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I asked my contributors to tell me about their Easter traditions when they were kids and the traditions they have with their own families now.  My contributors are good eggs 🙂

easter egg

“Growing up, we went to church for services. I remember how excited I felt, anticipating the egg hunt. I thought I would burst! Having to stifle the excitement just to get through Sunday school lessons was hard. The sense of release was rewarding when we were *finally* free to hunt! Squeals and giggles flooded the church yard.

Funny enough, I had even more fun when I was older and in charge of hiding the eggs for the little kids.”


Randi easter egg

“We dye eggs, of course. After having the kids, we started the tradition of doing so in white t-shirts and not caring if they get messy because we tie-dye them after the eggs are done. It’s a nice little extra souvenir (:

We don’t do much candy in the baskets because (thankfully) no one really eats it. Instead we go for coloring/story books, crayons, chalk, bubbles, an outfit, etc.

Our favorite part is the egg hunt. Since we don’t do much candy, the eggs are usually filled with change. The kids love filling their piggy banks afterward.”


easter egg jessie

“Growing up I went to sunrise mass and got to check out my basket when we got home. The whole family got together for lunch and we always had ham. I miss this tradition because we are so far from our families now.

We wake up and check out what the bunny brought. While they are playing I make a sausage casserole and daddy hides the eggs out front. After breakfast we do the hunt. All eggs are filled with our spare change. We fill out piggy banks and play/relax the rest of the day.”


easter egg

“We go to my dad’s house and hunt eggs. Even though we have our own huge fenced in yard, it’s just a tradition to spend it with him. He’s just a big kid himself. We also dye eggs and every year the kids get a hallow chocolate bunny in their Easter baskets.”

And of course, I had to add my own memories of traditions…



I remember the baskets my mom used to make up for me each Easter.  Just like the Christmas stockings she (Santa) used to fill, they were always put together with such thought.  I loved to rifle through the plastic grass to find yummy chocolates and jelly beans hidden at the bottom of my basket.  I remember looking for plastic eggs in the yard too – my mom (the Easter bunny) used to always hide them in flower pots, so they blended with the colors of the flowers.

As far as my own kids, each year we would color eggs using the kits.  This was something I enjoyed thoroughly and it was fun watching my kids be creative while decorating their eggs.  I always had a blast hiding the eggs in our backyard of our old house.  It was a HUGE yard and there were so many fun hiding places.  Many times after my kids had found all of the eggs, they asked that I go hide them for them because they wanted to hunt again.  I miss the days of my kids being little 🙁

What were your Easter traditions as a child? What are your traditions with your family now?

happy easter,eighty mph mom


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