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With a new year comes the desire to make positive changes in our lives. Weight loss and smoking cessation are two of the biggest resolutions that people tend to make, but these are very hard to keep. Although these changes, although necessary, are difficult to begin, they can be accomplished a little easier when a person has the support to help them when they are struggling. Whether you are determined to quit smoking, or you need to lose a few pounds, this support is just around the corner. CVS MinuteClinic is here to help, with ongoing coaching and medical supervision by the MinuteClinic staff!

I wasn’t familiar with the CVS MinuteClinic until recently, but what a wonderful option it is. They offer many wellness programs and health services, which can save time and hopefully get you on track to keep those resolutions! I personally will be checking out their services, especially to help with my weight loss goal. I don’t have a tremendous amount to lose, but due to my blood test results that my doctor called with yesterday, we have learned that I am pre-diabetic. I do not want to develop full-blown diabetes, and therefore need to lose weight.

Weight Loss

Diabetes scares me. My dad had adult onset diabetes and it really took a toll on his poor body. Last summer one of my very dear friends was diagnosed with diabetes and it sent her world in a tailspin. Through a modified diet, exercise and diligence, she has taken control and her blood tests are looking much better. Although she has had great results, I know myself well and am not sure that I would be as successful. There is so much to learn about controlling diabetes. I believe I would benefit from the extra support that the CVS MinuteClinic Weight Loss Program offers. They utilize the DASH diet, DASH for Health (named Best Overall Diet 4 years in a row by the News & World Report) and you will receive ongoing support and medical supervision (this is, of course, SO important).
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Other features of the DASH diet:

  • Easy to follow, and focuses on healthy eating. It is clinically proven to promote weight loss, and also has the added benefit of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • With your initial assessment, you will receive membership to DASH for HealthTM, a great online resource to help you stay on course in- between visits to MinuteClinic.

  • The Weight Loss Program is covered by most insurance plans. MinuteClinic recommends that you contact your insurance company

Smoking Cessation

My husband would benefit from the smoking cessation program at CVS MinuteClinic (available to those 18 years and older). He was wanted to quit for years, and has tried several times, unsuccessfully. It is upsetting to see him struggle, but since CVS MinuteClinic offers an individualized plan to help folks quit smoking (even with one-on-one consultations!) this just might be appealing to him. I would feel better knowing that he would be seeing a practitioner and would receive ongoing support.

CVS MinuteClinic, Smoking Cessation, Program,free

If you are ready to kick the habit for good, here is how CVS MinuteClinic can help you to “just say no” to cigarettes:

  • One-on-one consultation with a practitioner, including a nicotine- dependence assessment.

  • Individualized smoking cessation plan and education based on your needs and goals.

  • Ongoing coaching and support in your efforts to quit smoking.

  • Nicotine-replacement recommendations or prescriptions written when clinically appropriate.

  • A visit summary sent to your primary care provider, with your permission.

You can learn more by visiting CVS MinuteClinic Smoking Cessation Program.

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Convenience is a big factor for my husband and I. We are both incredibly busy, and he works really long hours. We have several CVS stores located near our home, so we really don’t have any excuses not to take advantage of these services that can improve our health! I would imagine that you have at least one CVS MinuteClinic near you as well (the MinuteClinic is located in over 800 CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide!).  These services might be covered by insurance, but if not, you can pay cash.  It is recommended that you call your insurance company to find out if your visits will be covered, if there is a co-pay, etc., before visiting the MinuteClinic.

One thing I REALLY love is that no appointment needed!  I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of girl, so this works out perfectly for me. The clinics are open seven days a week too – so there is no excuse to not stop by and see how the CVS MinuteClinic can help you and your family!

Even if you do not need to lose weight or quit smoking, there are SO many other ways that the CVS MinuteClinic can help you and your family now and down the road! They monitor things such as blood pressure, high cholesterol,and diabetes. They will also tend to other medical needs when you get sick. If your family is hit with certain infections, illnesses, or injuries, or if you need vaccinations, a physical for college, etc., CVS MinuteClinic will be there for you!

Now that I know about the convenience and options available, I will be telling everyone I know about CVS MinuteClinic. I had no idea they existed, but I am super impressed that these services are so readily available for everyone. CVS cares!

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  1. I think the smoking cessation assistance they have is probably the most vital. People openly joke about their “cancer sticks”, but seem oblivious to the reality that they can stop. Maybe all they need is a little help.

  2. I had no idea and I shop at CVS every week. I think I need to look into this. Than you for the great information.

  3. I’m not sure if my local CVS has a Minute Clinic or not, but I do receive their emails. They’re always packed with useful info!

  4. I didn’t know that the Minute Clinic helped with weight loss and stopping smoking. I’ll have to let others know as well. We recently just got a Minute Clinic by my house.

  5. I really like CVS I know my local one doesn’t have a minute clinic but I love hearing about the services they offer since they do so well at promoting wellness… plus they stand by what they promote since the news that they are discontinuing selling tobacco products was a pretty big one.

  6. courtney hennagir on

    Wow,I had no idea that CVS offered all of that! I am so happy they are building one just a few blocks away from my house!

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