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Pick UR Gift,reverse wishlist,holiday shoping

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The holidays are upon us and that means fun along with stress, frustration and happiness, and a huge shopping frenzy around the world. Although shopping is fun, it can also be frustrating, especially when one is trying to find the right gift for everyone on their list.

Not anymore!

Since I have discovered the pick UR gift website, I am excited to do my holiday shopping this year. In years past, as I would see gifts that I knew I want to purchase in the future, and I would bookmark them. Not only was this was time-consuming, but it was impractical.  I would much rather have everything in one place, to refer to when I am ready to get down and dirty and do some serious shopping.

How does pick UR gift work?

Pick UR Gift,bookmarklet,reverse wish list

Pick UR Gift,reverse wish list
Pick UR Gift,reverse wish list,holiday,shopping,christmas

The pick UR gift website is super easy to navigate. Installing the UR Bookmarklet is a breeze, and from there, anytime you shop online, you can quickly add that perfect gift to your recipient’s wish list.


Pick UR Gift,holiday shopping,wish list

I decided to start wish lists for my family first.  When I found a gift I wanted for my husband, I clicked on the UR bookmarklet a little box popped up which let choose who I was shopping for.   I named my husband’s list “My Honey”. I then clicked save and it gave me the option to close or view his wish list.  Since my husband is in law enforcement, and he uses the below product frequently, figured it would be a perfect gift for him.


Pick UR Gift


Hey, this is really fun!  I browsed around Amazon.com some more and found a few other items to add to his list. He desperately needs new slippers (his are pretty worn out!), so I clicked the bookmarklet, chose “My Honey” and saved. I did the same for these gaming headphones.  He loves to play video games when he manages to find some free time, and now he can play as much as he wants, without disturbing the rest of the family.   It couldn’t be any easier.

After I added these items, I clicked to view his page and all of the items I added to his wishlist were neatly displayed all in one place:

Pick UR Gift,

One of my favorite features of pick UR gift (other than mentioned above), is the option to send this wish list to others. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated I get each year when people call me and ask what they should get for my husband and children for the holidays. My husband is super hard to shop for, and I usually can’t think of things right off the top of my head. My children are 17 and 23 and they are even harder to shop for.

I am enjoying creating their wish lists and finding just the right gifts, at my leisure. Once I have added a few items to their list, it will be easy to just send the list to others, instead of being put on the spot when they call.

As my family members mention in passing, things they would like for Christmas, I can look up the items online and add them to their wish lists on pick UR gift. It will be fun when they open their gifts to find items that they might be expecting, and also things that good ol’ mom found for them on her own.

Create your own wish list!  Yep! Not only can you create wish lists for everyone else, you can create your very own, so you will be sure to receive exactly the right gift (and those buying for you won’t have to wonder what to get for you!). Now THIS was especially fun – I had a blast picking things I would like. My husband will really appreciate this option as well.

pick UR gift,wish list service,holiday shopping

Since I personally do not participate in Black Friday Shopping (I am more of a “Cyber Monday” kind of girl!), the reverse wish list on pick UR gift will make my holiday shopping incredibly this year. This service is GENIUS!

pick UR gift will keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, shoes & clothing sizes for you too! It just keeps getting better!  Simply add contacts and their preferences for their page and you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.  There is a handy “reminder” area on the right hand side of your dashboard too – love this!

There are just so many features to love, and I am so excited about pick UR gift.  I hope you will give it a try too!  It is quick and easy to sign up and free!

pick UR gift wants to get you in the mood for holiday shopping, and give you a jump start with the giveaway below!

pick UR gift, Visa gift card,giveaway


One (1) winner will receive a $200 Visa Gift Card courtesy of pick UR gift!

Giveaway ends on 11/15. Open to US only.

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  1. I want to thank Jen for everything she has done for us. As a new website we are always looking to improve flow and user experience. The only way this can be done is from feedback. Please contact us and help us make pickURgift a better site.
    Drag and drop the UR Button (bookmarklet) and start adding gifts.
    Rick Swenson co-founder pickURgift.com

  2. My favorite feature is that I can finally just send my husband a round-up wishlist using this smart site, instead of emailing him a link to an item and saying “Please Buy!”

  3. I love that you can send lists to people! I have the same problem with my hubby and son. Both are so hard to recommend gifts for to other ppl.

  4. I love that I’ll be able to tell my husband what I want. I would make lists for all my nieces and nephews. It’s tough to remember all their bdays and wants.

  5. Beth Klocinski on

    I love that you can have wish lists at your finger tips. It reduces the stress of finding a perfect gift for someone.

  6. I’d create Wishlists for each member of my family to use when birthdays and Christmas comes around. It’d help me to remember ideas I’ve had for gifts for people.

  7. LOL Well I want to create a wish list for ME first of all…………….then I want the grandkids to create their lists, so we know just what they want!!

  8. I would create a list for my nieces, I have five of them different ages, I never know what they like at any time….

  9. Kelly Nicholson on

    who you are going to create wish lists for!

    i guess it will be for family and friends..it’s pretty interesting and simple

  10. I like the feature of being able to send the wish list to other people, that’s handy. I’d make lists for my husband and kids

  11. I am going to create a wishlist for my mom and my stepdad. They always mention things they’d like throughout the year but when it comes time to do my Christmas shopping I always forget.

