Keep Your Furry Babies Cool with QuikShade Pets – Review


One of my absolute favorite items that I have been sent to review, was an adorable pet kennel from QuikShade Pets!


My cocker spaniel puppy, Cotton, is two years old and loves to be outside when the weather is nice. It can get pretty hot and I thought it would be great if she had the option of sitting somewhere shaded. The pet shades are open and the pet kennels are enclosed with mesh and a zipper, so I thought that the pet kennel design would be good for when we have parties. Cotton likes to be able to see the fun but we like to keep her away from the guests and instead of keeping her closed up in the house, I thought that a QuikShade Pets kennel would be perfect.


Being so excited to receive our QuikShade Pets kennel, the first thing I did was open it up and I was relieved that there was no set-up involved! You just pull it open until it clicks and boom, it’s all set up! It’s also really light so with the baby in one hand and the QuikShade Pets kennel in the other, I carried it into the backyard to where Cotton was to let her try it out. I got a size medium because I’m clueless as to how big my own dog is and I’m not sure if she will get as big as her daddy was so I wanted to be sure she would fit. There is ample room, these shades and kennels will definitely accommodate all pet sizes!


Cotton hopped right into her new QuikShade Pets kennel with her ball and looked so nice and cozy. I put her bed inside of it so she would get accustomed to the idea that this was a bed for her also and I noticed she was resting in it later on too. I think it will make the perfect addition to our yard and I love the fact that it’s portable with a carrying bag so it will be coming with us when we have puppy playdates over at my mom’s house with her two doggies!



You can purchase QuikShade Pets shades and kennels at Amazon and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Small shade prices vary from $29.99, mediums from $39.99. The medium kennel, like the one reviewed above, varies from $49.99 and the small kennel from $39.99.


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*Tiffany received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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  1. I think it’s a cute idea.We recently adopted my mother in laws cat and dod from Alaska when she passed the dog is a Alaskan Husky and the cat is a minx cat both log haired and not used to high heat climates,this is great item that would work great on them both

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