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I see all over Facebook the shenanigans of an elf tradition that other families are doing. Honestly, that elf is creepy looking to me. I was extremely happy when asked to review Elf Magic, cute elves with an even cuter background story.

On Thanksgiving evening I had all the kids write letters to Santa asking him if an elf could come play with them for a bit. Jaylin didn’t quite understand about what to write and honestly Jeffery didn’t care so he just wrote something down and then Jaylin copied his…down to the large “PLEASE” at the bottom. That night they set out crackers and ice water to make the elf feel at home as the crackers sound like crunching snow and the ice water reminded them of melting snow.

The kids’ letters and the crackers with ice water they left for the elf. In the middle is the elf that arrived for them.

I was excited that Santa sent us an Elf Magic girl with blonde hair since I knew Jaylin would enjoy it the most. The elf come with a note from the elf itself, instructions from Santa on how to take care of her as well as what it’s name is and she come with a bag. I laughed a bit when I saw what our elf’s name was, Jaden. Yet another “J” name for our family, which meant she would fit right in! When she arrived she made quite the mess with the crackers and ended up tipping her cup over after she was done drinking it.

I enjoyed reading the letter from the elf. The one thing that really stood out to me was the mention of the real reason for Christmas, Jesus.

“And you’ll let your friend know that God brought love through His Son.

Baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day,

A gift more precious than any in my sleigh.”

It’s nice to have something related to Santa actually bring up baby Jesus. In the “Tips from Santa on Caring for Your Elf” it mentions that the elf likes to go places with you like to school and church and even likes to pick out bible verses to memorize each week.

Jaylin really did take to Jaden more than Jeffery. She carries her around and loves to play with her. Each night she gets her a cup of ice water, crackers and sprinkles “magic snow flakes” on Jaden so she will come alive after she’s asleep. Each morning Jaden is somewhere new. One night she even climbed our Christmas Tree and was hanging on our snowflake tree topper.

Jaden is pretty clever about finding new places to hide, and Jaylin is having a blast trying to find her every morning! For $29.95 you buy a travel ticket for an Elf Magic elf boy or girl to visit. Each elf comes with a velvet elf sized Santa sack, The Elf Magic Story, Magical North Pole Snowflakes, Santa’s tips on how to care for your elf and removable outfit that you can change them into other Elfits. You can always know when you have an authentic Elf Magic elf from the North Pole, they have a special snowflake over their heart.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when Jaden has to “return to the North Pole” on Christmas Eve. Jaylin has gotten quite attached. She even started crying tonight when she couldn’t find Jaden. I’m hoping the new toys Jaden helps Santa bring the next morning will help her.

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