  12. Michelle Spayde on

    I love being able to send the lists. We have a few people in the family that are especially difficult to buy for without a list!

  13. I’m going to create wish lists for my family members – husband, daughters, and grandsons! I love that you can send these lists to others. This is so much better than jotting down a few ideas and emailing to other family members for Christmas ideas.

  14. I think the best feature is you can pick several different gift options. I would probably use this for my mom- she is hard to buy for so this would be PERFECT.

  15. I have received several gifts from friends using PickURGift. Can’t say how happy I was to be able to choose the best gift for me. Most recent was a new stethoscope. My friend said there were too many options and had NO idea which one I would want so she picked out several for me and I picked the one I liked the best. I have also gifted to friends and they too loved their gifts!!! Not sure how I ever gave gifts without this site. I now use it for everything. Christmas is going to be a breeze this year!

  16. Cortney Tackett on

    My favorite feature is the “need an opinion”. so cool!!! I will make lists for my son mom and best friend

  17. danielle johnson on

    I love that it will help me to remember birthdays, as i’m bad about this. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  18. I like that’s it’s in my bookmarks all in one place and that I can add items from any where on the web to list I make for family and friends. I will make lists for everyone in the family and a few friends that I buy for too. Some are so hard to buy for this will come in handy because I can go to the list and see what I had added from the web through out the year. Easy Peasy just the way I like it. I hate shopping because i have PVD and RA in my legs and walking and standing in line is impossible for me so I cyber shop for everything and this is perfect for someone like me.

  19. I like that you can add items as you find them and then they are all in one place. I can’t say how many times I found something and then later when I went to look for it, I forgot where I found it. This would save me some time.

  20. I’m going to create a list for our son. He is our first and I have been getting calls asking what to get him (he will be 2 and his bday is 4 days before christmas). I have bookmarks EVERYWHERE!! lol

  21. Tracy Robertson on

    My favorite feature is the reminders! I’m good about putting stuff on the calendar, but it always gets me when an event is at the beginning of the month, because by the time I see it on the calendar it is already upon me.

  22. Every year I ask my siblings-in-laws and cousins what their kids want for Christmas. This seems like a better idea. I need to recruit all of them into using this program, then have them share their lists with me!

  23. Tanya Boerhave on

    My family has always been big on giving out gift lists. We use Amazon a lot but this brings even more people’s and places together. I”ll have to tell everyone about Pick UR Gift.

  24. My favorite feature is the same as yours – being able to sent my wishlist to those who ask me what I’d like for the holidays so they can choose what they’d like to get me and know that it’s something I want!

  25. I love the ability to make separate lists for each person. I was using pinterest for something similar, but I like how this works even better.

  26. I absolutely LOVE that it keeps track of important dates for you. I’m terrible with remember birthdays and worse yet, remembering to plan ahead so I’m ready for a birthday! Great idea!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  27. I LOVE that it’s an easy bookmark add on! I have always just bookmarked gifts, but this would make it much easier and much more organized! It’d start by making lists for my daughters 🙂

  28. I will create many many wish lists. We buy for everyone in the entire immediate and extended family. I hate it. No one wants to have a grab bag but me!

  29. My favorite feature is being able to make lists for others. I will make lists for my immediate family–the people who have everything!!

  30. I love that I can create a list of gifts for someone to tell me if they actually want them or not. I will be making one for my kids and wife for Christmas.

  31. Andrew Leukhardt on

    I like that it can keep track of clothing sizes, very convienient with our fast growing son. I’m going to make a list for my son now!

  32. I see neat little things all the time and have them saved to wishlists everywhere and then don’t remember where they all are. This will be helpful for my son, but especially for my hubby who isn’t always easy to shop for 🙂

  33. I also love being able to send wish lists to others — my sister and I always have a hard time shopping for my parents, so being able to share ideas on possible gifts they’d love will be really useful, particularly around the holidays!

  34. Pauline Milner on

    I would create lists for our Son, Daughter, Son in Law, Grandson and my Husband. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  35. Keeping track of birthdays & anniversaries is great, because I can’t remember them unless I look on my pocket calendar, which I’m always losing!

  36. Who am I making lists for? Are you kidding? EVERYONE. =)

  37. courtney hennagir on

    I love everything about this! I created lists for my hubby,son and baby girl! This will make gift buying so much easier!

  38. My favorite feature of Pick UR Gift is that you can have the option to send this wish list to others to make it easier for them to shop too.

  39. would be great to use this for every one that is cxoming to grand parents for christmas.that way it isnt so hard to figure out what to buy.even mykids!

  40. Sarah Marshall on

    I love that it can include sizes for clothes and shoes. It seems like every holiday and birthday, everyone in the family is calling each other trying to get current sizes for everyone.

  41. I like that its a reverse wishlist. You send a list of items to the people you want to give gifts to and they eliminate the options so you know what to get them.

  42. I’m a huge list person….I make lists for everything lol. I like that you can easily send the lists to others and I would definitely make a list for my boyfriend.

  43. I would create a wishlist for my husband – he’s SO hard to buy for and everyone in the family is always calling me to ask what they should get him for bdays, holidays, etc. 🙂

  44. I love that even though I’d be the one making a list, there’s still an element of surprise as to which one I’d get!

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