Volunteering Comes From the Heart


Over the last 13 years, I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering.  Whether it’s was PTA when my son was in elementary, serving on different local organization boards or just pitching out where I knew my help was needed.

I feel like it’s the right thing to do.  I’ve gained so much from those I’ve been in contact with because I’ve volunteered.  Yes, it sounds corny but it’s made me a better person.  I’ve determined that volunteering comes from the heart.

For those who know me, they know I’m passionate about libraries.  So much so, I’ve made it my career.  I serve on the North Platte Public Library Foundation Board and we host a range of fund raising events each year.  We just held the annual Library Foundation Cemetery Tour and it was a huge success!  In fact, it was the biggest turnout yet…HUGE!

This year, my children were right along side me, volunteering.  They were such big help!  (Okay, so Johnny was more help than Paige but she’s 6!)
Johnny Cem Tour

Paige Cem Tour

Johnny directed traffic and Paige was our program girl.  She did a fine job handing out programs.   I’m proud of them.  It absolutely warms my heart to see them taking time out of their day, when they could be playing video games, playing with dolls or just hanging out with friends to serve an important event.  They are making a difference, whether they realize it or not!  After all, this is for the betterment of our public library, which also results in a betterment of our community.

By volunteering at a young age, I hope my children will continue to volunteer throughout their lifetime.  They have the chance to change the world…and they are off to a great start!  As they grow, I hope they find something they are passionate in and give back.

Paige Cem Tour2

Get out there and volunteer in your community!  We all have an important voice and one way to be heard, a way to make a difference in your communities is to volunteer.




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  1. What a very unique fundraiser you created for your local library! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a cemetery tour fundraiser before, but I have a tiny obsession with cemeteries so I definitely would have LOVED to join in 🙂

    I think volunteering at any age is such a wonderful, fulfilling thing to do! It just makes you feel GOOD knowing you’re making a difference.

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