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Despite the first day of fall technically being back on September 22nd, now that the first day of October has passed, I think that we’re all finally welcoming the season.

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Sixty-five degrees; it’s not too hot, not too cold. How many of you get too warm or too chilly while you’re sleeping? I’m a blanket girl. Regardless of the weather or room temperature, I have to have a blanket on. Of course, this often leaves me hot during the night. Come summer time, I’m a fan of having the air conditioning on but I’m not exactly a fan of the electric bill that coincides. Hubby on the other hand, he usually gets on me about the air conditioning and rightfully so. He’d prefer to open a window and enjoy the fresh air. Now, while that sounds like a good idea, it’s not all that practical since we have cats. One bug or squirrel outside that window means a broken screen and a missing pet. On that, I’ll pass. Alas, taking everything into account, we’ve been unable to settle our hot and cold while sleeping differences… until now.


Sleep Number has always been a favorite of mine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped in and tested out their mattresses when passing by their stores. Having been on my one-day wish list for ages now, I can finally check off that task. Sleep Number recently launched their latest product and this revolutionary new technology is, in one word, AMAZING!

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The Sleep Number DualTemp Layer is not the classic, everyday product you’d expect to see from them. This is different; incredibly different, yet still quite similar. Instead of the usual mattresses that you’re used to seeing from Sleep Number, this is a mattress layer. While I’d, of course, recommend its use with a Sleep Number mattress, the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer can be used atop any mattress, new or old.

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The Sleep Number DualTemp Layer allows users to individualize their own custom temperature settings for their respective sides of the bed. Genius, right? With the simple touch of a button, you can create a snuggly, warm sleep space or one that is cool and comfy. The separation is what’s great about it. Prior to its release, we could only choose one or the other – warm or cool. And nine times out of ten, someone wasn’t happy with that scenario. With the new Sleep Number DualTemp Layer, you can still cuddle up together in an entire bed of warmth or coolness if you choose to do so, but having the option to control your own side is where the brilliance comes in.


For every Sleep Number product (with the exception of pillows and bedding), users receive a specialized remote for control. These snazzy little things even know you by name and help you to get a better night’s sleep. Now, with a classic Sleep Number mattress, these remotes would guide you through and help you decide on your own Sleep Number. With the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer, however, these remotes allow you to go back and forth between warm and cool options. Additionally, it has a mid-ground “Fan” option but I’ll get to that in a bit.

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The Sleep Number DualTemp Layer features active air technology that, unlike many products, allows for air to flow evenly throughout the layer. This allows the air, warm or cool, to completely and equally surround you as you sleep. There are no “cool spots” or “hot spots” neither centered nor scattered throughout but, rather, one uniform temperature across your entire area. Whether you’re a back sleeper, a side sleeper, a tummy sleeper, or (like my kids) some wild combination of the three, no matter which ways you toss and turn through the night, you will always be wrapped in your own little, special space of cool air or warmth. Scratch that. With the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer you won’t have any reason for midnight tossing and turning.

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I first tried out the new Sleep Number DualTemp Layer in-store and – holy wow! – I swear I could’ve fallen asleep right in that store! The DualTemp Layer coupled with the classic Sleep Number mattress was like laying on a cloud of air. Heck! I was lying on a cloud of air, a Sleep Number bed of air! When we got it home, it was incredible. Easily the best night’s sleep we have EVER had! No need for any fans, air conditioners, heaters, electric blankets, anything; just our amazingly, incredible Sleep Number DualTemp Layer.

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Now, the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer obviously offers the choice between warm versus cool but there is a midgrade temperature. Let me ask you this. Have you ever flipped over the pillow to the “cool” side of the pillow only to realize that it’s not exactly “cool” but only seemingly “cooler?” That somewhat cooler side of the pillow is, in reality, usually only the same temperature as the air within the room. It just hasn’t been slept on… yet. Now, how many of you use a fan at night? Did you know that the constant blowing air on your face can, sometimes, lead to sickness? With the new Sleep Number DualTemp Layer and its fan midgrade feature, you can get that same “cool side of the pillow” sleep with a nice, sort-of-kind-of breeze.

