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It was a warm summer day. We took our jet skis out last summer for a quick trip to a quiet local beach that is accessible only by water. It is one of our favorite places to go to find some sweet summer sun without the chaos of heading to the cliché tourist spots. Plenty of locals visit “our spot” quite often but the true locals know when to go. There are certain days and times when the beach is a bit less occupied and, more often than not, these are the days that we choose. And this, well, this was one of those days. Despite packing all of the usual necessities – water, sunscreen, snacks, etc. – and being as prepared as we could have, we were not even remotely prepared for the events that followed. To make a long story short, one of our two jet skis broke. With no tools on hand, no cell phone with me to call for help, and no one within sight we were instantly isolated as the sun slowly began to set. I sat there building sandcastles on the beach with our children while the mister took the only working jet ski and sped off for home. Thankfully he’s mechanically inclined and we had spare parts at home from a third jet ski. With that, we were eventually able to rig up the broken one in order to get it home. However, sitting there on the shoreline with my kids by my side and doing nothing but running “What Ifs” through my mind – it was isolating. And it was scary. I am so thankful that there was a happy ending but I still can’t help but think of everything that could have been. What if we had gone out farther? What if we didn’t have the extra parts and tools at home? What if something happened to him as he ventured home on his own? What if something happened to us as we sat there alone on the sand? Just what if?

After that experience, I refuse to let it or anything even remotely similar happen again. Between the jet skis and our boat, we are on the water quite often as soon as the weather is warm. As of now, we don’t venture out too far and, more often than not, we can always see the shoreline. However, we are much more careful now. We’re always sure to bring along a few tools. We’ve invested in waterproof phone cases so that we can always have a way to call for help. We’ve added extra first aid gear to our list of must-haves for those just in case moments. And last but certainly not least, we’ve finally taken notice of a particular sign that we pass on our way out to open waters – Sea Tow.

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Aside from the obvious Coast Guard, I’ve always wondered what resources were available for boaters and those out on the water but I must admit that I never really gave it too much thought. If you’re sick, you call the doctor. If you have an emergency, you call 9-1-1. If your car breaks down, you call your roadside service. If you’re in distress on the open waters, you call Sea Tow. Whether you’ve run out of fuel, are in need of help to get started and could use a bit of engine help, could use some assistance getting out of a tangled mess, found yourself (and your boat) beached and cannot get ungrounded, or even need a tow back to shore, they are there to help.

Sea Tow is the #1 choice of boaters nationwide for expert on-water assistance. Our membership is a direct connection to highly professional, experienced captains who can help when it matters most.

With Sea Tow, boaters finally have a way of getting help when they need it most. Much like you would use your emergency roadside service when in your car, Sea Tow provides emergency assistance to its members while out on the water. Be it a lake, the bay, or even the vast waters of the open ocean, they have you covered.

As a Sea Tow member you receive free towing, fuel drops, jump starts, priority service, Automated Radio Checks, 24/7 nationwide coverage, knowledgeable Captains, covered ungroundings, savings and much more.

With a special membership plan available for those only venturing out on lake excursions, the Lake Card is available for $119 per year.

For those more adventurous folks that frequent the lager bodies of water and often find themselves going from one waterway to exploring another, the Gold Card is available for $169 per year. With the Gold Card, members are provided with a full suite of on-water assistance privileges that cover you and every boat you own, lease, rent, charter, or even borrow!

Sea Tow Coverage

In addition to arming yourself with a spectacular service for on-water emergencies, one thing that you need to do before ever hitting the water is to educate yourself and your family about boating safety. All of our summer boating (or jet ski) adventures include our two young children. Having heard of one too many horror stories, we are always sure to put their safety (and our own) before anything else. After all, no matter how gorgeous the weather and how tranquil the waters, no outing is ever any fun when safety is jeopardized. I am proud to say that our little ones have a wonderful boating etiquette and, oftentimes, remind others of safety precautions often forgotten or ignored. For this, the Sea Tow Foundation was started in 2007 by Sea Tow founder Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer.

Sea Tow Foundation

Providing an infinite amount of information on safe boating practices and safety education, Sea Tow and the Sea Tow Foundation can help reduce and even prevent boating accidents, fatalities, and potential property damage. Offering advice on everything from navigation, weather safety, and float plans to boating with alcohol on board and protecting all passengers by providing everyone with life jackets, the Sea Tow Foundation is an asset to many. Learn all about it on their website and find out how you can contribute to their mission of helping boaters everywhere.

Through their foundation, they also provide boaters with the Sea Tow Loaner Life Jacket Stands located throughout the country. Each location provides rental life jackets for those in need.

Sea Tow Nationwide Life Jacket Stands

Sea Tow Locations

From a personal experience, this especially comes in handy when we invite friends and family to come along with us. While we may have life jackets for ourselves, we don’t always have enough extras or the correct sizes on hand for each passenger. To see a full list of participating locations, click here. To find a location nearest you, take a look at the interactive map here.

Now as if all of that wasn’t enough, Sea Tow has even gone as far as to include the kids. We’ve been boating as a family since our children were quite small and, even then, we were quite adamant about safety. As they’ve grown up, they’ve truly become Daddy’s little first mates. Always wanting to help but never knowing where to start has been challenging for them and, as any parent knows, sometimes a child’s want to help can easily turn into a nuisance when you yourself are running through a checklist in your mind. The solution? Give your little first mate their own checklist!

Sea Tow First Mate Checklist

With the Sea Tow First Mate Checklist even the smallest boaters can be the biggest help. Let them double check life jackets and lights, test the radio and gas gauge, review the day’s weather report, load up on sunblock, stock the cooler with water, and – best of all – have fun!

To download and print the full-sized checklist, click here.

Not on the list but definitely on my kids’ minds is the inclusion of snacks. We are always sure to pack a good amount to take on the trip with us. From chilled goodies packed up on ice and cliché travel snacks like chips and peanuts to mini meals stored in water-tight containers, we always have great kid-friendly food options on hand. The great folks over at Sea Tow even thought to share some of their own tasty boating treats. Take Kate Eisenberg for example – the Sea Tow marketing assistant, boat lover, and mother of two came up with the Kickin’ Corn Salad that looks amazingly scrumptious!

Sea Tow Kickin' Corn Salad

With all of the amazing assistance and boating education that one gets with a Sea Tow membership, through their foundation, or even when incorporating recipe ideas and checklists, it is surely an investment well worth making. When you’re planning your next on-water excursion, stop for a moment and remember Sea Tow.

Be sure to keep up with all things Sea Tow via their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as their mobile app available on iOS and Android devices to stay up to date on all of the latest news, special events, helpful tips, and more!

Sea Tow Mobile App

With Sea Tow, get back to the more important things in life. Enjoy your family and friends, soak up the sun, and reel in the big one all with complete peace of mind.

Happy sailing!

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  1. Natalie Brown on

    I live near the coast of Florida and I know many people who could use this service. It’s quite comprehensive and it’s offered at a good price too. Thank-you for the information & review!

  2. I have never heard of Sea Tow until reading this post. I would of assumed if in trouble on the ocean you would have to call the coast guard. I have no plans to go out on the ocean anytime soon but it’s good to know it’s available if needed.

  3. This is such a great service. I live on the water in Jacksonville, FL and our lives revolve around water. My husband sure could have used this years ago when he thought he was going to die out on the water in a storm. This of course was before the days of cell phones and luckily family sent the coast guard to rescue them.

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