Father’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Outlet Cover Frame


fathers day gift ideas

Each Father’s Day The Mister gets {I fully admit} a little spoiled. As it should be. He works hard for our family and not a day goes by that we are not thankful for all that he does. But Father’s Day is when we put him up on a pedestal and kiss his feet. Or maybe his hands. I don’t do feet.

I digress. I usually buy a few things that I think he’ll like and I always make something with Luv. This year she made him a card and helped me pick out pictures to put in a special frame…

fathers day gift idea

You see, my husband is an electrician. So I figured an outlet cover would be a clever way to frame pictures of the little ones responsible for his fatherhood. I took it a step further and jazzed it up steampunk style, knowing it would be much appreciated.

fathers day gift idea

Father’s Day Gift Idea Supplies:

  • Outlet cover
  • Pictures of kiddos cut to fit faux frames. I cut mine 1.5×1.5″
  • Laminator
  • Scissors or paper cutter if you are fancy.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Card stock
  • Optional decorative pieces of choice.
  • Tips:

  • There are some snazzy outlet covers; nickel, Arabesque, antique, art plates, even doubles {if you have four kiddos and want them all in the same frame}! Just check out your local hardware store’s electrical supply section. Prices vary, depending on how pre-decorated you want yours.
  • Be mindful of what adhesive you use when using a metal finish cover. I can’t say for sure if hot glue would work.
  • The mini gears I used are from Tim Holtz idea-ology.[*] You could also write or use scrapbook letters to write “Best Dad Ever” or “Yo, Daddyo.” or some other sentiment/glowing adoration..
  • DIY:

  • Remove the center screw in the outlet cover.
  • Laminate the pictures you want to use and cut to size.
  • fathers day gift idea

  • Using your hot glue gun, affix the pictures to the underside of the outlet cover. Let dry.
  • Cut a piece of card stock to fit the back of the outlet cover. Glue it down. Mine had a slight lip to guide the paper in perfectly, much like a frame would.
  • Add finishing touches to the front of the outlet cover.
  • fathers day gift idea

    After everything was set and dry, I just had Luv write on the front of an envelope, slid the frame inside, and added ribbon! So simple, right?

    I imagine The Mister will display this frame somewhere in the office… it goes nicely with the light switch I gave him for his birthday last year.
    fathers day gift idea

    Happy crafting!

    * [Erin received no products or compensation for this post. She is simply sharing the products she recommends from personal experience. Any opinion expressed is her own.]


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