Overwhelmed by technology? Are you ready to take the Tech Timeout Challenge?


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Please watch this video and tell me if this look familiar.  It looks pretty familiar to me unfortunately, and probably quite a few people in this technically charged modern day will recognize themselves as well:

I am a pretty tech-savvy girl – I am online most of the day (due to blogging, mostly), and I always have my iPhone with me, and my iPad nearby.  I do not watch much television, which is good, but sometimes I just need to take a break from all tech related items.

When I had my neck surgery, I was forced to take this break, and I have to tell you that it felt REALLY good!  I thought I would go insane if I wasn’t constantly doing something on one of my devices, but instead I found myself less stressed and able to enjoy the simpler things in life.  My family and I ended up spending some fantastic quality time together and even played board games – something we haven’t done in a long, long time.  We laughed and joked, and it was just wonderful.  In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much, that even though I am pretty much healed (and back online), we have been doing more things together almost daily.  Now that I know about the Tech Timeout Challenge – a one hour break per day – it is something we will be doing on a daily basis.

Life insurance provider Foresters™ recently started something called the “Tech Timeout™ Challenge”. They are hoping that by taking a pledge, families will turn off the electronics for one hour per day, and spend quality time together. I absolutely love this idea!

I am sure you can think of plenty of things to do offline with your family, but if you need some ideas, take a look at these:

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Did you know that the average teen sends 60 texts per day?  Actually that number seems a little low to me, but I digress.  Honestly, I find it really rude when not only teens, but adults too, have their heads glued to their phones when I am trying to have a conversation with them.  This happens more and more often and frustrates me to no end.  What is wrong with giving someone your undivided attention for a few minutes?

To help you and your family turn off the TV, phones, tablets, mP3 players, and video games (whew – this makes me dizzy!), print out this pledge form and have your family sign it. Paste it on the refrigerator, or somewhere that everyone will see it daily.

tech timeout,electronics,family,break

I hope you will join me in the Tech Timeout Challenge.  Not only is it good for the whole family, it is good for your body  (see my PSA below).

PSA from me:  Take that break!  You do NOT want to go through neck surgery like I did. Although my issues were not tech related, I am now very aware of my posture while on my laptop, phone or iPad.  I worry about teens and the neck problems they will have when they are my age (probably earlier actually).  If you or a family member does a lot of texting, or spends lots of time on the cell phone, please remind then to hold their phone/handheld game, etc. in front of them, and not to look down.  If you spend a lot of time on the computer, make sure you set a timer to go take a break periodically.  It is easy to get wrapped up in something online, but stepping away often is very important.

Make sure you like the Tech Timeout Facebook Fan Page, where you can share you stories and learn about the experiences of others, and their “timeouts”!

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  1. One thing I miss is unplugging on the weekends. Unfortunately, that is the best time for me to get work done anymore. I do know quite a few people who would benefit from minimizing their screen time though!

  2. I actually like to unplug a lot. I do not watch TV, don’t use my tablet except to read, and try to get off my laptop at the earliest I can. Feels good to not be connected to your electronics.

  3. saturday is our day to unplug. no internet – we spend time together on day trips and other activities together instead

  4. i think in this day and age that most of us do need to do this. i know that myself and my kids could really benefit from a timeout

  5. It’s amazing how many activities do require the use of some technology. It is so nice to unplug and enjoy your family, and we try to do this every weekend.

  6. I think taking a tech timeout is great for families, but as for me, I don’t have any children in my home that being online hurts plus, being online is a big part of how I make money. Being offline for just one day, and I am behind and have always missed an important email or update regarding something work related.

  7. I don’t have a TV or a smart phone so can’t stop doing those. I do take time to read books (real ones) and go for walks. Then I get back on my computer. I think this is a GREAT idea for families.

  8. this is seriously an excellent idea. it’s nice to be connected, but sometimes it’s a burden and stressful! i find myself irritated that i cant leave the room without my phone or feel a “need” to sit down at the computer all the time.

  9. This is so me. I’m always checking my email, twitter, facebook on my phone. I can’t put it down and when I’m home, I’m not really home. I seriously need to unplug.

  10. i’m the opposite of tech crazy. i have so many projects going, i use the internet to take a break. i don’t have cable tv or a smart phone, and i don’t feel the need to tweet. i just keep busy living life and don’t feel like i have to be connected to the world all the time.

  11. I will be extremely challenged if I take the tech timeout. We rely on all the electronic devices so much each day of our family life. It’s time to make a positive change.

  12. For a tech time out, I like to forage for wild foods- the field next door has chokecherries, crab apple and wild blueberries; blueberry season is over, but the chokecherries are ready for harvesting. I make jams and chutneys for winter use and for Christmas gifts.

  13. Carl L Smith Jr on

    This is a great idea, especially for families with children, or teens. I don’t think kids today would know what to do without technology, but I bet if they did go a few days without it they would realize how fun playing outside or just spending time with family is. I wonder how a teen can ever really get to know themselves never spending time with only their imagination and creativity to rely on. I truly hope this becomes a huge movement and many families join in and unplug for a while!

  14. I love these ideas. I have so many awesome memories of things that we did as a family when I was a child. At my house now we enjoy playing board games together.

  15. I make it a priority to spend time with my family every day. Yes I am on the computer and watch, listen to, television more than I should. But I don’t have a problem turning it off and doing other things whenever I can and I try to limit my time at one sitting. Great post.

  16. It’s so important to take time away from technology. I used to be absolutely addicted to my laptop and phone and was online from the time I woke up till the time I fell asleep. After a year or so I finally burned out and took a few months away from all of my devices. Now I only allow myself a few hours online daily so I can concentrate on family time and other interest.

  17. This is a great idea, especially for families with children, or teens. We make sure we turn off electronics at times and go out side and play, ride bikes and go swimming when the weather is nice.

  18. I love this! That commercial is hilarious and sad at the same time. We don’t have any kids yet but as a couple we could definitely use a break from screens!

  19. My kids are both teens and neither of them have cell phones. I know in this day and age that’s totally unusual, but I always thought if they had them they would be texting all the time and not talking to me! I love the idea of a Tech Time out but I would miss my laptop lol.

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