Overindulging during the holidays? Guilty! Let’s Fight Holiday Fat with alli!


lets fight holiday fat

Yes, I am guilty as charged. It is just so hard to resist all of the holiday goodies. Whether it be turkey and mashed potatoes or one of many irresistible desserts, the holidays are a time when we eat a bit more than we might normally. After the indulging though, I always feel slightly guilty, and that is when I begin to think about a plan to shed a few pounds in the new year.

Luckily I have a little help getting my plan in gear for the new year. Thanks to alli and Let’s Fight Holiday Fat, I am confident that I will be able to find a plan that is just right for me, and hopefully one that I will stick with. There are plenty of tips and tricks available (which I definitely need!). I love that I can customize the plan for my needs.

When I signed up with Let’s Fight Holiday Fat (it is free to join!), I started creating my own program. The first step was to choose which type of exercise I want to do. Since I cannot do anything rigorous, I chose the Yoga/Pilates option:

exercise plans,yoga,pilates,let's fight holiday fat

Next I chose when I want to start (I will be starting mid-January), I entered my weight, height, age, and my goals. By filling this out, I found out how many calories I am allowed on a daily basis. It couldn’t be easier! They even have a low-fat vegetarian option.

I really love that you can ask questions and get answers from other members too. It is a really helpful community, which is very important for support when trying to lose weight.

lets fight holiday fat,weight loss programs

I am SO excited about the exercise routines on the website too. Not only do they have oodles of suggestions, but there are videos to show you how to do them properly. They also list how many calories will be burned by doing a particular exercise! I think though, that my favorite part of the Let’s Fight Holiday Fat website is that it gives me a daily schedule. I tend to stick with programs that have everything spelled out for me. In addition to the daily schedule, I can choose to see my weekly schedule, which will allow me to go shopping and have everything I need in advance for my healthy cooking for the week.

Let’s Fight Holiday Fat features:

  • Follow-along fitness videos (which include cross training, yoga/pilates and more!)
  • Reduced calorie & low-fat healthy daily meal suggestions and recipes
  • Custom calorie and activity tracking
  • Community and social features (including forums)
  • Smart phone accessibility
  • Tips and tricks from experts.

After trying a variety of diet plans over the years (some more successfully than others), I am ready to make a change for good.  Not only will I look better but I will feel better.  Now that is something I am looking forward to.  With this program, I kind of feel like I have a personal trainer to keep me on track.  I am so excited with all that the “Let’s Fight Holiday Fat” program has to offer and I know with their help that I can do this!

How about you – are you ready to fight holiday fat too? I really hope you will check out the Let’s Fight Holiday Fat website and take a look around. I think you will be impressed!  You can follow @myalli on Twitter for even more helpful tips, information, promotions, etc.

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for alli. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


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  1. I’ve heard of but in such a big family have still not known anyone that has actually tried this. This gets rave reviews though! I don’t have my “mindset” for this yet, as of course EVERY year vow to not only lose but just get healthy. I like that it’s a total support program too and not just a product.

  2. Good luck with your goals! This reminds me a lot of Spark People, which I used in 2011 to lose 25 pounds. I’ll be going back to it this year to lose my most recent baby weight. Yay for getting healthy!

  3. Actually, I began eating healthy in August 2012 and lost 25 pounds, so I will find this useful as I continue to reach my goal 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see your progress…I’ve always been curious about Alli, but I’m just too chicken! The best of luck!!!

  5. Sounds like a great program and one that is supportive, which I think we all need to be successful in weight loss. Good luck!

  6. It’s very helpful to have an online support community to track your progress and get ideas for meals and such. It makes it much easier to stay on track

  7. We all seem to gain weight during the holidays with all the good foods we eat. My goal is to eat healthier and lose weight again. I lost 40 lbs before just watching what I ate . Maybe I can do it again with Alli.

  8. I had a friend who got great results from using this! I’m still doing excersize and eating healthy but this may be my next step

  9. Stephanie from CT on

    I did pretty good on not over eating over the holidays, but need to get consistant on exercising in the new year!

  10. I am trying to get healthier (lose weight, exercise more, eat better). I did buy some of this product but have not really started the program yet. I REALLY need to start it, lol.

  11. Eve Ghigliotti on

    Thanks for the review. I know that this takes a lot of time out of your day for readers like myself to be able to learn from what your sharing. I personally used Alli for a few things & think it is a great company.

  12. I am ready that I have put my treadmill downstairs in the living/ dining room. I see it all day to remind me to use it.

  13. I don’t really gain much weight during the holidays but would still like to lose a few pounds. I think I will take a look at the alli site and see if it can help me.

  14. The holidays are rough and then comes the new year when everyone is attempting to lose the weight. I believe most people need some type of support and this site seems to be a good one from your description. I always have my workouts planned way in advance and for me its much easier to stick to them. Its important to make the time, scheduling other tasks around exercising.

  15. I have actually tried Alli before, and while I did lose weight, I didn’t care for some of the very unpleasant side effects. It may have better results for other people though! Definitely gets good reviews!

  16. Kayleen Considine on

    I looked at Alli in the drugstore a couple of years ago but it was pretty expensive and I couldn’t afford it. I have to watch what kind of exercise I do because I just underwent knee surgery a little over a year ago and I have bad knees. I am hoping to be able to get back in the pool soon, as that is what I find works best for me because it’s non-weight bearing. Good luck with your weight loss!!

  17. sheri grennille on

    i’ve lost weight lately – having my husband leave me left me not having an appetite. the weight has stayed off for two months now, and i’m ready to try to loose more. i need to get a better self image and it’s very hard. thank you for being an inspiration and a distraction – i love to read your blog.

  18. Nicole Lancaster on

    I like the way the program is set up as I one of my goal is to lose 50 lbs. I think that it is very useful in tracking progress which makes weight loss more successful.

  19. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger on

    Thanks Jennifer – I am definitely going to look in to this.After dealing with some health problems in recent years, my honey/hubby & me decided this year we are going to for sure get in better shape THIS YEAR. We already started with eating better – and both have lost weight already. We also started taking Yoga classes together and we are feeling the results from that too.

    But I”m thinking in terms of Alli – I’m thinking Strong & Toned might be best for me while CrossTrain Cardio better for the Hubby. Thanks!

  20. I am looking to lose 80 pounds this year, last year I lost 120 pounds counting calories, I gained back 30 of those 120 during the holidays ( I stopped counting and I was indulging a lot)so my jeans are really tight so the first week of January I got back to counting and have lost 8 pounds.

  21. I am resolved to lose that holiday weight in the new year, but have historically found that the quickest, easiest way for me to drop the pounds is to stop drinking alcohol, and living in NYC, its hard to avoid in social settings! So maybe this site can help me, indeed. Thanks!

  22. I am trying to lose 20 pounds and it sounds like Alli could really help me. I need to get this weight off! I am going to look into seeing about using this product. You seem to be saying that it is a good product. I need something to help me curb my appetite!

  23. Charlene Shaver on

    I’ve never tried alli before, but my neighbor is doing the plan & she’s lost a lot of weight & seems to be feeling better 🙂

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