The Gift He Really Wants: ManCrates – Review


It’s Christmas Eve!

As exciting as that statement is, it is also quite nerve racking. See, we take on our Santa duties as well as we possibly can but often leave ourselves out aside from a few small gifts here and there. Every single year, as soon as Christmas Eve arrives, I drive myself crazy with the thought of “I should have gotten him this…” or “he probably would’ve loved that.” Usually, our gifts to one another are very practical gifts – new socks in the stocking, replacement items for the kitchen, a gift card to pick out some clothes, homemade cookies, a pair of work boots, etc. It’s almost always the things that we need opposed to the things we’d ask Santa for. It works though, and, really, I kind of like it that way. Regardless, every year, I still “what if” myself in regard to his gifts. I know that I cannot be alone on this one. After all, men are hard to shop for, right? Or are they…?

Recently I was introduced to a quite amazing little company that completely flips the tables on men’s gift giving. Until now, men have been the ones that are difficult to shop for while we women are normally impressed with the obvious jewelry and a nice dinner. However, after stumbling upon this particular company, my mindset has done a complete turnaround and I’m quite convinced that it is, in fact, us women that are the difficult ones. I bet you’re all scratching your heads and wondering how on Earth this is possible so let me clue you in…

ManCrates Logo

ManCrates! Think of it as a gift basket of sorts, with all of your favorite items in one place. All wrapped up and ready to go upon ordering, all of the goodies that’d make it onto your Santa list suddenly arrive at your doorstep. If this “basket” existed for us women, we’d surely be hinting at it regularly, wouldn’t we? Well, we have to give this one to the men because ManCrates, after all, is tailored for the boys. And (not so) secretly, it makes our shopping a breeze, ladies! No need for wandering the tool and outdoor isles aimlessly anymore. Just browse their website and find the crate best suited for your man. With more than 25 different options available, there is surely something for everyone.


Now, most men aren’t really the gift basket type; the fancy basket, the nicely wrapped enclosure, the fancy bow, all of that gets torn apart anyway. Men are simple and, nine times out of ten, they’d prefer their gifts to be simple as well. However, that being said, simplicity has to come with some sort of cool factor. That is where ManCrates comes in. No bows, ribbons, or fluff, it’s a gift basket for real men! A crate and a crowbar; it’s simple and (very!) cool.


Not only can these manly men tear open their gifts but they get to do so with a good ol’ handy crowbar! Break out the big guns, boys! It’s time to go to work!


Recently ManCrates sent me their Outdoor Survival Crate to try out. I was quite excited to give it to him and, since he is an avid outdoors guy, I was anxious to see what he thought of it. Now, expletive language aside, in more or less words he basically acted like a little kid on Christmas morning at the sheer thought of getting to, quite literally, tear into his crate. Crowbar in hand, he ripped off the top and, yet again, yelled out in joy upon seeing all of the goodies inside.

ManCrates - Outdoor Survival Crate

This particular box included the following:

  • Ultralight and compact GSI Halulite Minimalist 1-Person Cookset
    • Pot that converts into an insulated mug
    • Silicone lid and sipper top
    • Silicone gripper
    • Compact telescoping spoon
    • Collapsible cook stove
    • 5-in-1 Multi-tool with carrying bag
      • 5 interchangeable tool heads (shovel, saw, pickaxe, hammer, hatchet)
      • Built-in compass
      • Paracord knife with firestarter
      • Authentic FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual
      • 50 feet of paracord
      • Emergency Survival blanket
      • Emergency glow sticks
      • Pemmican Meal Bar
      • Beef Jerky

After ranting off all of the hundred plus ways that he’d be able to use the gear, he even added the idea of using the crate itself for storage within his vehicle. When all was said and done, don’t think that the excitement ended there. Since this crate full of manly goodies was something that actually peaked his interest, I witnessed him sit back and enjoy a book (the included Field Manual) for the first time, well, ever!

ManCrates - Outdoor Survival Crate

Now this was a very easy gift for me to choose. We go off-roading and camping quite often and there is always the chance possibility of getting stuck out in the wilderness. Thankfully, with his nifty new ManCrates gear, we will never, truly, be stuck with nothing.

In the morning, you boil water and whip up some hard-earned grub while consulting your dog-eared copy of the Army Field Manual. With luck, the only hairy situation you’ll have is the prodigious beard that will inevitably sprout during your walkabout, but it helps to have the backup. Channeling John Wayne with a little cowboy coffee, you toast your first night of survival. Nature, 0. You, 1. You feel invigorated. You make short work of striking camp, and take your bearings. If you end up in a staring contest with a mountain lion, you’ll be ready. It’s going to be a good weekend.

