“Get Your Dudz On!” this Summer with Dry Dudz Performance Swimwear


Summer is here! Okay, okay, not really – there are only 17 days but who is counting? I’ve always been a beachy kind of girl. The warm sand, the salty breeze, the cool waves… what’s not to love?

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Of course, then, there’s the attire. Bikinis (and “fitting” into them) are one thing but having to plan for, say, an entire day along the shore is where it can get a bit tricky. Ladies, it’s quite the workout trying to shimmy on those jean cutoffs up over your wet bathing suit bottoms, isn’t it? And guys, the lack of support in everyday swim shorts doesn’t go very well with those beach volleyball games, does it? Well, I have the solution for everyone. No more needing to pack a pair of panties to use after swimming or needing to wear boxers underneath of board shorts. The wait time for “drying off” has now become nearly nonexistent as well! Upon hearing all of this, I thought that it was too good to be true (as I’m sure many of you are thinking) so I was glad to have the chance to give it a try first hand.


Dry Dudz is a wonderful company with an innovative take on swimwear. The Quick Mount System (or QMS) is the forefront feature of Dry Dudz apparel. Trying to wear compression shorts underneath trunks or bikini bottoms under ladies’ board shorts is a problem waiting to happen. The doubled layers of fabric, then mixed with water, is sure to end badly. Whether it’s the soggy shorts falling down or your underwear bunching up, mixing the two together never seems to go well… until now. The Dry Dudz patented Quick Mount System technology allows wearers to attach the two pieces together forming a secure fit with optimum performance, all while still maintaining its flexibility.

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In addition to being rather perfect in that aspect alone, the Dry Dudz lightweight, Quick Dry material makes it great for all day use. Enjoy the morning surf and be completely dry to sit down and enjoy lunch. Then, head back with the family for an afternoon at the beach and, again, dry off in time for a nice, casual dinner out. There’s no need for spare clothes because Dry Dudz really will last you all day. With a selection of, both, vivacious patterns and classic solids, you can mix and match Dry Dudz gear and even pair them with a favorite shirt. The versatility and options are endless. I absolutely love the fact that I can wear the bikini alone as well as wearing the shorts on top when needed.

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This is the set that I was sent, the Mya women’s board shorts and matching top. As you can see, the attachable compression-short bikini bottom liner fits nicely underneath its partnering fast-drying shell.

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With it, we spent the morning fishing, the afternoon at the beach and, afterward, went out to dinner. Not needing to make the trip home to change was great but being able to go from the water to a rollercoaster ride in a matter of minutes was even better. My Dry Dudz held up to my running around with the kids as well. With no slipping, bunching, sagging, or falling, I was quite impressed with the quality and fit. Having sizes that go up to a women’s 12 and a men’s 38, Dry Dudz are sure to fit just about everyone. Now, bikini shopping after having kids isn’t always sunshine and rainbows so I won’t be showing off any personal photos for you, but trust me when I say that the fit is amazing. I truly cannot say anything negative about this company or their product. We’re even planning on getting one for Daddy but, shh! Don’t tell him! It’s going to be the perfect Father’s Day gift!

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If you’re surfing, sunbathing, boating, or simply hitting the beach with your families this summer, I HIGHLY recommend Dry Dudz swimwear. Prices range from $25 to $75 but they’re offering a great discount just in time for the Father’s Day holiday. Pick up a special gift for Dad from Dry Dudz and get 25% off through June 17th.


Summer is just getting started so be sure to keep up with Dry Dudz via social media on Facebook and Twitter for more deals and discounts. Enjoy your summer and, remember, “Get your Dudz on!”


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  1. I could picture The Mister in the Bagnell Dam boardshorts! And I love the set you picked out – super cute!

  2. Great Father’s Day idea! I think these would also be great a water/theme park combo where you’re going back and forth between dry and wet attractions.

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