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With all options available (warm, cool, and fan), the Sleep Number DualTemp Layer is certainly one heck of an investment. We are absolutely beyond thrilled with our own DualTemp Layer and I think I’ve mentioned it to just about everyone I know and then some. I have FINALLY figured out a way to keep the blankets on and still stay cool all while allowing hubby to keep warm and save money on our electric costs. I, truly, cannot tell you enough about how much we love this product. At the end of the day, though, I highly recommend it to everyone! It will, without a doubt, allow you the absolute best night’s sleep that you’ll ever get.

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You can visit the Sleep Number website or visit your local Sleep Number store to find out more about the DualTemp Layer. It retails for a price of $999 to $1899, depending on size.

Be sure to keep up with Sleep Number via their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the newest products, upcoming sales and promotions, latest news and more. You can also get in contact with your local store by clicking here.




*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only.


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  1. This sounds like something EVERY couple should have. My husband is a furnace, which is nice during the winter months, but when I was pregnant last summer? I was a miserable hot mess.

  2. I could totally use this! My husband in currently freezing at night and wants to turn on the heat. I’m just fine and would be too hot with central heat on.

  3. Wow my husband and I could really use this! I get so hot while I sleep at night, yet he wants the thick blankets on him. This would be perfect for us!

  4. This would be great! I am always cold and he’s always hot! Or vice versa. Never the same at the same time! LOL.

  5. Wow! This looks so amazing! I had no idea the ideal sleeping temperature is only 65 degrees- we keep our room much warmer. No wonder I’m always so hot. Also, I’m pregnant right now and feel so much warmer than I did before. I want all of the windows open and the fan on high. I’m freezing my husband out! This is the perfect solution.

  6. So the ideal sleeping environment is 65 degrees? We set the air conditioning to 70 in our bedroom and it’s freezing.

  7. Wow this is my dream bed! I’m always hot and hubby is cold this The Sleep Number DualTemp Layer bed would be fabulous to have.

  8. i would love this. i love being to being able to adjust temps especially when i am the one with hot flashes.

  9. This looks great! My hubs & I like different bed types & temps I think theis could save a marriage! Jk well maybe not!

  10. Sandy VanHoey on

    I love this idea and so many married couples have one wanting heat and the other not. I know in my case, I got myself an electric blanket because I am always cold. This is so great

  11. A few weeks ago, I went into the local Sleep Number store and tried out their beds. I had really good luck with the “c” series bed as I have chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. I almost melted into the bed and did not hurt trying to get out of the bed. I would love to have one of these beds but I think it will only be in my dreams.

  12. This sounds great! I always feel hot in the morning but I don’t want to get rid of my comforter! I wish there was a sleep number store closer to me!

  13. I would love to have something like this! I also have to sleep with a blanket- no matter the temperature- I just don’t get deep sleep without a blanket on. But sometimes, I do wake up TOO WARM and this product would do wonders in keeping me asleep and comfortable. Great review. Someday I hope to be so lucky as to have aSleep Number bed.

  14. Eileen Richter on

    this could save a LOT of marriages. LOL! My husband runs hot, I run cold…but then with menopause it is all a guessing game. I wonder if I’d sleep at night with one of these! Ya think a giveaway is in the cards. haha.

  15. I learned that sixty-five degrees is the ideal temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep. The Sleep Number DualTemp Layer is great for couples that disagree over the temperature settings and take over the blankets.

  16. Rebecca Peters on

    I have heard great things about this bed. I do like to be a little cooler but like to be covered in a mountain of blankets, so this sounds perfect! 😀

  17. This would be great for us. My husband is always hot and I am always cold, so there is always a cover war. This would solve a lot of our temperature issues.

  18. so nice! Hubby and I are exact opposites, when I’m cold, he’s hot and vice versa.. . so this would of course work for both of us.

  19. I too am a blanket/sheet girl and have the exact same issues minus the cats. I would love to test drive one of their mattresses! This concept is wonderful!

