Unusual Clouds


I don’t know what it is about clouds, but I always find myself taking pictures of them.  I suppose it is because they have so many shapes, colors and sizes, and each one is different.  Here are a few photos of clouds that I couldn’t resist snapping photos of.  Enjoy!

pink clouds,orange cloud

Pink Clouds,sky,unusual clouds

grey clouds,trees,sky,sunset

Orange sunset

Clouds over harbour

clouds on blue sky

moon in clouds, black sky

What do you love to take pictures of? Are you a fan of unusual clouds too?


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  1. I don’t blame you for always taking pictures of those fluffy things; they’re always so interesting with the different colors and shapes they take on!

    I find myself taking a lot of macro pictures of things. It’s amazing the small parts that make up an object 🙂

    Although I love taking pictures in general!

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