“Because I’m Your Dad” Rockin’ Father’s Day Book Review and Giveaway


Being the mother of boys means getting lots of hugs and kisses from my favorite little men. It means having an extra special Valentine’s Day and an even greater Mother’s Day. It also means being second on the “cool factor” totem pole. The top spot, well, that belongs to Daddy. While I will always cherish every single second of cuddling with my “momma’s boys,” the older they get, the cooler Daddy becomes.

I’m sure that Ahmet Zappa, knows exactly just how much of a rock star daddies can be. After all, as the son of late, legendary musician Frank Zappa, he knows first-hand just how amazing dads are from a child’s perspective and then some. Story time in our home has typically been a momma thing but Zappa’s most recent project has turned the tables on that, too. After already having some amazing titles under his belt, including a role in Jack Frost, producing Fraggle Rock: The Movie, and more recently writing and producing The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Zappa certainly has a knack for storytelling. His newest venture into the world of children’s literature is no different.

Having boys can, oftentimes, also mean that reading is not “fun.” Little boys want to run, make noise, and get dirty so sitting down for a story is not always on the top of their to-do lists. Finding books that Daddy can read with them makes it exciting again. Seeing the man in their life pause and take the time to enjoy a good book entices them to do the same. With many children suffering from learning disabilities these days, like Zappa, the simple task of reading can be, is, and should be a momentous occasion.

I (or Daddy) was given the opportunity to sit down with our little ones to see where Zappa’s book would take us, and boy was it an adventure… into our very own lives!

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Zappa certainly hit the nail on the head with this book. Because I’m Your Dad takes readers on an adventure of exactly that – the relationship between a father and child(ren), in all of its craziness. In the book, a dad like no other promises to give his kid a childhood like no other. From tickle fights and French toast for dinner to loud music and checking for monsters under the bed, Zappa’s book covers it all.

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Because I’m your dad, I might say that I love you too much.

Daddies have a special bond with their kiddos and, well, as a mother it is kind of complicated to explain. They have their own little “boys only, no girls allowed” club and, while I sometimes feel ostracized, it is amazing to watch. Their connection, their friendship, their love – to put it simply, it’s a Daddy thing.

The book, Because I’m Your Dad, itself says it the best…

What’s the best kind of Dad?
The kind of dad who…
lets you have breakfast for dinner,
builds mud forts in the backyard,
makes the best Halloween costumes ever,
and tells you funny stories at bedtime.

The best kind of dad is the kind of dad who…
makes you feel like the best kind of kid.

Regardless of everything else, the smiles on their faces (the kids and Daddy alike) are all that matters at the end of the day. If that means mud forts, so be it.

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If those smiles come from burping contests, Daddy is happy to compete.

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If that happiness is found while snuggling with one another to read a book, well, we certainly have our hands on a great one right here. Because I’m Your Dad has officially been little boy dubbed “the bestest, super cool, SO silly, my favorite book ever, ever!” And that, that alone, speaks wonders. A man can be anything, anyone, to the world but what counts is how his child sees him.

If you would like to learn more about the book, the author, or just dabble in the world of our two new favorite adorable monsters, be sure to keep up with Because I’m Your Dad on Facebook and Twitter. Even though the story pays tribute to kick butt daddies everywhere, moms and grandparents are welcome too! This story is a lovely way of honoring Zappa’s father and embracing his own childhood while simultaneously promising his daughter great memories to last a lifetime.

So let loose this Father’s Day and do something crazy. Create a new memory with your little ones. Have spaghetti for breakfast. Read a silly story. Play loud music. Win a prize. Do it all! One lucky winner will win a Because I’m Your Dad prize pack including Ahmet Zappa’s book and a pair of snazzy kid’s bongo drums! Rock out with your dad this Father’s Day and make it a loud, crazy, silly, and fun day to remember, because he’s “Dad.”

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One (1) winner will receive a copy of Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa and a set of kid’s bongo drums.

Giveaway open to US residents only. Ends 5/29/13.

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And, again, there are no worries if you are feeling down on your luck today. You can purchase Because I’m Your Dad through their website or print out these nifty little Fun With Dad coupons to get started on your memory making adventure right now!

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*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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  1. My favorite thing to do with my kids is just play with them outside, whether it’s baseball, soccer, tag, or whatever. I think my husband’s would be the same.

  2. My kids like to “build” and work on cars with their dad. Thanks.

  3. I love to bake and make crafts with my kids and they enjoy doing that with me. But they loveeeee to play ball with their dad. Every single day, they always beg their dad to go outside with them whether its just to chalk up the sidewalk, play ball, or a stroll to the park. I think they notice I’m not an outdoorsy person. 🙂

  4. They loved going to amusement parks with their dad and riding all the scary(that’s my opinion not theirs) rides.

  5. Karen Propes on

    Watch Sports on TV, she loves to get in his lap or lay with him on the couch, she loves Baltimore Orioles baseball, and UNC and STATE Basketball and football & Carolina Pathers Football, she tell me then need to start winning again, and UNC & State basketball. She also loves the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey and Nascar Racing. It’s amazing she loves her Dad so much and wants to do everything he does. She was saying Tar-Heels when she was two, she picked it up from watching UNC on TV. She would love the bongos, Her Grandfather (My husband) taught her how to play when she was two and she watched him carefully and did the same thing he did. She would flip if she had her own drums, then they could play together. She has a guitar and he’s slowly showing her how to play that but she’s only 4 going on 5, so tha may take a little while.
    [email protected]

  6. We are enjoying our 4 year old grandson…he just makes us laugh and we have fun whatever we do with him. His baby brother is due the end of June. We can’t wait!

  7. my child is an adult right now so stuff like disc golf; but he loved reading with us and playing all sorts of things; still love the zoo; this book looks awesome!!! thanks

  8. I’m the aunt, so whatever my niece wants to do is what we do – but i love taking her to parks & zoos 😉

  9. Leslie L. Stanziani on

    Our boys love when daddy plays cars and trucks with them or takes them fishing,Our girls are teenagers and do not think being seen with mom or dad is cool lol.

  10. We don’t have children yet, but I think a favorite thing our soon to be foster children will like to do is play with firetrucks with “daddy”!

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