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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Discover Boating. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


And it’s sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, slow tide rollin’,
White sand, cold can, koozie in my hand, just a summertime strolling,
Chillin’, breezing, sippin’, singin’ “Whoa-oa-oh”

So there was a little Jake Owen for you.

Me? I’m a country gal at heart and Jake Owen makes my kind of music. This particular song perfectly describes my summer. I’m not the girl lying there in the middle of a mile long beach soaking up the sun (trust me, I’d burn like a lobster), instead, I’m the one enjoying the sun while spending the day out on the water. Between our little boat and age-old jet skis we make it work. Fishing, crabbing, or just enjoying a good time out on the open water, it is an incredible family experience and one that we love doing every chance that we get.

Unfortunately, this summer hasn’t been so kind to us. Between our still hectic schedules and the back and forth of the weather, we’ve only been able to venture out to sea a handful of times this year. Despite only being able to do so on occasion, I still love every second of it. There is something so calming about simply being out on the water and the vastness of the ocean humbles you. The sense of calm that washes over you is near indescribable and I’ll never forget my first moment of discovery. And that, that is what I wish everyone was able to experience.  Thankfully, you can – with Discover Boating.

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You can Discover Boating in so many ways and, despite what one may think, it is possible (in one way or another) for everyone. Whether you’re wanting to buy your own boat with the Boat Selector, would rather rent a boat for a spontaneous day’s adventure, or are just trying to figure out how you can experience the joys of boating as a family, Discover Boating can help you do all of that and then some.

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Our trips are always as a family and the kids absolutely love it. However, when bringing children along, safety plays a big factor. Though relatively young, our little guys know their fair share of boating safety and I am confident that they are well on their way to becoming the captain of their own boats someday. At the same time, it couldn’t hurt to help them out by providing them with the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge in regard to boating and on-water safety. For this, the Discover Boating Youth Boating Programs are incredibly helpful.

Youth boating organizations encourage family boating, teach safe boating practices and show kids the fun of recreational boating. The skills your child will learn can provide a lifetime of happiness, personal fulfillment and safety on the water.

Because of their own knowledge, our own boys are adamant about wearing life jackets. Not only are the able to properly put on their own, but they are always suggesting and offering to help others wear them as well.

Life Jackets - Eighty MPH Mom

In addition to the family togetherness that boating provides, it also brings the mister and I closer together. When you’re out on the water, you leave all of the chaos of daily life back on shore. The troubles at work, the messy house, the bills, the chores, the effect from others, all of it disappears once you hit that water. It is just the two of you… and the kids. Right there in that boat is all that matters in life – family. And I am reminded of that every single time we Discover Boating with one another.

Take your significant other boating and let the water and wind work their magic.

Whether you’re just wanting some quality alone time with that special someone or you’re trying to convince your family and friends to become boaters themselves, the Discover Boating Spousal Conversion Kit is sure to help. They even offer sample scripts for convincing those stubborn folks in you life.

Thankfully for him, I didn’t need any convincing. Sure he may endless try to convince me that we need a bigger boat but as far as boating itself goes… I’m sold.

Discover Boating Summer

You see, with all of the incredible boating activities that one could dream up, Ive been a boater since as far back as I can remember. I love the water and I love experiencing new things while boating. While I’ve not yet tried my hand at sailing, I’ve dabbled in a good amount of fun. With everything from freshwater fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, watersports galore, and even some good ol’ saltwater fishing, there is certainly something for everyone. Me? I’d take the latter of the bunch. Unfortunately, however, my luck doesn’t always agree.

I definitely catch my fair share but, oddly, what I’m fishing for is never really what ends up on my hook. Ever since I was small, I’ve had a knack for catching the oddities. I remember one time, I couldn’t have been more than 11 or so, I was so excited to feel that pole pull and anxious to reel in my first catch of the day. That’s when I realized it – while I did catch a fish, I only caught half. Just as I was pulling the fish in, a larger fish had apparently decided that my small catch was bait and subsequently ate the tail end of my catch. From there, my luck (or lack thereof) has continued.

In just these past few summers alone I’ve caught a plastic bottle full of baby crabs, a conch shell, an oyster toadfish (ugly little suckers they are), too many clam and oyster shells to count, and even a seagull. Yes, really. Despite my odd luck, if you even want to call it that, every boating experience has still been enjoyable. And, over the years, I’ve even learned to have fun with my oddities. While fishing for flounder and catching one too many of everything else over the course of the day, I decided to send a particular creature back with a message for his friends:

Dogfish Shark Kiss

Not that I condone this since this particular fella actually possesses a mildly toxic venom on their dorsal fin (notice I’m holding him just behind here) but… shark kisses anyone?

Odd and goofy catches or not, I am incredibly excited and thankful to be able to enjoy much of our summer out on the water because we really do enjoy it in its entirety. Not only is a fun adventure for the day but it creates a lifetime of happy memories for me and our family.

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So join me. Join us.

Join us in a summer spent on the water with the help of Discover Boating and be sure to share all of your own fun, tips, essentials, and, yes, even odd adventures!

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