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When I was asked to write a (*sponsored) post about a Mom’s Ideal Garage, I couldn’t resist. You see, a year ago we bought our dream retirement home in another city. I spend quite a bit of time there, and even though garages aren’t typically very exciting to women, our new garage is absolutely amazing. It is a huge 3-car garage (one of which is really tall – for RVs).

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All garages we have previously had were for two cars only. We had metal racks on each side, and they were stuffed to the gills with holiday decorations, kitchen appliances that wouldn’t fit on my countertop, summer toys and anything else imaginable. What is the fun in that? Our new house has plenty of storage, and even the garage has all kinds of storage (with cabinet doors, I might add!). So what is a girl to do with a garage that is a blank slate and has more room than I know what to do with? Well, I have a few ideas (my husband may object to a few of them, but we will deal with that later.

I would love to use the huge RV part (the 3rd door) of the garage for things other than our vehicles. For instance, I would love to set up a large rectangle table to do my crafts. I would also love to have a large corner of the garage for a studio. Since one of my hobbies is oil painting, It would be fantastic to have my own space. There are windows in the garage, which lets the light in, and oh, it would be perfect! I would love to have a built-in, open cabinet with “cubbies” for my different paint tubes, all neatly labeled. Of course there would also need to be a sink for cleaning my brushes, and as long as we are at it, I would add a microwave and refrigerator.

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Now I am REALLY dreaming, but a sectional sofa would be pretty awesome too – along with a big screen TV. My friends could come over and hang out with me and we could have “cuss and discuss” sessions, and nobody would bother us. Hmmm so this is why men want “Man Caves”! I think moms are the ones who need a place to escape.  I think I will call mine the “Ladies’ Lair”. It sounds dreamy, right?

Ladies – what would your ‘Mom’s Ideal Garage‘ be like?

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