Blogger Crush


Surely, you have heard of a girl crush?

Blogger Crush

Most girl crushes I have seen mentioned deal with an actress or singer. Well, not me. But I do crush on bloggers!

Blogger Crush

I’m not afraid to admit it. After being introduced to this intricately woven, vast web that is the blogosphere, I have had some major blogger crushes. It started out with two. Probably predictable because of their grandness, but noteworthy just the same. My first blogger crushes were The Pioneer Woman and Design Mom. I still stalk them as often as possible on their social networking sites, especially Instagram.

My blogger crush “type” has evolved over the years. I suppose the same can be said with even the typical crush though. *cough 80s hair bands cough*

Two years ago, if you were to ask who my blog crush was I would have to say, hands down, it was The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I loved reading her blog to learn about the history of food, discover new kosher recipes to try, and reading about her path to converting to Judaism. Her blog piqued my curiosity during a time when my husband was exploring Judaism. Because her journey is so eloquently written and her blog beautifully designed, I developed huge admiration for her. I remember asking one of the local rabbis, “Have you heard of The Shiksa in the Kitchen? I love her blog and tried her Stovetop Tzimmes recipe for Shabbat last week. It was so good!” … The look on his face was priceless. For those who don’t know, shiksa isn’t exactly the most endearing term.

Jump to today, while I do still enjoy visiting The Shiksa now and then, especially to learn about the history of food, I find myself crushing on two new {to me} blogs. I read them as often as the littles allow {which is not as often as I’d like}. Autoimmune Paleo and The Paleo Mom. Together, these blogs are my go-to souce when I have a quick question and I don’t want to annoy my ND about what I can {and cannot} eat and the whys behind it.

Blogger Crush

Do you see the common thread here? Looking at my blogger crushes, past and present, one thing is clear: I’m a sucker for food porn.

Dish. Who is your Blogger Crush?


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