Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}


This post is made possible by Whole Foods Market.[*]

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

Somewhere along our journey towards a healthier life, we also started looking at cat food with a raised brow. Yes, ideally, cats would hunt for their own food. But since that isn’t probable for indoor cats, we instead got choosier with cat food. So, when Whole Foods Market invited me to check out their new Whole Paws line for pets; I was more than game. Especially after doing the math! We would be saving over $1/lb if we switched to Whole Paws cat food.

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

I do have to say, I write this review with a heavy heart. I accepted this review and looked forward to taking pictures of both Char and Athena. They are photogenic kitties, after all. Unfortunately, last week we had to say goodbye to my Athena. She was the sweetest cat and we miss her terribly. But for the sake of moving forward {and easing the stinging grief}, I’ve kept focus on Char – and this fella likes to eat! So we visited our local Whole Foods Market to check out Whole Paws.

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

There were also complimentary Whole Paws samples in the pet food aisle at our local Whole Foods Market!

Made with real chicken, salmon and other wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients, Whole Paws – contains NO corn or soy, NO animal by-products, NO artificial colors, NO artificial preservatives and NO added sugarβ€” and the new line meets all of Whole Foods Market’s strict quality standards

Feeding our pets should be no different from feeding our family. Although that is easier said than done, isn’t it? Whole Paws makes it easier on us pet parents and provides wholesome, nourishing, natural foods for our four-legged companions.

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

The first thing I noticed when I saw Whole Paws is that the cats and dogs on the packages aren’t stage pets! There is a name behind those whiskers – a small detail, perhaps, but I love it!

I also appreciated that the recommended serving sizes vary depending not only on weight, but by your pet’s activity level. Char is approaching his 14th year of life. While he still has random spurts of kitten-like exuberance, generally speaking, he is lazy likes his rest.

I served him the Turkey, Chicken, and Giblets Dinner. Wet food is a treat as we rarely buy it. At first he looked at me, waiting for me to leave his presence while he ate…

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

When he realized I wasn’t going anywhere he relented and began to eat. He seemed to like it! He licked his paws, cleaned himself up afterward, and before leaving the kitchen he gave a look back at me and saluted with his tail, as if to show a sign of approval. He has also been nibbling on the Chicken and Brown Rice Formula and has shown the same signs of approval.

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

Char may look like a big cat, but he is {maybe} 8 pounds soaking wet. He is all fur and paws *wink*


The entire Whole Paws line is available at your local Whole Foods Market. They have cats and dogs covered with a huge selection of wholesome foods and treats. Whether you’re looking for a healthy weight formula, grain free options, dog biscuits, training treats, wet food, or dry food. Even scoopable cat litter! Prices range from $0.89-$18.99 {depending on your area}.

Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}


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Whole Paws Pet Food Line at Whole Foods Market! {$50 GC Giveaway}

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  1. My local Petsmart stopped carrying the dog food I was buying so I’m looking for something natural and healthy to replace it.

  2. Eileen Richter on

    We have to have special food for our Mini Schnauzer, Libby, so our other little Yorkie just eats what she eats. Libby is almost 12 and failing and am so heartbroken she will be with us not much longer. So, I know I need to look for a good brand for our lil’ guy. I know the regular store brands will probably not be a great fit for him. I did not know Whole Foods carries food for pets. I assume is healthy and full of goodness and not fillers. I know he would not tolerate that

  3. We have a 12 year old schnauzer mix how is on a strict prescription diet, and we recently got a labradoodle, his food being high quality is important to us. I like being introduced to new products to be sure we are feeding him the best food for him

  4. I’m trying to find a healthier food for my cats…especially one that can help them lose or at least manage their weight.

  5. Sandra VanHoey on

    We have 3 dogs here and 1 cat and currently buy from Tractor supply for some good food for our pets. This sounds great and would love to try for them

  6. I like that is made with no artificial ingredients and preservatives. Sounds like a very healthy choice for pets!!

  7. I just saw this lie of pet food when I visited Whole Foods for the 1 st time and I looks so interesting. I would get some for my cat.

  8. Stephanie Phelps on

    I would love to try for my wonderful friend and companion Brandy because these sound so healthy and wholesome and good for her!

  9. After not having a cat for five years, we adopted one from a shelter. She is our daughter’s cat! Followers her, perks up to her voice and sleeps in her bed. It’s the sweetest thing. I would love to pamper her with a better brand of food.

  10. With the latest news about pets dying from tainted treats, I want to make sure that I am feeding my little Zu the very best.

