Rice Krispie Easter Baskets


Whew! I have really had fun making Rice Krispie Treats lately, and last but not least, are my Rice Krispie Easter Baskets!

They are super cute, and can be filled with whatever you want. To be completely honest, they took a little patience, but I think they were well worth it.

baskets final 3.jpg

I used colored marshmallows, and used the same process I did with my Rice Krispie Easter Eggs.

rice krispie baskets final.jpg

It is best to wait until the cereal mixture is slightly cooled, as they will hold their shape better this way. But make sure you form your baskets before the mixture hardens too much! One thing that helps is to lightly spray your fingertips with cooking spray. This will prevent the cereal mixture from sticking to your hands as you are working with it.

baskets final 2.jpg

I rolled little balls about the size of golf balls (maybe a tiny bit smaller), and flattened them into circles. Next I took a large pinch of mixture to make each of the handles for the baskets. I rolled each out between my hands, then pressed each end on the inside of the basket.  If your handles start falling, don’t worry!  Simply put the baskets in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, then straighten the handles and refrigerate until ready to serve. Fill baskets with your favorite treats, and enjoy!

Rice Krispie Treat, Easter Baskets

These Rice Krispie Easter Baskets would be a really fun recipe to make with the kids (since kids love to get their hands messy).

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