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made in the usa clothing

I was on the hunt for patriotic clothing for this summer and stumbled upon green 3. Not only do they have some sweet Americana apparel, it is all made in the USA! Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see that. I cannot wait to show you what they sent me to review! [*]
made in the usa


green 3 is a company that creates stylish and sustainable apparel, accessories, and home goods. You will find that everything green 3 offers is made from organic cotton, reclaimed/upcycled materials, or recycled cotton – truly minimizing impact on the environment and resources. In 2011, 90% of the United States’ cotton crop was genetically modified, according to the USDA. [1] Organic cotton, however, is not genetically modified, nor is it grown using toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic Cotton Shirts with Water-based Inks

The dyes and inks used on green 3 garments are water-based – no plastisol inks are used {which contain phthalates & PVC’s}. Only biodegradable detergents are used, no chlorine bleach or brighteners. The artwork featured on green 3 clothing is hand drawn or hand painted and exclusive to green 3. The result is a breathable, soft, and unique garment!

I was sent two items to show my American pride this summer {and knowing me, year round}.

Souvenir Map

This organic cotton shirt features a water based, earth friendly screen print. The shirt itself is pre-shrunk and fitted through the bust and shoulder with a more relaxed fit in the mid section. I always find that organic cotton feels *so* soft, too! Love it!

made in the usa clothing

It is such a fun shirt! I love looking at all the icons for each state. So does Luv, she will spend time looking at each state and asks questions about the souvenirs. She immediately recognized The Space Needle and the apple representing our state. It is proving to be quite the conversation piece for us! Retail: $38

Flag Handwarmers

Even though the weather has warmed up, my hands are cold in the morning. These flag handwarmers are the perfect solution! They allow me to keep warm, but still have full use of my fingers {say, for typing or eating} without the awkwardness of gloves. They feature a generous sized thumb hole and easily slide on.

made in the usa clothing

These patriotic handwarmers are made from 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 25% acrylic. These will definitely be coming with us on camping trips this summer and they’ll get plenty of use in autumn. Retail: $22


Feel free to connect with green 3 on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to see their newest Made in the USA products and specials!

made in the usa clothing

Buy and get free shipping & a free scarf!

You can support green 3 by buying American-made by visiting their shop in Oshkosh, Wisconsin or buying online. The generous folks at green 3 have offered Eighty MPH Mom readers free shipping and a free scarf! Use promo code: 80MPH – This code is set to expire Friday, June 14!

* [Erin received the mentioned product{s}, free of charge, to facilitate her review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only. Review product provided by Green 3.]
1 [Source]


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  1. I do not know why but when I wear organic clothing it feels really good to my skin. I guess the chemicals affect me although I am not aware of having allergies.

  2. Sandy VanHoey on

    Was just thinking along the lines of what Mary (above) said. I would love those handwarmers for my daughter in Michigan for the cold winters.

  3. I love the handwarmers! Those would be great to wear while taking my grandsons for a walk in chilly weather. They look so soft!

  4. I like the handwarmers an shirt also. I like that the products are Made in the USA! I will have to take a look at Green 3 and see their items. I will have to look and get something before the Free shipping goes away!

  5. sandra davis on

    such cute items. and its so great they are made in the usa! love the hand warmers…my hands stay cold all the time in the winter

  6. Marti Parks on

    I love these really cute items, although the hand warmers don’t really appeal to me very much.

  7. I love the Flag Warmers. My daughter would go crazy for them. I really think it’s great that their products are made in America and that they have sustainable apparel. I like to buy from eco friendly companies.

  8. Love the unique items. I really like that t-shirt and am not surprised that the one for my state (Kentcky) is a horse.

  9. This is really great your fans get free shipping and a free scarf. Made in the USA – this is what we all need to buy ! I like the hand warmers – my computer room get pretty chilly in the winter time and so do my hands : ) thanks much

  10. Barbara Montag on

    Everything about these clothes say good for the environment.
    I’m going to try organic clothing soon.

  11. i just bought a t-shirt made from organic cotton and it is the softest thing ever. i’m all for natural everything, not fond of what all those chemicals are doing to us in ways we don’t even know (and may not know for years). i like to support organic growers and companies, so thanks for the info.

  12. I love the handwarmers! I need to get a pair because I am always suffering from what I call “mouse hand”… when my hand freezes because it’s exposed to the cold Maine air when I’m on my computer!

  13. I love the hand warmers. My daughter has Raynaud’s Disease and her hands get so cold they turn pure white. She could use something like that which will keep her hands warm and allow her to use her fingers for texting.

    Thanks for the post. 🙂

  14. Love those funky handwarmers! I’m bookmarking the Green 3 page; I’ve never heard of them before but this seems like a great place to shop for gifts.

  15. Kelly Ann T. on

    I have been buying American when I can. The quality is better and I’m supporting my fellow countrymen. I will be checking out this company too.

  16. Cindy Merrill on

    I really do need some new clothes and accessories for this summer; prices on the site very reasonable! I bookmarked the link.

  17. Looks like they have some cute things, love the farm onesie and love that they are creating sustainable earth friendly products!

  18. April Yedinak on

    I like that they use organic cotton and water based dyes. I really like to support environmentally friendly businesses.

  19. Heather Turner on

    Thanks for featuring more than one product. The handwarmers weren’t really my thing, but the yellow printed skirt and the baby onesies are right up my alley!

  20. I think that shirt is really cute and I love that it is made with organic cotton and in the USA. Thank you for the great review because I have never heard of this company before and will definitely be checking them out.

  21. Michelle Knopp on

    I love that the t-shirt is prewashed for no shrinkage. Also, I like to have it fitted in the chest so that my belly does not bulge out.

  22. Ashley Morrow on

    I love American made products. It is really hard to find clothes made in America especially when you shop a big retail stores. I have a shirt made from organic cotton and it is the most comfortable t-shirt I own. Thank you for the great review. I can’ wait to shop at green 3.

  23. crystal smith on

    The handwarmers are adorable! Cute way to be greener 🙂 And this article really makes me want to pay a little closer attention to where my clothes are coming from. Thanks

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