  11. I have three golden retrievers but stormy is my heart dog. He is a little weird for a golden retriever…but I love him to death. He is the light in some of my dark days

  12. We have a tabby cat named bunny who is 15 years old, so I am sure this would be a good food for him. We also have a black lab named Molly.

  13. I would like to try Whole Paws because we take the human family members nutrition seriously and we should be doing the same with the furry ones.

  14. We are very excited about trying Whole Paws. A few years back we enrolled our kids in a Montessori school where we learned a great deal from other parents about the value of eating all natural foods. Since then we have grown in to parents that are confident about what we put into our children’s bodies, however it never really occurred to us to monitor closely what we put into our pets bodies. We always just got what the vet said was best. Now that we know that there are all natural options out there we are definitely interesting in trying it out.

  15. We have four cats and a dog that we choose to feed only holistic pet food. This can get pretty expensive! I love that they have come out with their own brand of soy/wheat/corn free food!

  16. i’m looking forward to trying this new product on my Lucy. I want her to live long and healthy. I am weaning her off the crappy junky pet food. She’s moody, emotional, sweet and just like me lol

  17. Lil kitty is very finicky, and I’m always looking to bump up for those shiny eyes and glossy coat. I think there are selections here that are the perfect combination of tasty and healthy!!

  18. I have 2 cats one is about 12 the other 6, both males…and very spoiled. Natural food would be wonderful for them as the commercial food we’ve been giving them has been making them throw up alot.

  19. my miniature poodle is very picky and i would like to try something more natural to see if he would like it better πŸ™‚

  20. I unfortunately don’t own any pets, because I am allergic to their fur. However, my aunt has a Japanese chin (dog) that is adorable, whom I love playing with.

  21. I would love to try this food with my new kitten. We just rescued her a couple of months ago. She is a holy terror but we still love her!

  22. We have a Whole Foods that opened a couple of years ago and I’m looking forward to my two cats trying this food. Higher protein is better for cats.

  23. I have the cutest miniature Pomeranian named Destiny. She looks just like Boo the cutest dog, but with pointy ears….we love her to death!!!

  24. I have a 9 year old cocker spaniel named Wilson. He is black and white with spots and will do just about anything for food.

  25. i like to try new foods for my 2 cats. they are really picky and they get tired of eating the same ole thing so i like to try to find new products for them.

  26. Our pup Charlie the Chinese Crested Powder Puff will turn 1 on Halloween, and we’ll be looking to feed him dog food instead of puppy food. It would be nice to try this new healthy line! thanks kmassman

  27. My dog Pippin is a Miniature Poodle/Jack Russell Mix. He’s a rescue. He love almond milk, cantaloupe and coconut oil

  28. I have three four legged loved ones, two Pomeranians and one Miniature American Eskimo. They always know how to bring a smile to my face when I’m feeling down and are cherished members of our family.

  29. My cats decided they did not like their dry cat food. Now I am feeding them wet food. I would like to get them to eat a healthy food.

  30. I love my border collie and it’s so good to know that there are companies that understand the love people have for their pets. So with that love, we want their food to be nothing but the best!

  31. My kitty Luna is so sweet, funny, smart and beautiful. I love her more than any other cat I’ve owned, and I’ve had some good ones. =^..^=

  32. My baby girl is named Dolly and she is such a sweetheart. On the roughest days I know she loves me and I love to curl up with her while I’m reading abook before bed.

  33. I’m looking forward to trying whole paws because I want my cats to eat clean (if possible).I have one normal cat and one insane cat.

  34. I have a cat named Napoleon. He’s solid white and sheds like crazy. He loves his food, and loves to try new things so I think he would really enjoy this.

  35. I love that this is healthy pet food that will save me money!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  36. You do notice that your dog does better on better food!! And she is worth it, to me. Her name is Cobra Commander ( ya, boys named her!!!) and she is a total sweetie.

  37. I love that the food has no corn. I hate the way my dogs smell when they eat dog food with corn in it. I never buy them the cheap stuff because of it. Well that and the corn fillers are so bad for them.

  38. I have a pet in mind that this would be purr-fect for! I love that this brand is grain-free and natural, so I’d love to give this to my brother’s cat. πŸ™‚

  39. Stephanie Gossett on
  40. My German Shepherd Gracie eats a grain-free diet and has a better coat that most of the show-quality GSDs we encounter. I would definitely like for her to try Whole Paws, because it sounds very healthy and might beat the taste of her current brand.