  20. Wow, I truly love the duel tempeture! I’m fairly small and love it cool but not like ice! lol – I use a fan at night for the noise and the breeze. I think this would be perfect for all couples, no one likes exactly the same tempeture.

  21. Not only do my hubby and I sleep on different sides of the bed, we have totally opposite temperature preferences. I am always cold and he is always hot!

  22. This design seems BRILLIANT. I often have issues where I start too cold and end too hot. This might be the perfect solution.

  23. I think it is great that you can adjust your bed’s temp. I have to say, though, that 65 is just a little too cold for me. I like the temp to be more like 69-71.

  24. Stacey Roberson on

    I, too, love having it cool in my room because I need a blanket on me no matter what time of year it is. I love the feature to set the temperature for each side of the bed.

  25. i want a sleep number bed so bad. my husband thinks spring mattresses are the best and I can’t get ride of this bed to get a sleep number, so i can get some sleep at night:(

  26. we have been talking about getting a new bed, our temperpedic gets us so hot, our top half will be hot and our backs are sweating, we just don’t like it.

  27. Wow beds just keep getting better and better! Soon enough we will be able to sleep on real clouds lol. jk. Thanks for the review. This is awesome! We JUST bought a bed yesterday, but I do not think we would want to spend the amount that this bed would be. It looks awesome though! My husband gets too hot at night, he would really like this!

  28. I would completely DIE if I had this!!! This is so awesome…my husband is always HOT while I’m freezing. He will cuddle with me to warm me up but not for long because then he starts to sweat. It being a sleep number is a plus because I like it soft but then firm when pregnant

  29. That is so cool! I’m a blanket girl as well, no matter how hot it is, I have to have something covering me lol. I can’t sleep with a fan on me anymore because I wake up with a stuffy nose! I’m going to be looking into this because it sounds prefect for us!

  30. Tami Vollenweider on

    I have a Sleep Number bed already,but I didn’t know that they have this option now!I like it warmer than my husband and this would be nice to have

  31. I would love to own a Sleep number bed because I can control the temp on my side of the bed,and they are so comfortable and last for years. This is a great solution to have different sides with temps because a lot of times I get too warm.

  32. This would be the answer to my prayers. As a woman of a certain age I really would appreciate a cool mattress…

  33. O~M~G!!! My Husband & I need this in the worst way, LOL! He is always cold now, & I seem to be hot – this is a big reversal from the way it used to be when we were younger! We have an outstanding mattress, but THIS product sounds like a dream come true – amazing review!

  34. Wow! I would love to be able to try that out. It would be so nice to have somehing that would be “just right” for both me and the bear of a husband.

  35. They’ve done it again. They have created another product that I’m drooling over. First I would love to own a sleep number bed. It’s on my wish list and now so is the DualTemp Layer. I have RA and I can’t regulate body temperatures so if I get cold I can’t warm up so I freeze and yet the man of the house has the air conditioner running because he is always hot. With this we both would be comfortable and get a great nights sleep.

  36. I would so love something like this so that I could keep my half of the bed nice and toasty. The only downside would be when our little girl sneaks into bed with us. I’m pretty sure she’d end up pushing me off the bed and stealing my warm spot!

  37. Rebecca Parsons on

    My husband wants this more than anything lol… He says I will have me a sleep number this year! Hey I am down for that.

  38. Melissa Gonick on

    Wow this is perfect for my husband and I. We are both always waking up for different reasons. He is too hot and or I am to cold. This would be the perfect solution. Thanks again for this amazing product review!!!!

  39. I would die to have this bed!! My husband is ALWAYS hot while I’m always cold. I like my soft bed but while pregnant I needed/loved to sleep on something firm. This bed is so customizable it’s ridiculous and I am totally jealous of anyone who has one. PS: 65 is WAY too cold for me lol

  40. This would be too perfect for our bedroom. I like the heat and lots of cover. The warmer the better. My husband on the other hands loves things cool. A sheet only with a fan blowing all night.


  41. We definitely need this in our house! My husband and I are at two totally different body temperatures and we are constantly fighting over the temperature in the room! lol

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