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hersheys kisses

My mom was a chocoholic – that probably has a lot to do with why I am also a chocoholic! At any given time, you could find Hershey’s KISSES at our home (well if you were ME, you could find them – I’ll explain below!). Mom liked to snack on KISSES while she watched television in the evenings. I remember seeing the little silver foil wrapper balls piled on the table next to her chair. Even after I grew up and moved out of the family home, I would see the same little foil balls on her table when I would visit. The only difference is that the little balls were now more colorful!

hershey kisses

So my mom used to hide her kisses. Well she hid all of her candy, because as I mentioned above, I am a chocoholic. I have been since I was teeny tiny. The thing that was so funny is that I could find the kisses anywhere she hid it. Even if I wasn’t looking for it specifically, I would somehow magically go to where it was hidden. Mom would just laugh in disbelief, then of course she would share with me. No Hershey’s Kiss was safe with me around, and my mom’s laughter each time this happened, and us sharing Kisses, is a memory I will treasure forever. Mom passed away in 2006, but til this day, I think of her fondly when I indulge in a few Hershey’s KISSES (and sometimes share with my own daughter!).

Here is a fun infographic and explains the anatomy of a Hershey’s KISSES Chocolate!

hershey kisses infographic

Hershey’s KISSES aren’t just any chocolate – they are exceptional. I adore the rich flavor, and I even bake with them. One of our favorite cookies is the Chocolate Kiss Cookies I posted about awhile ago.

hershey kisses

I would love to hear about your Hershey’s KISSES Sweetest Memory! Enter below to win 4 bags of Hershey’s Kisses!  You can also enter to win at these blogs:

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One (1) winner will receive 4 bags of Hershey’s Kisses!

Open to US only. Giveaway ends 2/28.

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  1. I had Hershey kisses at my wedding as a favor on the tables. The difference was that they had the flag on top with my name and that of my husband and the wedding date and little saying on the other side.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! And we have something in common friend! Not only are we both chocoholics, our moms were too! xoxo

    GREAT review and thanks for the shout out!
    Leslie Loves Veggies (and Hershey’s KISSES too!)

  3. My favorite memory of Kisses is going on the little ride they have just outside the gates of Hershey Park showing you how Kisses are made and getting a sample at the end. My kids were licking their lips at the sight of all the melted chocolate.

  4. A few weeks before Christmas, I bought Hershey’s Kisses for a cookie recipe, when I began to make them, I discovered the Hershey’s Kisses were gone. My hubby ate them, so he had to get me more, lol 🙂

  5. I remember when I was in elementary school that I won a giant sized Hershey kiss as part of the Valentines celebration. I can remember getting home and me and my brother getting out a knife to chop off pieces to eat. Then I remember the disappointment when we found out that this giant Hershey kiss was actually hollow. This was especially troubling for my brother because there was no longer enough chocolate for me to share!!!

  6. I remember receiving one of those giant Hershey Kiss filled candy canes every year at Christmas. There is nothing better than cracking that candy cane open to dig into the chocolate, and nothing worse than realizing you have just eaten the last piece.

  7. My brother would limit all chocolate to his little boys when they were young. When his oldest was about 3 or 4, we were all at my parents. Q was in the house with my sister, who was giving him some Hershey kisses. When his dad came in and asked him what he was doing (he did not even know about the kisses) Q looked at his dad and said Aunt J gave me chocolate 🙂 (Not that my brother was mad or anything, we all just burst out laughing at how fast Q ratted my sis out). 🙂

  8. I remember making peanut butter kiss cookies to take to school on Valentine’s Day. Being in the warm kitchen with my mom. My job, of course, was to unwrap the kisses. I can almost smell warm peanut butter now.

  9. We live right outside of Hershey PA and back in August of 1984, my husband proposed marriage to me while we were on the Kissing Tower ride at Hershey Park. I said yes and we got married in April of 1986. Yeah!!!

  10. Stephanie Phelps on

    Mine is the Valentines that my kids put Kisses in my lunch along with a bunch of cut out hearts with messages on them

  11. Mmmmm Hershey kisses! Another chocoholic here! I always put Kisses in the Christmas stockings and we loved our visits to Hershey, PA. mmmmm
    I could go for a Hershey’s Kiss right now!

  12. We went to Hershey Park as a kid and Hershey’s Kisses were all over the hotel room that we stayed in. It was wonderful for me as a child, well it would be now as well.

  13. I remember getting Hershey kisses from the cutest little boy when we were in elementary school.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  14. using Hershey’s Kisses as Christmas decoration (they didn’t last long 🙂 )
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. I used a Hershey kiss as a pick up line at a bar and was surprised. I went up to a beautiful lady and asked her if I could give her a kiss. She replied yes. I gave her a kiss in both ways.

  16. I guess my sweetest memory of Hershey’s kisses was when i was about 8 yrs . old and my mother handing out some kisses in the kitchen when i was young, it was a big deal back then as kisses were something new to me, long long ago

  17. My grandparents always had a dish of Hershey’s Kisses on the desk in their kitchen, and Nana would always give me a few of them every time I came to visit.

  18. My favorite Hershey’s Kisses memories are when my mom used to put them in my lunchbox as a kid. She always seemed to know when I needed a little extra sweetness.

  19. The first time I had the hershey’s kisses with caramel, I was in heaven and I told my friends. not a joke – really, this is a true story.

  20. My favorite Hershey Kisses memory is from the 70’s when I was a kid when you could tour the real Hershey, PA chocolate factory (You can’t do that anymore) and seeing (and smelling) all the millions of Hershey Kisses on the conveyor belt.