  41. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger on

    We have two precious 8 year old four-legged felines who are a different as day and night and the adore them both! One is all white with perhaps a little Siamese. She was from a feral litter – but now she’s a real sweety – if stilla tad skittish. The other is a big strong, incredibly smart, funny, athletic, cuddlym stubborn and FAT! He weighs in at about 23 lbs yet is a go-for-it- spry, fast and athletic it is really quite amazing!

    But I worry about hit weight (even if it doesn’t seem to slow him down) and I want him to lose weight – quite a bit if possible. I’d love to put him on a Whole Paws weight regime – so my baby can stay happy and healthy for a long long time!

  42. I have three 4-legged cute dogs. One is Labrador Retriever, a Boxer, and a Heinz 57 that looks like a Red Fox – but we call him Jumper – because that seems to be all his does when he is not eating or sleeping.

  43. I have two sweet dogs – Reeses and Milo. They are 14 and 12 and we’ve had them both since they were puppies – so they are definitely a huge part of the family!

  44. Copper is a rescue dog found wandering around downtown. She kinda follows me and my son around and takes all the abuse my kids dish out. She’s pretty faithful.

  45. I have 4 cats, three boys and a girl who are all over ten. I would love to feed them a natural food that is better for them.

  46. I am really selective about what I feed my dog, Puffy, so I am excited to try the new line, especially the salmon dog food (my dog LOVES fish)

  47. Traci Lynn Butler on

    We like to find the healthiest food & treats we can for our two Dobes – would love to try Whole Paws πŸ™‚

  48. My 14-y/o indoor DSH cat K.C. would love to try this natural food. She has a sensitive stomach, this might help her πŸ™‚

  49. I have a cat named Shadow who adopted us when we bought our house πŸ™‚ She’s a Russian Blue and the smartest cat I’ve ever met. She’s a good cat!

  50. Jeanette Ardiente on

    My first dog was born on Valentine’s day, and she was a total sweetheart. She grew up with me and passed away when I was in college. I miss her terribly.

  51. My little Nova is the sweetest kitten in the world. She waits for me to come home from work and jumps into my arms and purrs. Sometimes I think she behaves like a doggy.

  52. I am always looking for new, healthy food for my kitty to try. He isn’t picky and will eat almost anything so I love switching around brands and trying new things. I’d love to try the Whole Paws line.

  53. I’m always looking for healthy food that my cats will like. My one cat has had a lot of health problems, so I spend more time reading ingredients on cat food than on human food!

  54. Jamie Leigh Martin on

    We just acquired a cat who we named Carrie. The people who lived in our apartment before us owned her and they abandoned her when they left. We brought her in because it was getting cold and we didn’t want her to freeze. Upon bringing her in, we discovered that she is pregnant! She should have kittens by thanks giving!

    • Oh aren’t you sweet to take her in!! I don’t get how people can just abandon their animals, but thank goodness for folks like you who have big enough hearts to take them in πŸ™‚

  55. We have two small female dogs. Pepper is a salt & pepper miniature schnauzer and Mitzi is a black & tan dorkie (dachshund/yorkie designer hybrid). They’re both spoiled rotten!

  56. I’d like to try the Salmon & Sweet Potato food for our dog. We always buy high-quality dog food for our Bichon, Louie. He is 17 years old, and still doing well.

  57. I have the weirdest cat but she is mine and i love her dearly. She is so finicky that I have a hard time finding food that is good for her that she likes. Her name is Creedence named after the band CCR . She is a black mixed Calico and is just beautifully marked. She was a barn kitten that I rescued 15 years ago and now that she is getting old I’d like to find a better cat food with lots of nutrients to help keep her extra healthy.

  58. Well, I don’t have any pets, but I would love to use this to buy healthy food for my family! I love to buy Stevia, Celtic Salt, etc. at Whole Foods.

  59. Allison Downes on

    Because I would like to try something new for my dogs plus this has real ingredients which I like!

    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  60. Our babies are a chow-lab mix, a basset hound and a really large cat. So saving money while servng healthy food would be awesome.

  61. I actually have five four legged loved ones.
    Marley is our two year old yellow lab, Colby is our one year old Corgi mix, Moses is my eight year old love muffin of a kitty, Scooter who is seven and is my little chunky monkey kitty and Sebastian in our newest at 3 months and our little rag doll kitty.


  62. Kellie Conklin on

    We have 3 miniature dachshunds (who are 9, 6, and 4) and we go through food very quickly! I love this food because they are offering grain free and weight management options! Also, it’s great to be able to buy quality dog food in the same place I purchase healthy food for myself!

  63. I have an inside cat named Reginald and he’s amazing, but pretty finicky so I want to see if he would like this food.

