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Our refrigerator is chock full of goodies. With the little ones in the house, we do our best to keep tons and tons of healthy options readily available. Surely, we have a vast array of healthy options for things to eat and drink but Mom and Dad deserve to get a treat, right? We stray from the obvious bad-for-you things like soda and sweets but there is one guilty pleasure that the two of us divulge in all too often – iced tea.

When I was younger, I taught myself how to make sweet tea. Of course, being a kid at the time, sweeter equaled better so I loaded it up with six cups of sugar. Yes, that was really my “recipe.” My friends and I called it “Randi Tea.” Sad, I know. Despite the fact that I know better, living in the south kind of solidified my need (if you will) for iced tea. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink it incessantly but it is my first drink of choice aside from water and milk. One thing that I’ve found difficult in my days of iced tea drinking is finding an option that is, both, tasty as well as a bit more on the healthy side of life. Thankfully, I’ve finally found it.

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Having known of the Tradewinds brand for quite a while now, I never actually took the time to look into it. Leave it to motherhood to get you checking labels, eh? Not too long ago, I learned that Tradewinds Slow Brewed Iced Tea is made with premium tea leaves, all-natural ingredients and real sugar. It also lacks the naughty things such as preservatives high-fructose corn syrup. It’s a win-win!



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Since iced tea is, typically, more of a cliché summertime beverage, Tradewinds recently send me a wonderful little swag pack full of goodies in an effort to help prolong my summer. Now, here on the east coast, fall and winter certainly go hand-in-hand with words such as “frigid,” “cold,” “snowy,” and then some. These past few days, however, our weather has been such a tease. As the leaves begin to change and we start pulling out all of our fall decorations and warmer clothes, Mother Nature smacks us in the face with a week full of summer-like temperatures. It was quite fitting considering the recent arrival of my Tradewinds treats but it also reminded me that, regardless of season, iced tea (especially of the Tradewinds kind) is great for year round enjoyment. So, enjoy it we did!

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The great folks over at Tradewinds sent me an awesome set of swag and a sampling of their teas. Now, while I may be partial to the Tradewinds Sweet Tea and, occasionally, the Extra Sweet Tea, the remainder of their product line is equally as tasty.

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Available in, both, 20-ounce and gallon sized bottles, Tradewinds Slow Brewed Iced Tea is perfect for in your home and on-the-go. Since they sent us a nifty, little beach picnic set – a tote bag with matching mat, sunglasses, and sunblock – we were able to pack up all of our new Tradewinds gear and head out for a summer-like adventure. We have a local park that meets the shoreline and that is where we decided to enjoy our Tradewinds teas. Here’s a great compilation of their Slow Brewed Iced Tea products:

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The Tradewinds brand certainly has a Slow Brewed Iced Tea flavor for everyone. I love that these are all-natural so enjoying them doesn’t have to be a shameful secret. Iced tea is pretty great and Tradewinds is definitely a favorite of mine. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying these yet, I highly suggest that you do. You will not be disappointed!

You can purchase Tradewinds Slow Brewed Iced Teas from many grocery stores nationwide as well as direct from the Tradewinds website. To find a participating retailer near you, click here. Through the website, you can get your favorite flavors delivered right to your front door!

Be sure to keep up with Tradewinds via their social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all of the latest news, sales, newest products, and possible giveaways!

Take a break from the quickly approaching fall holidays and wintery weather and get your very own taste of paradise with Tradewinds Slow Brewed Iced Tea.

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*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only.


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  1. Yum, I do love iced tea! No matter the time of year… I haven’t heard of Tradewinds before! I like that they make a half & half – Arnold Palmers are my favorite “splurge” drink. Yum!

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