Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!


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Every year, the Office Depot Foundation gives back in a huge way. All thanks to the National Backpack Program which has been running strong for 12 years now. So far, this fantastic program has worked to provide more than 2.9 million backpacks to students around the world!
Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!

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This year, to mark the 13th anniversary of the National Backpack Program, the Office Depot Foundation will donate 300,000 backpacks with essential school supplies to deserving children in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and internationally. By the end of 2013, Office Depot and the Office Depot Foundation will have donated more than 3 million backpacks and sackpacks since the inception of the program in 2001. But while these numbers are very large, the sackpacks make an impact on a singular level − one child at a time.

Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!

I love hearing about companies like Office Depot that give back and make a difference in lives! It’s inspiring and humbling. Something so simple like a backpack and pencil pouch with a few supplies can mean the world to a child!
Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!
Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!

I was excited to learn that 3,000 sackpacks were supplied to kids in the Seattle area alone {since that is where I hail from}. The nonprofit organizations, schools and agencies that received the sackpacks were Seattle Public Schools, Mars Hill Church, Martinez Foundation, Neighborhood House, Solid Ground, and YWCA of Seattle. Fantastic.

Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!

This year’s sackpacks have six different graphic options – there were even a few gender neutral options! Each sturdy sackpack features a simple drawstring top and includes a pencil pouch with a few essential supplies: * a pen * a pencil sharpener * a pencil * four crayons * an eraser * a 6″ ruler with stencils
Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program 13th Anniversary!
Just imagine the difference this could make in a child’s life! Armed with the supplies they need, headed off to another day of learning… there’s no telling what is in store for them. I have to commend the folks at Office Depot for having such an unbridled spirit.


Feel free to connect with the Office Depot Foundation on Facebook and Twitter to see their latest work. They are currently teaming up with Brooks Gibbs and taking a stand against bullying!

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  1. What a great way to help out kids in the community, where their customers are. I know that a lot of kids in our area depends on the generosity of others for a lot of their supplies.

  2. It would be great if all the school supplies a child needed were given to them but this is a great start! Those school supply lists are crazy at the start of school each year!

  3. I think it is a good thing that Office Depot is doing by donating backpacks to children for school. They sure donated a lot of wonderful backpacks.

  4. Rebecca Parsons on

    I love this cause and can think of quite a few kids in my town who could use this program. I thought about doing something like this myself but found someone in town at a local church who did so I did a few fundraisers over the summer and office depot donated supplies. They are such a wonderful store.

  5. This is a wonderful cause! Anything that helps a child in need further their chances of success in life is a good thing!

  6. These are such cute backpacks! I love that OfficeDepot is giving back! It always makes me want to shop a store when I know they contribute like this.

  7. Sarah Marshall on

    Wow, I wasn’t aware that Office Depot was providing such a great service to the community! Thanks so much for sharing, as I like learning about companies that give back. It makes me much more likely to do business with them for sure!

  8. This is a fantastic program. As a former teacher, i saw first hand how much a good set of school supplies would help students succeed!

  9. This is the first I’ve heard of The Office Depot Foundation. Sounds like a great program, getting basic supplies to kids who need them and who will surely love having them. Thanks for spreading the word.

  10. It’s great to learn that Office Depot contributes to the community by providing essential school supplies to children that need it so that they can have a good start to learning for their entire lifetime.

  11. What a great program! I love when big companies give back to such deserving causes. It makes you really think about how much your kids take for granted. It also makes you count your blessings. I wish more big companies did things like this.

  12. So great to hear that Office Depot is helping those in need. With this economy I know many kids need school supplies for the school year.

  13. Eileen Richter on

    Holy WOW, over 3 MILLION gifted! That is so commendable, when really so many companies are about the almighty buck. So nice to hear this is still going strong!

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