G-Grip and G-Zip Portable Wireless Speakers – take your music with you!


*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for G-Project. I received a G-Grip and G-Zip to facilitate my review.

I am a huge music lover, and I pretty much have music with me wherever I go. Music can bring back memories or create new memories. Music can make me laugh, cry, or simply smile, and this is why music is such a big part of my life.

When I can’t listen to music from my computer (and since we don’t have a stereo indoors), I depend on portable speakers. I have purchased so many different brands in the past, and they all seemed to have problems. I like crystal clear music and the quality of the speakers is so important. Unfortunately the other speakers I tried either had horrible sound quality, or the sound wasn’t loud enough, and the last portable speaker I had used AA batteries which constantly needed to be replaced. What fun is that when you are out and about and your speakers stop working (not to mention the expense of replacing batteries!).


I was thrilled when I was sent two new portable speakers for review. The G-Grip and G-Zip portable speakers are in a class of their own – seriously. I was SO happy to discover that they have rechargeable batteries that last 8 hours (the battery can be charged with the included USB Cable). It is nice knowing that I can enjoy my music all day long (well until my iPod runs out of battery – it used to be the other way around with my previous speakers!).
The G-Grip speaker is also Bluetooth enabled – you can play, pause, skip forward and back, wirelessly!

The G-Project G-Grip Portable Speaker is very, very sturdy, and built to last. It comes with a detachable strap that can be used to carry it, or it can be clipped onto something if you don’t want to hold it.

I love the simplicity of the G-Grip Portable Speaker. The control buttons are at the end of the speaker and the buttons are easy to read (even in the dark!). Simple is good, and I am glad that G-Project keeps this in mind with their products.


The sound quality of the G-Grip Portable Speaker is nothing short of AMAZING. I was really surprised how crisp and clear the music is, even when the volume is cranked up pretty high. Part of the reason for this quality is the Bass Radiator (the bass is enhanced, thanks to the rear firing radiator!). The quality of this speaker is SO much better than the other speakers I have owned, where the sound quality decreased as the volume was increased. You can also play audio from any device, using a headphone jack, if desired.

I enjoy quite a few outdoor activities, and I also love music. The two combined makes me one happy girl, as I sit and relax doing the things I enjoy together. As you may know, we spend a lot of time at our retirement/vacation home, which is in a gated community, and on a lake! There are so many activities that we like to partake in while visiting the lake house, all of which need music!

One of the things that is a must-do whenever we are at the lake is going out on the paddleboat. Although I wasn’t able to go out on the boat the last time we were there (due to my neck surgery), my friend and  my daughter did, and they took the G-Grip portable speaker and my iPod out with them. I could hear the fun music as they paddled away, wishing I was with them. We have even made a special playlist for our girls weekends at the lake house.


Another must-do while at our vacation home is a heated game or two of Upwords! We love to sit on the back patio, while feeding the ducks and listening to music, as we laugh and carry-on (as girls often do!).


Of course, not all fun and music is only at the lake house – I spend quite a bit of time outdoors at our “regular” house too! One thing I love to do is paint, and I get inspired while listening to music. The G-Grip and/or G-Zip speakers are perfect for these times.

G-Grip,portable speaker


The G-Zip Portable Speaker has most of the same qualities as the G-Grip, but it is smaller and very lightweight.  Sometimes I will just grab it on my way out the door to have with me, whatever I decide to do.  I have been taking a lot of walks since my surgery (it is the only kind of exercise I am allowed to do), and since I am not allowed to carry or lift anything heavy, this is absolutely perfect.  Depending on what I am wearing – lately it is mostly sundresses with pockets, I can slip the G-Zip Speaker and my iPod in my pocket to enjoy while I walk!


Something I LOVE about the G-Zip is that I don’t need a bunch of cords with it.  There is a retractable audio cable that I can simply pull out and plug into my iPhone, iPod, etc.  When I am done it retracts back into the speaker.


Don’t let the size of this little speaker fool you – it also has fantastic sound quality, just like the G-Grip.  It is nice to know that I can grab either one of these portable speakers and know that they will provide me with music enjoyment for hours.  I have been using them both like crazy and have only had to charge the G-Grip once so far (after the trip to the lake house).
Gzip portable speaker

Seriously, what’s not to love?  If you enjoy music as much as I do, you have to check out the G-Grip and G-Zip speakers.  These really are perfect for anyone, especially those hard to buy for teens – they will love them!

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  1. Those speakers look nifty! I listen to music every day, throughout the day. I’d love to get these for when we are outside playing, reading, or grilling!

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