Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet


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Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet

With back to school comes consideration of backpacks. Perhaps your kids have laptops or tablets to tote around with their abundance of books? That can make finding the right backpack tricky. Thankfully, Sport Chalet carries a variety of trendy, comfortable, and tech safe backpacks to choose from.

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet Okay, okay. I may not send my child off to school, but I was curious to see one of the packs Sport Chalet recommended. I specifically chose the JanSport Right Pack DE Backpack for The Mister. You see, he is an electrician, but he also is trained to troubleshoot and work on DOT and venue signs. So he totes around a backpack for his work laptop and miscellaneous cables that he may need.

I’ve seen inside his work van… and it makes my OCD cringe. Boxes of parts, wire galore, outlets, and breakers all jumbled around – not exactly the best conditions to stow a laptop! Especially in a backpack that isn’t built to protect laptops/tablets.

back to school

When I showed The Mister his new backpack he looked it over and nodded his approval. The next morning, he left for work before I was up. But I noticed he took the Right Pack DE Backpack with him. He wasn’t going to wait for me to take pictures! *chuckle* So he had already broken it in by the time I took pictures.

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet

yes, his laptop fell victim to a sticker happy child…

His paperwork is paperless so without his laptop he’d be lost! The JanSport Right Pack DE Backpack has a built in padded laptop sleeve that holds his work laptop snugly. It’s important that it is kept safe, which I am sure can be said of anyone’s laptop, as he uses it to fill out work orders immediately after each job, email the office, as well as email the sign company.

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet


* Capacity: 1900 cu in *Dimensions: 18″ x 13″ x 8.5″ * Internal tricot lined laptop sleeve that fits most 15″ laptops/tablets * One large main compartment, front pocket with electronic organizer, and front stash pocket * Thick padded shoulder straps

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet

The front pockets are generously sized. A student could easily pop in their headphones, pencil/pen pouch, calculator, and more. The pack itself is lightweight to keep him from getting overburdened. Like all JanSport backpacks, it comes with a lifetime warranty {through JanSport} and is built to last – made with durable materials like 915D cordura {a nylon fabric} and suede.

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet

The Mister’s thoughts:

I am a fan of Jansport backpacks and have been since high school. They have always provided a fantastic line up of backpacks for every taste and need and the Right Pack DE backpack is of no exception. For a few years now, I’ve been required to take a laptop to work and I have utilized the only suitable bag in my possession, the Jansport Airlift. It is a nice bag but it is also big and terribly clunky for where I would need to bring my lap top, after all, it is a hiking type pack. This new pack is great, it is already noticeably lighter and still has plenty of space for any extras I need to bring on the job.

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet


Sport Chalet is a sporting goods retailer with stores in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. Of course, you can purchase the JanSport Right Pack DE Backpack for $65 online if you are not local to a Sport Chalet location. Or browse all the backpacks & daypacks Sport Chalet has to offer – There is a backpack for every one!

Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet


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  1. It’s nice to see that Sport Chalet has such a diverse selection to choose ferom and meet everyone’s personal needs.They look awesome too.Thanks for a great review on them.I am pretty sure the kids would like one for school.They have to carry so many books everyday and these look comfortable enough that way too.

  2. Sandy VanHoey on

    wow, they have a large selection of backpacks. My grandson needs mesh for his school but the others can take any backpack. My granddaughters would love their The North Face Mini Base Camp Free Fall Backpack, too cute

  3. Oh my goodness, the Jansport backpack still looks the same as when I used them in school. Love that classic look. The Sports Chalet looks to offer a great selection or great products.

  4. This is very informative and important for anyone who has to carry a laptop back and forth to their job, or classes. I like the Sports Chalet by Jansport and would think the wheel model would make someones life easier and at least their back muscles.

  5. vickie couturier on

    those are some really good backpacks,,my daughter carried a jansport in highschool for years an it lasted her a good long time

  6. nice rugged backpacks, definitely the way to go… JanSport has been around for a long time, and hubby also uses a backpack for work too.

  7. My one son used to have a Jansport backpack and it sure took a beating I tell you. They are really made sturdy and durable. Seems like the Sport Chalet has more of a selection to pick from. I actually think the Jansport one is still here somewhere after years of use. thanks for the new info

  8. Rebecca Miller on

    I used JanSport when I was younger and in school. Definitely my go to backpack. I love how strong the material is, love the amount of storage, and definitely am liking the new designs. Although there is nothing better then the classic at least to me.

  9. The internal laptop sleeve is a great feature- it would also be great for a tablet. I love a good backpack that doesn’t fall apart by Winter Break!!

  10. I remember them from WAAAY back! Glad to know that they are still around and making great products. My son’s backpack is so heavy that I can hardly life it. I don’t know how he carries it around campus. Will try to check their’s out when I get some $$$!

  11. Gina Brickell on

    I think a durable backpack is important. I got my son a Jansport last year for school. I figured I’d spend extra to get him one that would last him the entire school year and guess what? I did!!! It was still in great shape by the time school was over! Loved it!

  12. I have gotten the Jansport Backpacks and these backpacks last forever. I think that Sport Chalet has a wonderful assortment of different backpacks to buy for anyone. Very nice looking backpacks.

  13. I love JanSport backpacks! It kept that classic look while also having the built in laptop case…I think I need to get one of these!

