come with my iPod.  Bass Buds “Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology ” means that there is no bass distortion and the treble is crisp and clean.  They aren’t kidding – I am simply amazed at what a difference there is when it comes to ear buds.  I don’t think I could ever go back to regular ones after trying Bassbuds.

In addition to the sound quality, Bassbuds are absolutely stunning. How can ear buds be stunning you might ask?

Bass Buds, ear buds with swarovski crystals
I received the “Candy” Bassbuds ($85 ARV) from the 2012 Fashion Collection, which are made with Swarovski elements.  Have you ever seen such gorgeous ear buds before?

bass buds

Bassbuds are available in a variety of styles and colors. I am glad the good folks at Bassbuds made the choice for me, as I would have had a really hard time deciding what color and style to get. They did a great job choosing the “Candy” Bassbuds – they are just so “me”!
bassbuds, ear buds with swarovski crystals

Bringing you ultra distortion free bass and crisp treble. Experience the superior sound quality of High Definition crystal clear Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology through your Bassbuds.

Hear your music without any external interference. Listen to your favourite songs and experience them like you have never done before! Enhanced entertainment, advanced Crystaltronics sound technology is the NEW sound of 2012. With the new built-in high spec Mic/MP3 Controller, you can get an unforgettable listening experience.

ear buds for smartphones,bass buds, ear buds with integrated mic

Each pair of Bassbuds High Performance In-ear Earphones have a Built-In Mic/MP3 Controller (mic is supported by all smartphones), and with your order of Bassbuds you will also receive the accessories bundle. In this bundle you will get 3 pairs of memory foam tips, 6 pairs of silicone tips, a beautiful black velvet storage and travel bag and of course, the Bassbuds! The memory foam tips make these so incredibly comfortable, unlike many other ear buds I have worn before. Ahhhh. They arrive in a really nice gift box – perfect for gift giving or just a treat for yourself!

bass buds accessory pack

If there is a music lover in your life (or several of them), Bassbuds are sure to please.  With so many styles and colors to choose from, you can cover several people on your holiday gift list with one shopping trip!

I have a Bassbuds discount code for you! When you use the code BB59848 at checkout, you can take $30.00 off your order!

Make sure you follow Bassbuds on Facebook and @Bassbuds on Twitter to learn about new products, promotions, etc.

*I received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. Jennifer….I really..really…really want these! Does this mean a giveaway s coming HAHAHA! Hope so! There’s no way my uy would wear these and I’d finally be able to keep a pair to myself!

  2. I was very curious to see how much these cost since you have a $30.00 off coupon code. I am thinking eekkss, they must be really expensive. So I go to their web site and it is ALL in Euros. I change the country to usa and still euros. I think well maybe if I put in the coupon code it will convert the currency. No and it also says the code is not valid.

    very disappointing.

  3. I bought 5 pair in the various colors and the teens love them. I wish I had bought more nice gifts for those hard to buy teens. Finally found something they like and will use; )

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