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At the risk of aging myself: When I was her age… I remember how dreadful it was when my mom uttered the words “clean your room”. Looking around, seeing all the little things strewn about, I got intimidated. So I did what any child would do. I shoved everything under the bed, beaming with pride because I thought I had outsmarted my Mom. That is of course, until she *gasp* checked under the bed. Then I had to start all over.

Fast forward to now: In our home, my daughter’s room is ultimately her responsibility to keep in order. With the way her bed is set up, she cannot hide things underneath. But every couple of weeks, I go through and do a courtesy cleaning. That is when I find so many of her trinkets and knickknacks tucked into the oddest of places. So when I heard about Tummy Stuffers, I thought she would love to review one with me![*]

tummy stuffers

Tummy Stuffers {from [email protected]} are snugly, soft characters and have a major appetite {hence the tongue}. They will hold your little one’s clothes, books, toys, and, generally speaking, lots of “stuff”. When I first handed the Ladybug Tummy Stuffer to Luv she took it by the handle and happily nestled it in with the other toys deemed special enough to be on her bed. I don’t think she fully understood the greatness that was just given to her.

tummy stuffers

Since then, she has seen the light and put it to great use. I sometimes joke that she is a mini-hoarder. She likes to keep receipts, lists, rocks {yes I have found plenty of rocks in the dryer}, and random notes – along with everything else under the sun. That seemingly little ladybug has been time and time again!

tummy stuffers

Pardon the laughter, but that towel was really not wanting to come out! *chuckle*

Luv’s thoughts:

I think it’s cute to stuff all the things I want to take with me on Papa’s boat. I like it because all the things that are stuffed in it are fun!
~ Luv

tummy stuffers

oy. that face.

She took her loaded Tummy Stuffers with her on a day sail today and was excited to show it off. Not only does she have a new cuddly “friend” to play with, she has the ultimate spot to stash her stuff {nothing breakable since the mouth is forever open}, and her room is clean. That is a win x3!

tummy  stuffers


Tummy Stuffers are available in six styles. You can purchase Tummy Stuffers online for $19.99 {you’ll also receive a smaller eight-inch Tummy Stuffer with your purchase} – At that price, I can see why Tummy Stuffers were a hit at Toy Fair 2013 and have made it on several Top 10 Toys of Toy Fair lists {like ABC News and Time Magazine}!


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* [Erin received the mentioned product{s}, free of charge, to facilitate her review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only. Review product provided by Tummy Stuffers.]


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  1. Alana Vester on

    My kids would have loved these when they were little! They loved taking toys when we went on road trips and over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house.

  2. Sandy VanHoey on

    My granddaughter would love the cat one and both of the girls would have so much fun with this. They always have to take things with them anytime they go away. This would be great.

  3. Robin Wilson on

    I think these are a great idea and an adorable products! It is also an affordable price. I just know that my great-niece would adore one. I am going to bookmark their page for the holidays. Thanks!

  4. I think my nephews need these for their small toys that always seem to be scattered throughout their rooms. If I could teach my dogs to put their toys in one, it would be great for them (I often feel like I am living with a couple of toddlers cause there are toys scattered everywhere in the house and backyard)

  5. My son would love the Alligator. He loves carrying his little back pack everywhere filled with random treasures. This is perfect because it’s soft and cuddly-something he loves- AND he can carry treasures!

  6. These are so cute! I wish we would have had these when my kids were little. They would also be perfect to take in the car. I love the idea!

  7. What a great idea and I just love the green gator! Our 4 year old grandson has so many ‘treasures’ he could stuff this in no time…..this is the first time I have seen them anywhere! thanks for sharing!

  8. sheri grennille on

    i want one! seriously, these are too cute. we could each have one to pack as our “fun” bag for the beach, would keep us in line and not bring too much. would fit books, chargers, magazines, and be an extra pillow for the ride for her and a fun companion for me when she’s asleep!

  9. I think my granddaughter would love this. She likes to carry her stuff around too so it will serve two purposes.

  10. Loved the video. I didn’t think that towel was going to come out for her either lol. Of course every lady bug must have an apple too 🙂 Really though the Tummy Stuffer holds a lot.

  11. Mary Beth Elderton on

    How cute! I love the monkey! This would be perfect for car trips or for spending the night with Grandma.

  12. These are cute and would be great to take when we travel to the kids can put the toys and books they want to bring.

  13. Rebecca Lock on

    My niece loves stuffing things into small spaces. I think she would have fun with the tummy stuffers.

  14. Not only are these cute, but are able to hold little trinkets that kids get attached to. Awesome product!

  15. Linda Meyers-Gabbard on

    Cute idea as long as they don’t stuff their leftover food in there. Could be useful as an overnight carry all. The pink cat is my favorite.

  16. What a great idea! I especially love the doggie. What kid wouldn’t love to have one of these? Thanks for the review.

  17. How cute! I love the Lady Bug Tummy Stuffer. That would be perfect for my granddaughter. She is 3 and a half and her idea of picking up her toys is shoving them under her bed also. She’s learning and I think this would perfect for her.

  18. Brutus Duffy on

    Oh how cute! I’d stuff one with iold clothes for my little chiweenie to snuggle up with when we’re not home.

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