Summer Sipping with Mighty Leaf! {DIY Iced Tea Brewing Kit Giveaway ARV $60}


I am the only one in our house that drinks iced tea. The Mister prefers his tea hot. But for the three months out of the year we have nice weather in the Pacific Northwwest, I want my tea to be iced. And I want to be able to offer guests iced tea! Naturally, I was willing to try an Iced Tea DIY thanks to Mighty Leaf.[*]
mighty leaf

Everyone seems to have a preference when it comes to iced tea. And usually they aren’t shy about telling you! Some like it sweet, some like it infused with fruits … I like it plain most of the time, but every once in a while I’ll have it Arnold Palmer style {half lemonade}.

But the thing is; Iced Tea can be tricky to get just right. Thankfully, Mighty Leaf has mastered the art and made it easy on us with their boxes of Iced Tea! The first thing I noticed while getting everything ready to make a batch was the bag the tea is held in.

  • Number one, it is enormous. I suppose it has to be since each one makes up to a half gallon of iced tea!
  • Second, the quality of the pouch is nothing like I’ve ever seen for tea. This isn’t a chintzy staple and string tea bag {is it just me, or do they always seem to break during steeping, leaving you to fish out the tea bag?}. The Mighty Leaf pouch is hand crafted hand-stitched and, really for a tea bag, it is beautiful and smartly designed!
  • I can even toss the entire bag in the compost bin when my tea is ready.
  • mighty leaf

    Brewing Tips:

    There is no guess work when making Mighty Leaf Iced Tea. The directions are simple and clearly outlined on the back of every box. But here are some helpful tips from Mighty Leaf just the same:

    1. One Mighty Leaf Iced Tea bag makes a half a gallon of iced tea. The Takeya pitcher holds half a gallon. If you are using another pitcher, verify if it holds one gallon or a half gallon before preparing the iced tea.
    2. Prepare your iced tea with filtered or bottled water. Avoid tap, distilled, or mineral water.
    3. Boil 4 cups water (filtered or bottled). Be sure not to over- boil the water as it makes flat tasting tea.
    4. Pour the 4 cups of boiling water and one Mighty Leaf ® Tea Pouch™ into a heat-safe pitcher like the Takeya iced tea pitcher. Hot water is key! Please do not let the water sit and cool before adding the tea pouch.
    5. Be sure that the tea pouch is completely immersed in the water and move it back and forth several times to
    6. Steep 4 to 5 minutes. Use a timer and be careful not to steep any longer to avoid bitter-tasting tea.
    7. Remove pouch. Add ice to fill your half gallon iced tea pitcher.
    8. Add 8 oz ice to a 16 oz glass or fill one third of the Takeya glass water bottle with ice. Pour iced tea over the ice.
    9. Reusing the tea pouch is not recommended.
    10. Store tea in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

    mighty leaf

    In just a few minutes I had my Takeya pitcher full of the Organic Black Iced Tea, ready and waiting to be sipped on! Of course, there are other Iced Tea varieties to try and Mighty Leaf has some refreshing recipes to go along with them!

    mighty leaf

    • Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Cooler
    32 oz. Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Iced Tea (1/4 of a gallon)
    10 oz. Pineapple Juice
    2 ½ oz. Lemon Juice
    2 ½ oz. Agave Nectar
    Pour half of the Calypso Mango Iced Tea into another pitcher. Now your Takeya iced tea pitcher holds 32 oz. of Mighty Leaf Iced Tea. Add remaining ingredients, stir, pour over ice, enjoy!

    • Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Julep
    32 oz. Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Iced Tea (1/4 of a gallon)
    10 oz. Orange Juice
    4 to 5 oz. Agave Nectar
    Pour half of the Ginger Peach Iced Tea into another pitcher. Now your Takeya iced tea pitcher holds 32 oz. of Mighty Leaf Iced Tea. Add remaining ingredients, stir, pour over ice, enjoy!

    • Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Fizz
    32 oz. Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Iced Tea (1/4 of a gallon)
    8 oz. Lemon Juice
    8 oz. Mint Syrup
    16 oz. Soda Water
    Pour half of the Ginger Peach Iced Tea into another pitcher. Now your Takeya iced tea pitcher holds 32 oz. of Mighty Leaf Iced Tea. Add remaining ingredients, stir, pour over ice, enjoy!

    glass water bottle Say goodbye to the plastic bottles this summer! Make your own delicious iced tea – Mighty Leaf Iced Tea is all natural and free of sugar, calories, and artificial flavors. And take it to go in a reusable glass water bottle! Perfect to pack in a picnic basket, hit the beach, or take along on a hike.


    Buy any of the Iced Tea four packs from Mighty Leaf online or at a store near you. It will run you about $5.99 for a box. But let’s do a little math. That means each tea bag is $1.50 {each making 1/2 gallon}, which equals to be about 37 cents per 16oz serving. How much would it be if you grabbed a bottle at the store? $1.50? More? Not only is making your own iced tea a money saver, it cuts down on used resources and waste from buying all those bottled iced teas.


