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I have recently started cooking a lot more. Actually this year I cooked a Christmas Eve dinner for my family, including my dad. I have started experimenting with different herbs and spices, mostly just the dried stuff I can just shove in my cabinet when I’m done since I don’t have time to buy fresh and chop it up myself. Thanks to Gourmet Garden I can have fresh herbs and spices on hand at any given time!

Gourmet Garden makes tubes of fresh herbs and spices that you keep in the refrigerator. Their ingredients are organically grown and the only thing they do isΒ wash, chop, blend and pack them into tubes.


My favorite go to meal is my chicken and noodles. My kids love it and it is very easy to prepare. I try to make it different each time but the basics are the same: I boil the chicken, then remove it and put noodles and spices in the same water that the chicken was cooked in. While the noodles are boiling, I cut up the chicken into tiny bits and add them back to the noodles. The one thing I always add is garlic, and slowly I’m getting brave enough to add different things like onions and such. I used to get garlic salt and add that but now that I have Gourmet Garden garlic, I add that and the flavor is much better. I just fixed this dish yesterday for my kids dinner and I looked on the ingredient list for the dry spice combination I used normally and realized I had a lot of those ingredients from Gourmet Garden! So, instead of the dry herbs, I just played around with the tubes of herbs adding Cilantro, Parsley and of course Garlic and the outcome was much better than it normally is…the flavor popped!

Gourmet Garden carries 16 different herbs, spices and blends of herbs/spices. The tubes of spices and herbs can last up to 3 months in your refrigerator. There are 16 varieties total, which include: Basil, Mild Chili, Hot Chili, Chives, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Garlic, Chunky Garlic, Lemon Grass, Parsley, Dill, Italian Herbs, Mint, Coriander, and Ginger. They have just released some new flavors too (Roast, Mediterranean, Moroccan and Thai), which will allow you to make some fun new dishes at home!

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You can find Gourmet Garden items at your grocery store in the refrigerated section.

Make sure you check out the recipe section at Gourmet Garden. They have some really yummy looking meal ideas!


One (1) winner will receive a selection of 11 tubes of herbs from Gourmet Garden!

Open to US only. Giveaway ends 1/18.

*Jackie received the above samples, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are her own.


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    • Oooo! Me too! I haven’t seen these multi-spice packs in my grocery store yet. I have seen the cilantro and garlic and they are excellent.

  1. probably the Moroccan or the Mediterranean but I use garlic in almost everything so that would be good as well

  2. I’d most like to try the Thai or Moroccan ones since it’s pretty hard to recreate those flavors on your own.

  3. The basil is calling my name…I often need basil and don’t always have a fresh bunch on hand…this will be delish and so convenient!

  4. barbara remaly hart on

    Actually all of them!!! I love fresh onion & garlic but my husband doesn’t so we buy the dry powder ones. I am hoping if he likes these our foods will have the fresher taste that I miss.

  5. I’m awful with herbs so any would be good but Lemon Grass sounds really interesting! I would love to try a new recipe using this herb!

  6. Margarida C Masden on

    I’ve never tried seasonings in a tube, but would love to try it out. Maybe it’ll be better than the dried seasons???

  7. the garlic blend – no more chopping πŸ™‚
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  8. Melissa Hartley on
  9. Leslie Galloway on

    I’d love to try the Mexican, because that’s what we cook the most.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

  10. My Husband and I love to get into the kitchen with new recipes. When a new product comes out we have to try it out, especially spices. When I saw this on Pinterest I know we have to try this. What this thing we could spice up or even just to try those herbs. If we don’t win I will have to go out and get these… Thank you for the opportunity for winning.

  11. I’ve only tried the lemongrass (two thumbs up), would love to try them all. However, I’m particularly interested in the Thai flavor πŸ™‚

  12. I am not very adventerous when comes to trying spices so I would like to try them all, but my favorite would probably be the steak.

  13. I’m excited to try the Basil.
    [email protected](DOT)com

  14. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger on

    Hmm – I love them all – and I know the Rosemary, Basil and Garlic (& Chunk Garlic!) would be instant favorites! But I also love Mediterranean and Mexican food / cooking and sometimes it’s hard to recreate those flavors without great expense and even more time – so I would especially love to try those!

  15. I’ve recently used the cilantro in my mexican rice recipe and will tell you right now that it REALLY makes a difference! The taste is wonderful!

  16. Chunky Garlic! We use garlic in almost everything but it can be a pain to use sometimes. This would be much easier πŸ™‚

  17. Mediterranean is the first one I would like to try. I bet a Cilantro one would be good too. I like the shelf life of them.

    wendym at cableone dot net

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