The places you go, the strangers you meet


I take Amtrak often, and just like anywhere in life, you never know a thing about most people’s lives. They are just strangers who are on their way to the next stop of life. BUT recently I have met two really fascinating and friendly people on the train, and it got me thinking how we are all fascinating in our own ways.

The strangers I met on these train trips, are no longer nameless people to me.

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The elderly man who fell

A cute little old couple was getting on the train (he was actually just helping his wife on), when suddenly the husband fell on the floor. I was downstairs and saw this happen, so I ran over to help him up, while looking around for someone else to help me (of course it took forever to find help). After getting the elderly gentleman back on his feet, he and his wife thanked us profusely, and the man reached in his wallet, pulled out a business card and said, “here is a souvenir”. After returning to my seat, I studied the card he handed me, and it turns out that he has had a very interesting life! His card said that he was “Doorman to the Stars”, and showed a picture of he and Elvis.

I immediately searched for him on Google, and found that he has a book available on Amazon. He served and was injured in WWII (the brief bio I read was gripping), and later was a doorman at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Los Angeles from the 1930’s to 1940’s, where he was known as “Doorman to the Stars”. His name is Earl Watson, and what a sweet man he was. He has written a book that I cannot wait to read – it sounds absolutely fascinating. He met some of the biggest stars, and one of his favorites (and nicest) was Ronald Reagan. He and his wife have been married for 63 years….and they were honestly so sweet. Each time I passed his wife on the train, she would give me a little wave that would just make me smile. It would be delightful to sit down and talk with Mr. Watson. Who knows, maybe someday I will see him again. If you are looking for an interesting story, I have provided the link to his book below.

Earl the Pearl Watson Doorman to the Stars Hollywood is also available for Kindle!

The budding superstar

Yesterday I returned from a long visit at our lake home, where we spent the holidays. Needless to say, the train was crowded, and I knew I would have to share a seat. I sat next to this young man, hoping for the best (because you really never know). We got to talking and he was commenting on all of my tech gadgets as I pulled each one out. I mentioned that I had to have them since I am a blogger, and he actually “got” the blogger part. Most people look at your like you have antlers when you mention your blogging job. He announced that he was a You-Tuber, and was thrilled that I knew what that was. This young man was 22-years old, but was wise well beyond his years. He grew up in a small town (of 4,000 people) and is a singer. He is actually a back-up singer on a very popular television show, and has done some pretty amazing things for being so young. He showed me a few of his videos, and this fella can sing! We talked for hours, followed each other on our social media channels, and I will be keeping an eye out for my buddy, as I know he is going to do some big things in life.

You just never know who you might be helping, or who might be sitting next to you at any given moment. If you are friendly and take the time to listen to others, you just might be surprised at the people you meet. I think I will be a better listener this year 🙂

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  1. It’s truly amazing how one thing like helping someone up after a fall or sitting next to a random person on public transportation can seem random at first, but when you look back on it you know you were meant to run into that particular person at that particular time. At least that’s the way I look at things ^.^

    It sounds like you met two amazing people! I’m actually really interested in that gentleman’s book and will be checking it out when I get the opportunity. It sounds like quite a read 🙂

    • That is how I am looking at things now too! I always kind of have, but these two people really opened my eyes to some possible friendships in life. I know I will always remember these two, and look forward to meeting others next time I am on the train!

  2. I loved reading this Jennifer. I too have sat next to some really incredibly amazing people in my trips to press junkets. Funny enough I sat next to someone who was actually related to one of my best friends from High school and we are still friends today. It really made us laugh HOW Small the world really is

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