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My daughter has quite the imagination. I love it. So I am always looking for new crafts and pretend play projects to do with her. The Happy Trunk is the perfect solution for parents in search of educational {shh! they’ll never know!} projects to entertain their little one’s curiosity. When you sign up, each month a new box is delivered to your door step! Filled with craft supplies, a fun science experiment, and directions for the projects. Themes vary month to month and kits are available for children ages 3-7 and 8-11 – great for both genders.

the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

The Happy Trunk kindly sent us their Ocean Adventure trunk. Projects in the kit included:

  • Ocean animal cards
  • DIY ocean in a bag
  • DIY fishing game
  • DIY jelly fish
  • the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

    First up? Jelly fish. I asked her to read the fact card aloud before we began the craft. When The Mister came home from work she asked him if he knew dead jelly fish could sting too. She found that fact interesting. *wink*

    the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

    Her finished jellyfish is so colorful!

    mixing ocean

    Next we started the ocean in a bag crafts. I made an executive decision to help with this one. Dividing up the gel and blue “paint” powder {worry not, I think it is just blue koolaid} between the two bags could be tricky for younger ones. Once I had the bag sealed I let her mix it squish it all around. Then she plopped in the ocean animals and shells. I hung them in her bedroom windows. They are especially pretty when the sun comes out from behind our typical overcast.
    ocean in a bag

    the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

    Finally, she colored fish for the fishing game. I put her “pole” together and while she was putting the paper clips on the fish, I grabbed one of her blankets to stoke her imagination a bit.

    the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

    catch and release *wink*

    the happy trunk, kids crafts, teaching kids

    After we were all done, I asked which project she liked best…

    I liked coloring my fish. When I was fishing with my blue sea blanket, I caught all the fish! I loved you to make my fishing pole and I liked to play with it. ~ Luv

    The Happy Trunk delivered quite a bit of happiness to our home! Not only would a monthly subscription make for a sweet gift, but the one-time trunk purchase is a great way to ensure you have something fun on hand during a rainy day! A single box to gift is just $19.95!

    Feel free to connect with The Happy Trunk on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep up to date on the newest ideas!

    Erin received the above product, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only. Review product provided by The Happy Trunk.


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    1. I have never heard of it. This is something my little neice would just love. Thanks for the review, I will let her know about it.

    2. This sounds like so much fun. I like that they get to make different things each time. The Ocean Adventure trunk sounds like it is a ton of fun.

    3. This looks like a great box delivery system to encourage children’s creativity. My young nephews 5 & 7 both love drawing, coloring, crafting, and such. I think they would really love something like this (I will have to let my SIL know about this company).

    4. Your daughter is so cute! She did a good job with her Happy Trunk and made really great jelly fish. This box had really nice stuff in it! I like the crafts that you can make. I will have to tell my sister about this because she has a young daughter!

    5. These are so nice. The kids look forward to something different with each box. Lots of fun things to explore for each individual child.

    6. This would be great for my niece who loves crafts, and it is educational to boot. Her birthday is coming up soon, and I’m going to look into getting her one of these boxes. As a teacher, I’m going to try to incorporate the fish activity into my classroom.

    7. How I wish they had this around w my kids were smaller. It’s so adorable and their sense of achievement couldn’t be greater. 🙂
      Carol L

    8. Melissa Shirley on
    9. this looks awesome for the little ones..what a great way to bring out their creativity and spend some quality time together

    10. What an innovative way to keep a child excited about using their imagination in crafting. Thanks for the great share.

    11. I think this is great. Learning has to be fun and just think how many hrs that $20 will give you peace and quiet while they play

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