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Invincibility is, unfortunately, not a possibility. No matter how well we take care of ourselves, the chance of unexpected events and life-changing illnesses are still there. Many times, these situations are hard for people to deal with.

A mother of two, only in her early forties – diagnosed with cancer and is fighting furiously.

A loving parent and caring friend never sees her 50th birthday – loses her battle with cancer at only 46.

A father of two, laughing and playing with his children one day, gone the next – heart attack at only 44.

A 20-year old with no prior health conditions, living away at college and thriving – hit by a car.

An honor student, star softball player, and only in high school – needs operation for a brain tumor.

A child, of only three, with an entire lifetime ahead of him – doctors find stage four cancer.

A newborn baby, a brand new life to celebrate – is born with his heart outside of his body.

These are true stories of real people. This is also my life, my family, and my friends. I have certainly had hard times with all of these situations but was able to work through it. Sometimes, people need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to talk to, and just someone to be there. That is where CaringBridge comes in.

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This non-profit organization has been bringing people together to help them better cope with illnesses, tragedy, and loss. After serving as a lifeline of hope for over 500,000 people a day for the past fifteen years, Sona Mehring (the founder of CaringBridge) wants to share a collection of similar stories through her new book, Hope Conquers All. Through first-person accounts, people share their personal stories of how important CaringBridge was for them and their peace of mind. Through these journeys of children suffering from cancer, folks waiting on the seemingly never-ending transplant list, and more, you will see that you are not alone. These uplifting tales make a wondrous addition to anyone’s library and serve as a constant reminder that we can always find love and support in our times of need. Learn more about Sona’s book and how to purchase with all proceeds going to CaringBridge’s mission to help here:

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Randi is a stay-at-home mother to two wildly crazy little boys, in love with one hell of a great man, a hobbyist writer and, more or less, glued to her camera. In a world where making mud pies, searching for bugs and racing Matchbox cars have become her forte, her true passion can be found all around her (or attached to her hip) at any given moment - her family.


  1. Such amazing stories, I’m sure sharing them help the person telling the story as well as someone who can relate to it.

  2. Just knowing you aren’t the only one going through something like an illness can make it just a tiny bit better and the support can be amazing!

  3. I’ve followed some amazing stories of recovery and hope on Caring Bridge.
    As a journalist, we’ve stay updated on the people whose stories we’d shared thanks to Caring Bridge updates.

  4. It sounds like such a helpful book to those who are or know some who suffer with cancer. That is something everyone needs to know, is that they are not alone in their trials. And when someone else has gone through it and can share their experience, it can really help someone new to the trial.

  5. I have followed the stories of several friends and family members on Caring Bridge. It’s great to see the profits of the book going for further support.

  6. I lost my step dad a year ago tomorrow to brain cancer (he was only 55) and I can relate to a lot of the stories told. Sometimes strangers stories help me cope better than hearing words from people I know. Happy to see the profit of the book going to the mission.

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