    Feel free to connect with Mighty Leaf on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up to date with new teas and tea recipe inspiration!

    mighty leaf

    One reader will win a Mighty Leaf DIY Iced Tea Brewing Kit!
    Four boxes of Mighty Leaf Iced Tea, Takeya Iced Tea pitcher, & Takeya glass water bottle
    with a silicone wrap {eco-friendly, BPA free, & made in the USA}
    Open to CONTINENTAL US residents – ARV $60 – Open until July 7th @ 9pm PST

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    * [Erin received the mentioned product{s}, free of charge, to facilitate her review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only. Review product provided by Mighty Leaf.]


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    1. sheri grennille on

      i would just love the ginger peach with some brown sugar and a bit of real peach for garnish… i’m a plain and simple iced tea girl!

    2. That Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Julep sounds amazing. I LOVE peaches and peach tea! So I’d use that ginger peach tea for the drink, or really on its own! YUM!

    3. Awesome, they have this tea at a stop and shop right near me, as well as a whole foods and star market! And the search guide directed me to a new tea shop I didn’t know about! Score!

    4. Dorothy Teel on

      I would like to try this Mighty Leaf Variety Tea Starter Set as a sampler get to try different flavors, like classic black, green tea anything but mango tea as I am highly allergic to mango..

    5. Dorothy Teel on

      Found that it is not sold in my town have to go to Oklahoma city to check it out to – Health Food Center – 7301 South Penn, Suite D
      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159
      Day Phone: (405) 681-6060

    6. For the most part I like my tea plain occasionally I’ll make it with a little lime or blackberry flavor, I would use their Organic Pure Black tea

    7. Lorena Keech on

      I generally have just plain black tea iced. But I do like peach tea, so I’d use the ginger peach black tea for that.

    8. I have a gallon jar I use to make sun tea; I usually use 5 or 6 regular black tea bags and 1 flavored tea bag. The Mighty Leaf Iced Teas are a fabulous idea! And my favorite flavor is Ginger Peach, so I’m all set.

    9. We live in a rural area, but according to the Mighty Leaf Store Locator, the two grocery stores we generally shop at weekly (Hannaford and Shaws) both carry Might Leaf, as does the gourmet shop in town (Rooster Brother). These stores are about 15 miles from here, which is why we limit our shopping trips to one weekly run. Unfortunately, all three stores carry only the tea pouches and not the Iced Tea bags, but I’ll keep an eye out, just in case.

    10. I love black tea lemonade, so I’d use the organic black tea and mix it with some organic lemonade from my local grocer.

    11. My favorite iced tea recipe would be adding fresh sliced pineapples to my mango ice tea and I would love to try this Tahitian Green from Mighty leaf tea’s. I can feel the Aloha with that blend!

    12. I like to brew up a batch of tea & sweeten it with raw honey. I would really like to use the Organic Black Iced Tea.

    13. Ellen Anderson on

      I would use the Ginger Peach Tea, a real peach in the glass with Ice and some Zevia for sweetner!

    14. Dana Rodriguez on

      I would make the Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Cooler with Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Iced Tea!!Sounds so refreshing!

    15. I brew it and let it set all day, just plain hot black tea and lots of ice. Old fashioned. As for tea I’d like to try—Sunburst Green Tea

    16. I really like Half and Half (Half Lemonade and Half Iced Tea). I think the Ginger Peach Iced Tea flavor would work well for this.

    17. I really don’t have a favorite recipe, just water, tea, the sun, and sugar. I guess I have been living a boring tea existence! lol I would love to try the Sunburst Green Iced Tea. Maybe even as a blended ice tea drink. That would be yummy! Thank you for the giveaway!

      girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

    18. There are no stores within 100 miles that carry this product. 🙁 Hopefully that will change soon!

      girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

    19. Aloe Serenity Green Tea sounds amazing and my daughter in law is a HUGE green tea fan so I love to have to it on hand…

    20. The closest store that carries this is a Krogers about 16 miles from me 🙂 I live in the middle of no where, lol

    21. I love Tea! I would choose either Vanilla Bean or the Ceylon Yalta Black Tea


    22. Smith’s Grocery carries Mighty Leaf Tea and their only about a 1/4 of a mile away from where I live 🙂


    23. We just like to make sun tea: put the water and teabags in the pitcher and leave it in the sun for a few hours. I would love to make the Calypso Mango Iced Tea!

    24. kristy balser on

      the sunburst green iced tea is my choice and the Publix 20 miles from my home has it .I drink a lot of tea at my home about 1 gal a day

    25. Kim Parrott on

      I’m a simple tea lover – I would use the Sunburst tea and pair it with plenty of fresh mint or a splash of apple juice or cider

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