Kid Snacks: Ladybugs on a Log


When my family started eating primal I was forced to think outside the box {literally} for Luv’s snacks. Thankfully, the switch from peanut butter {legumes} to almond butter went smoothly so I was still able to make one of her favorites.
kid snack ideas


○● Organic dried cranberries
○● Organic almond butter
○● Organic celery


{I’m not suggesting you couldn’t figure out how to assemble these – ha!}

●○ Evenly spread the almond butter inside the celery. Go ahead and steal a spoonful of the butter for yourself. I won’t judge.
●○ Sprinkle the dried cranberries across the top.
●○ Slice into smaller pieces and serve.

These are great to add to packed lunches or picnics. And they are especially nice to take for those “break in case of emergency” snacks while out and about or running errands.

Which kid snacks are a hit in your house?


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