  21. making peanut butter blossom cookies with my son. He took them as a treat for his class. I swear, he still asks if I have any hershey kisses so I can make those cookies, all these years later.

  22. My favorite Aunt ALWAYS had Kisses in a candy dish at her house!! This Aunt Mary was THE person I always “ran away from home” to! She offered a shoulder to vent on, a chocolate kiss…. somehow the world seemed better after visiting Aunt Mary!

  23. My sweetest moment with Kisses was when my daughter and I made Valentine’s using Kisses for her classmates when she was little.

  24. Kisses luv them and sharing them with friend goes fast around the office. I also like getting cookies with kisses on top who doesnt

  25. kelly nicholson on

    Tell me in a comment your favorite/sweetest Hershey’s KISSES memory!

    i once ate an entire bag when was about 8…they were good

  26. going over to my grandparents’ house and seeing the glass jar of hershey’s kisses by the door, and sneaking one or two sometimes lol

  27. My kids love the Hershey’s kisses when we bake cookies for the holidays. My daughter loved the pink wrapped ones.

  28. My son always tries to bring me and my husband one Hershey’s Kiss from his stocking or basket or what not. Always makes me smile!

  29. Christine Waddell on

    I use to tell my kindergartners that Hershey’s Kisses are my favorite candy. As a result I got bags and bags of them to share with the kinder kids!

  30. My mom would always put Hersheys Kisses in our stockings, I lost her to breast cancer a few years ago. I miss her so much 🙁

  31. Julie Thompson on

    A guy I was seeing little girl gave me a giant hersheys kiss and said still not as sweet as you and gave me a giant hug and kiss thank you for the giveaway

  32. I’ve always loved using Hershey kisses to bake with my kids…especially peanut blossom cookies! Use one in baking…eat one…use one for a cookie…eat one….LOL!

  33. I just came back from Hershey, P.A. on Sunday night. I visit there often and always have such great memories. I love learning all about Milton Hershey and how he founded the school. He has done so much for a lot of people. Very inspirational !!

  34. My favorite memory is the look on my husband’s face the first time I made Peanut Blossoms. They have become his favorite cookie.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. It was seeing the look on my kids faces when they opened any gifts and sprinkled inside were Hershey’s kisses.
    Carol L

  36. I remember making up a little package for one of my friend, and just throwing in a lot of cherry cordial Kisses in as an extra treat! She really liked that package. 🙂

  37. I just received some white chocoate with raspberry swirl kisses for valentine’s day from a co-worker. They were wonderful!!

  38. Melissa Shirley on
  39. Every year in December during our annual Candy/Cooking Day my mother makes cookies with Hershey’s Kisses in the middle. It’s something we look forward to devouring every year and it’s become somewhat expected to have those delicious cookies. Thanks.

  40. When me and my husband visited the Hershey Kiss factory he bought me a big Hershey Kiss and said this is the biggest kiss I could ever give you. Very sweet and memorable

  41. That would have to be when I was a kid, my dalmatian got into my Valentines candy and ate an ENTIRE bag of Hershey’s Kisses. Wrappers and all! We were so worried because dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate and she ate the wrappers too! Well about a half hour after the incident, she promptly threw up all of the tin foil and wrappers. Turns out she was just fine! It was a happy day! So much for dogs not eating chocolate!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  42. when my gramma came from out of state to visit when we were little she always had a bag of hershey kisses and we would eat them while watching tv

  43. Paula Tavernie on

    When my grandfather gave them to us for helping him around his house when we were young!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  44. Amanda April Alters on

    I began loving Hershey’s Kisses when I was younger. I helped my mother bake peanut butter cookies and we put the Kisses on top.

  45. When my husband and I were just dating, we spent our 1st New Year’s Eve in Hershey, PA. They had a Hershey Kiss drop (like the ball drop in Times Square). When the clock struck midnight and the Hershey Kiss reached the bottom, Fireworks went off. They also had the Hershey Kiss mobile there which we have pictures in front of. It was so much fun and definitely a New Year’s we’ll never forget.
    sweetinsahmnity at gmail

  46. My favorite memory of Hershey’s Kisses is receiving a gift bag of Kisses from my daughter when she was 5 years old – she asked her grandma to take her to the store so she could buy her Mommy a Valentine’s gift.

  47. Michelle Tucker on

    My favorite memory of kisses is when my husband and I went out for a short while, only to return home to find that our indoor bunny had gotten on our coffee table and had stolen all our kisses. The wrappers were scattered all over the living room. Who woulda thought that bunnies love kisses too?

  48. Probably the first time I ever ate one when I was a kid. Always love the the site of a bowl of kisses!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  49. Vikki Billings on

    I use to buy bags of kisses when I was in jr. high and high school and pass them out on Valentine’s Day every year because I wanted to make sure everyone had a good Valentine’s Day

  50. My Nana had a real tall fancy covered candy jar in her living room and whenever we visited e were allowed to have as many Kisses from it that we wanted.

  51. My fiance and I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day yet. He works out of state. So winning these would definitely be added into his goodies!

  52. one year for valentine’s day i got a huge hersheys kiss, i didn’t know whether to eat it or just keep it for display thanks

  53. The Easter Bunny always brought me one of those jumbo Hershey Kisses as a kid, and I would spend a couple weeks chipping away at it around Easter time.

  54. All my Hershey’s Kisses moments are sweet…but I love the memories of holidays that always included our favorite treat…Hershey’s Kisses. 🙂 Thank you.

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