ManCrates - Outdoor Survival Crate

Whether you are shopping for the outdoorsman type like my guy, a diehard sports fan, a lay-it-all-on-the-line with a bluff poker enthusiast, a new father, a grill master, or even the lead zombie hunter come the apocalypse, ManCrates has what you are looking for… and exactly what your man wants.

You can purchase the same Outdoor Survival Crate that we received along with the entire line of ManCrates products directly from their website at Prices start as low as $24.99. Same-day shipping as well as APO shipping are available.

Be sure to keep up with all things ManCrates via their social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all of the latest news, best gifting tips, giveaways, sale prices, new product releases, and more!

ManCrates Field Tested Logo

Father, husband, son, grandfather, uncle, or friend… get your man what he really wants for Christmas: ManCrates.

*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only.


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Randi is a stay-at-home mother to two wildly crazy little boys, in love with one hell of a great man, a hobbyist writer and, more or less, glued to her camera. In a world where making mud pies, searching for bugs and racing Matchbox cars have become her forte, her true passion can be found all around her (or attached to her hip) at any given moment - her family.


  1. Sandra VanHoey on

    Gosh, my nephew would love this. Everything in it and he loves going camping with his 2 kids and would find all of this useful. I have to tel my sister about this for him

  2. I think that the Mancrate is a very good idea to get for the man in your life. I know my son would love to get a man crate filled with goodies. I think this would be a great birthday or Christmas present. I will have to look into getting one!

  3. This is a great gift idea! Men are always difficult to buy for. I like that the box is a crate, and not a fancy package with ribbon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow these are neat, I have never heard of this company before, but I love the camping man crates, my son would love this, I like a bunch of other people find it hard to find something for hubby and one of my sons at times, like this idea

  5. To bad they didnt have these advertised before Christmas it would be a nice gift for the outdoors men . All they would need to survive when their not in their man cave.Thanks for the information on these. Would make a cool gift for any occasion.

  6. It’s so hard to find cool gifts for men but this would actually be awesome for my guy. He would love the Outdoorsman Crate or the Gone Fishing Crate. Actually if they had put in a camouflage backpack with either of them crates and a compact single man tent it would be perfect! Just grab your packed backpack and take off camping , ATV’n or Fishing. Just grab the backpack and go for it. He would love opening a man crate and finding all those manly items lol.

  7. I think this is such a cool idea! There’s so many subscription boxes and other type of gift baskets for women, it’s nice to see that someone remembered the guys who love getting surprises too! The packaging is great! I’m definitely remembering this for my Husband’s birthday!

  8. This is so awesome. What a great idea for the man , his own crow bar. 🙂 They never loose that little boy when they are excited. Loved your review and I think I love Man Crates because how wonderful and easy is gift giving going to be from here on in. 🙂
    Thanks again for introducing me to a unique product.
    Carol L

  9. Ahem.. I’d like this assortment of great stuff. And I’m not a guy. Stereotyping again. I don’t like pink either.

  10. I love the three zombie crates, they would make great gifts for my husband and my brother! I love that it even comes with Twinkies (well, it says SPAM now, but I am sure since Twinkies are available again they will be back to Twinkies in no time).

  11. Eileen Richter on

    this one cracked me up. Not because it was oh so funny but it is OH so true! my hubby and two sons would love to have a whack at that crate…and I will take a look at the other crates. Starting price looks affordable so have to see what they have. I am thinking some kind of beer making kit, some bacon and some beef jerky, some hot fries and a couple of good old 80’s and 90’s movies would make it in my husbands crate. And some air freshener for the bathroom. And a hammer and tape measure he ALWAYS misplaces and goes to guy a new one way too often. Oh and bandaids. LOTS of bandaids!

    Along with a book on how to buy a WIFE a few of her favorite things. haha. I mean that is really all he truly NEEDS in life. A happy wife! (the rest is just small details;)

  12. Allison Downes on

    This is a good idea and looks like it will make a great gift. I like that they have same day shipping. Thank you for sharing!

  13. You are right. Men are very hard to gift for. My brother would love this. He loves yard work ,fixing things, gardening , anything outdoors.

  14. What a fun idea! I’ve bookmarked the page for future reference. A “geek crate” would be perfect for my spouse–hope they come out with more fun combos like that!

  15. Cathy Jarolinm on

    My Husband is hard to buy for. But this is something new.. I ought to try it out and see if it works on him.. Lol. Thankyou for posting.. My son in laws would probably enjoy these..

  16. i love this! this would make a great “manly” birthday present in addition to xmas. it is SO hard to find any type of “basket” or should i say mix of things that doesn’t look totally feminine….the crate is cute and definitely makes the perfect gift! thanks for introducing me to this!

  17. I love it and I’ll be looking at man crates for my hubby, son, and 3 son in-laws next Christmas ! Thank you for posting this !!

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