  64. I’d love to try this for my animals who are very picky eaters. I’m always looking for something healthy and natural, too, and this fits the bill!
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  65. I’d love to find a more natural and healthy food for both my dog and my cat. We recently lost two of our pets, one cat and one dog, to age and want to keep the others with us as long as possible!

  66. I have 2 cats and a dog. We consider the dog a catdog. She acts just like a cat. My favorite thing she does is sits/lays down on the top of the back of the couch just like the cats and most of the time it’s with them.

  67. I would like to try it because I have a cat that is a very picky eater. She will actually go a couple days and not eat. She loves fresh veggies like carrots and lettuce. So I think she might really like this.

  68. We have a 6 year old Golden Retriever named Madison(Maddie)…when she is in trouble she is lovingly known as ‘Maddie the Baddie” best dog ever!

  69. I have two kitties, one is a siamese. He is definitely a puker, a trait of siamese. I’m wondering if a switch to a natural brand would make a difference!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  70. My dog Bella seems to like natural food better than most of the stuff at the supermarket. Her favorite treat is carrots!

  71. Since dog treats don’t have the same regulations as dog food does, according to our vet, I’d like to use this food as doggie treats.

  72. my 2 cats would love to be able to just eat and sleep in the windows all day and night they love the natural food’s and it never upsets there tummy

  73. Melinda Stephens on

    We have cats. Our most interesting one is Sofie. She is a white cat with one green eye and one blue eye. She is also deaf and has a really funny sounding meow if you wake her up. back when we had a fireplace, she would crawl in and roll in the ash until she was black.

  74. Michelle Tucker on

    We have a kitty, her name is Speedbump. Well that’s what we call her anyway. She could use some really healthy food, that’s why I’d like to try their line.

  75. I have a definite indoor cat… Maya is a persian, and only about 6lbs at almost 3 years old… SOMETHING would make off with her if she were outside! I’m always looking for ways to tempt her appetite.

  76. I truthfully have never thought much about what is in the foods that I give my dog. I’d love to be able to give him something good for him!

  77. christina Givens on

    My four legged princess is a greyhound shepard mix named Mosey. She’s a big giant marshmallow and I try to give her only the best

  78. christina Givens on

    My four legged princess is a greyhound shepard mix named Mosey. She’s a big giant marshmallow and I try to give her only the best

  79. My cat is a persian mix named Nelson, and he is extraordinarily picky with food. I hope this stuff is just his style!

  80. Barbara Stenby on

    Ralphie is a 7 yr old choco lab who has food sensitivities so I would like to see if he could tolerate this food.

  81. My Westie, Darwin, has gotten finicky in his old age (he’s almost 10). Maybe a food with quality ingredients like these would be more appetizing to him than the standard stuff I’ve been buying!

  82. My Westie, Darwin, has gotten finicky in his old age (he’s almost 10). Maybe a food with quality ingredients like these would be more appetizing to him than the standard stuff I’ve been buying!

  83. I have Five cats and one elderly border collie Lady, who is around 13 years old! My cats names are BabyGirl, Cookie, Sweetie, Little Man, and Johnny Cash! I have been wanting to try these products but it gets expensive! I would love to try something new with them!

  84. Would love to try this as I think it’s great that it meets all of Whole Foods Market’s strict quality standards!

  85. I would like to get this for my chihuahuas because I’m hearing so many bad things about most of the dog food out there. I would like to feed them something that won’t kill them.

  86. I believe our cats deserve the best healthy and nutritious food. Mushu is our energetic Snowshoe Siamese and Nikko is our Lynx Point Siamese with a hardy appetite.

  87. Brandon Bethea on

    One of our cats was recently diagnosed with cancer, so we want to ensure we are feeding her healthy, wholesome food.

  88. I have the sweetest, most loving dog. Her name is Rory and she’s 7. I didn’t come into her life until 2 years ago, when I moved in with her “father”. But she has become my dog (which he thinks is funny) and listens/lays with me.

  89. Tracy Robertson on

    I don’t have a pet right now because I live in an apartment, but if I get my house I would love to have a dog and I would feed him the best!

  90. One of my boxers has horrible allergies. We feed him Nutro now but there is still some ingredients we could do without. I look forward to checking Whole Paws out.

  91. Christian Alejandro on

    Our dog Oakley is just full of awesome! She’s always very curious trying to meet new people and other dogs.

  92. I SO need to try a new cat food – my two oldest cats are becoming extremely finicky – when they like something, I buy a lot of it, and of course, then they won’t eat it anymore. I hope this cat food will keep them happy. The newest kitten will eat anything. The dog is also fussy – he prefers people food!

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