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How many of you still send cards – real cards? I know that I’m a sucker for them. Receiving (and sending) mail, especially cards, is so much fun that, honestly, I just cannot help it. Think about it. You get excited when you get mail – aside from bills of course – that was sent from someone you know and love. Whether it is birthday cards, holiday classics, or even the simple well wishes, I enjoy sending cards to family and friends. Just knowing that something as small sending a card can put a smile on someone’s face, well, that puts a smile on mine.

However, when was the last time that you were able to find a great card without spending ages in the store? I am kind of picky with my cards. They cannot be too mushy, too cheesy, too silly, too short, or too vulgar. Even then, I’m sure that I’ve forgotten a “rule” or two. It is actually quite hard to find “the” card for everyone on your mailing list… until now.

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Treat, an online greeting card destination and a division of the Shutterfly brand, finally allows the world to customize and, therefore, create our own perfect cards. With a slew of adorably cute and lovingly sweet cards to choose from, Treat has been a great choice for all of your card shopping needs for the past year. Their entire line of over 700 highly customizable and unique greeting cards finally gives the world what we have all been looking for – personalization and true choice. To make things even better, Treat has recently taken the leap into the hilariously funny category as well. And they’ve taken a couple of famous comedians along for the ride with their new line of Celebrity Cards.

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Two of your favorite celebrity comedians have each introduced their own lines of customizable birthday cards for the Treat Celebrity Cards collection. Sarah Chalke from Scrubs, Roseanne, and more recent How I Met Your Mother fame has joined Treat on their mission to bring us an even greater selection of greeting cards. Sarah’s line on the Treat website was created to help benefit The Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

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Seth Rogen – producer, director, screenwriter, and voice artist – is best known for his comedic roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and this summer’s This Is the End. Seth’s line of cards benefits the Hilarity for Charity organization.

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“At Treat, we know there are many ways to say ‘Happy Birthday,’ and we adore Seth and Sarah’s signature with in this exclusive line of birthday cards. With the combination of Seth’s tongue-in-cheek humor and Sarah’s playful sentiments in Treat’s Celebrity Birthday Card Collection, customers can create truly unique birthday cards for friends and family with photos and personal notes that will be cherished”
-Melissa Moody, Treat Card Expert

Now, many people – especially those with busy schedules like Sarah and Seth – have a special knack for forgetting all of the greeting card necessary dates. Thankfully, I am not one of them. My guy however, well, he would forget his own birthday if no one reminded him. Treat has you covered here as well. With their innovative scheduling service, you can purchase cards and have them scheduled for delivery up to a year in advance! Still worried about missing something? Treat has also launched an iPhone app to keep its one-of-a-kind greeting cards and new Celebrity Card collection at your fingertips at all times.

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Whether you’re shopping online or from your phone, you won’t miss a beat with all of the goodies and wonderful cards that Treat has to offer.

You can keep up with Treat via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for all of the latest news, sales, product launches, giveaways and more.

And in the words of Treat

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…but a good card can make someone’s week. Choose Treat. Make it, send it, love it!

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  1. How fun!! I love Sarah Chalke – I’ll have to remember this for my sisters’ birthdays. I’m sure they’d love them!

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