  14. The fact that its made to hold a laptop shows that the company os modrrnizing for the common now a day student

  15. JanSport makes a quality functional backpack. I had one in college and my hubby has one that he uses for just about everything and he loves it.

  16. We home school, so don’t have to worry about toting around a bunch of text books, but we still need sturdy backpacks for our overnight field trips and to lug around a vast array of electronics that the boys just can’t do without. It’s nice to see a review for this sturdy brand, highlighting all of the nice added features that make electronics, like tablets, secure. Thank you for the review!

  17. anything to make the guys more organized – lol!! my hubby wont do it himself but admits that once i set it all up for him, with everything in it’s place, it’s much easier in life! haha

  18. Jansport has really come a long way from their classic backpacks – I remember it was really something when we were kids to have a Jansport…and it still is.

  19. I believe this is the type of backpack my daughter had for my grandson last year. It was great and still is after him using it all last year.

  20. I had a Janspot backpack when I was in school, and I used the same one for at least 5 years. 5 years of no locker and having to carry ALL my books with me everywhere, goes to say that these are awesome backpacks.

  21. Getting the right fit in a backpack is really important. The JanSport Right Pack DE Backpack looks like a great option. Thanks for the photos and detailed review.

  22. All these back to school events and posts makes me wish I could join in on the fun! There’s nothing like going school supply shopping that makes my heart soar (yes, I’m a wee bit of an oddball) ^.^

    What a great review! I love the fact that their backpacks can not only be used for school but can be used for all sorts of things like working a job; very versatile!

  23. I love JanSport bookbags!!! I used to have a pink one in college!!! That is so awesome that you can put your laptop in the bag so it can be safe!

  24. My husband loves these backpacks! I got to borrow it for an airplane trip I had to make alone with my toddler (I needed a backpack so I could keep my hands free) and it was awesome! light and simple enough. I loved it!

  25. Very good looking backpacks. My kids have been using JanSport backpacks since they started middle school. They are durable and offer great organization.

  26. These are good sturdy backpacks. WIth lots of compartment for school things. I got one of these years ago and it still is holding up.

  27. I have a Jansport backpack that I have owned for more than 15 years. Now I don’t use it much anymore, but it got a ton of use! I wonder if they are still as high quality as they were back then!

  28. LOL at the stickers! I have had to ban them when my little niece comes to visit. Used to find them everywhere when she would leave. But I do love the backpack. Used to carry one almost like it back in the day. They make good quality products for the money!

  29. They have very nice backpacks at Sport Chalet and there are so many ones that I like for back to school. Everything fits in one of these backpacks because they are so roomy and have pockets to fit pencils and other items.

  30. Jessica Givrson on

    I always loved Jansport backpacks when I was younger but my mom would never buy them for me, so when I went away to college and could buy whatever I wanted I did! I have a few different colors!

  31. This is something that i definately need to check into for my oldest son that is in college. he has to carry his laptop around with him all the time.

  32. I too, have been a fan of Jansport since h.s. I thought they were more outdoorsy, it’s great that they are coming out with places to store your laptop.

  33. These backpacks worked well while we were still in elementary school and then middle school hit. As they were ok during those 3 years, when I went to school, we tend to rip them about halfway through the year. High school…FORGET IT! I would kill these before the end of the first trimester. I was horrible with backpacks because I would just shove EVERYTHING in it as much as I could. My mom ended up getting all of us LL Beans which lasted us for years. I killed mine in 11th grade halfway through the year but it lasted longer than anything else I have had lol My husband never had any issues with this brand through his school years (still has his) and I’m sure this company has changed a lot since we have had them. lol 🙂

  34. I love to use the kids backpacks on our trips, I should get my own. Love the JanSport, I used them all through middle & high school.

  35. These are awesome! They look like they would hold up for years – I always love it when you find something for school that will be good for more than one school year – that’s ALWAYS a plus!! I don’t think even my 8 year old son could tear these up !!

  36. Huge selection. I love the jansport too, since highschool. I would always get the white ones and doodle all over them. <3 Miss those days!

  37. Jessica Houston on

    I’ve always loved JanSport backpacks! When I was in school JanSport was the only backpack brand that would last me the whole year WITHOUT ripping!!!!

  38. I want to get my girls a jansport pack! They are so sturdy, and nice backpacks. Our schools here in the county hand out backpacks to all the students, and they have to carry that one because of the laptops. I would just as soon buy my own laptop backpacks, but they are at least free!

  39. I liked your Back to School Backpacks From Sport Chalet post.
    The JanSport Right Pack DE Backpack looks like a great product.
    There are no Sport Chalet stores near me but it’s great you can purchase things online from them.

  40. I remember how popular JanSport was when I was in school. Glad to see they are still around. I love a pack that is made to protect a laptop. This would be great for when we travel!

  41. Jennifer Dysart on

    I love the organization this backpack helps with, I had a Jansport all thru high school, great bag! I’ll check out Sports Center and see what they think might work for a more daily need

  42. Awesome looking back pack ! I may have have to get one of these for my daughter . She likes to carry everything in her book bag.

  43. Jansport is a great brand that has been around for years. my daughter had to have a new backpack every year or I might have bought one. Gets expensive for sure.

  44. Deborah Mireles on

    My son just bought one of these and carts it all over even on his business trips. He says its the best one hes ever owne!

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