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The mister in my life is an outdoorsy guy and rightfully so since I’m pretty much the same way. I’m not the kind of girl that’ll freak out over seeing a bug, instead, I’ve actually eaten them but that’s a whole other story in itself. As many of you know, we recently purchased our first house. What you may not know, however, is how ridiculously indecisive we are. When trying to pinpoint one location, one state, one city, to live a good portion of our lives in, indecisiveness isn’t exactly the best quality to have. While we ultimately decided to stay here in the northeast to be close to family, there were a number of different locations discussed – Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts, the Carolinas, even Alaska! While all of these places have a good amount of pros and cons and are surely quite different when compared to one another, they also have one thing in common – the great outdoors! Whether it’s time spent on the beach, in the backwoods, along the marsh, atop the mountains, or out at sea, all of these locations are ideal. We ended up getting a little bit of everything where we are but, hey, a girl can still dream, right?

As soon as the topic turns to fishing (which it often does), my first thought is almost always “Alaska, what if?” What if we had chosen Alaska? Sure, everyone knows it as this big, icy, cold, snowy place but, really, it is so much more than that. A few friends of mine have lived there over the course of the years and have shared incredible photos and stories of everything from moose and bear encounters, to the incredible scenery, to finally getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights, to (yes!) the incredible fishing. Just imagine it for a moment.

Cape Ulitca, Alaska

While the winters may be brutal, the summer is incredible.

Have you ever wanted to spend the entire day fishing? In Alaska, with the summer solstice’s twenty-two hours of daylight, you really can do exactly that! The only catch? You have to be there.

For many, a trip to Alaska doesn’t seem as exciting as one to, say, a theme park or a white sandy beach with the warm sunshine. For many, it’s hard to get over the cliché covered in feet of snow version of Alaska. And while that may very well be a true reality, there is so much more to the land than meets the eye. In the recent years, cruise trips to Alaska have quickly sparked interest amongst the masses. For me, however, I can’t quite settle on venturing all that way to simply see the sights instead of explore them. That’s where the Waterfall Resort and Steamboat Bay Fishing Club come in.

Waterfall Resort Logo

The Waterfall Resort, dubbed the “most popular fishing lodge in Alaksa,” is a spectacular 53-acre all-inclusive resort located on Prince of Wales Island, accessible from Ketchikan, Alaska. Recognized as one of the finest (and remote!) sport fishing destinations in the world, the Waterfall Resort is a hidden gem in the Alaskan wilderness.

Waterfall Resort

When you’re a fisherman (or woman!), you have your secret spots out on the water. We have our own locally and, like many, got the tip from a family friend. Both here and in Alaska, tales of such secret fishing spots are often passed down from one generation to the next. For Alaska, however, most of the waterways are comparable and, more likely than not, far better than my own secret fishing spot. You see, while the land itself may be known for being cold, the water is warm. Between its nutrient-rich currents and unique underwater rock formations created by ancient volcanic activity, the water itself is the perfect home for numerous small fish. And, of course, with smaller bait fish come the larger sport fish and wildlife thus making for an incredible array of fishing spots across the state.

Waterfall Resort - Waterfall

Of course, all secrets (including secret spots!) eventually get out and that is exactly what happened. After hearing the local legend, an entrepreneur built a seafood cannery right there where the fish were being caught officially bringing life to the Waterfall Cannery. Brilliant, right? Over the years, after breaking records with Wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, ling cod, yelloweye, and other rockfish, the Cannery transformed and renovated itself into a breathtaking saltwater sport fishing lodge. Today, I am happy to introduce it to you as Waterfall Resort.

With accommodations to host individual travelers, small families and even groups with up to ninety-two guests, the Waterfall Resort is an amazing vacation destination.

Waterfall Resort - Egg House Suites, Interior

It provides all guests with an unbelievable and true local experience of Alaskan fishing and exploration. Just take a look at what your day can include!

Full Days Sample Itinerary

A hearty breakfast is served daily at 5 a.m. Boats depart at 6:30 a.m. for a full day of fishing and exploring. Guides teach you the Alaskan style of fishing for king salmon and halibut.

A delicious lunch is served on board your cabin cruiser followed by more great Alaskan fishing amidst the stunning scenery and marine life surrounding Prince of Wales Island. You’ll return to the resort by 5:30 p.m. Then it’s photo time! Our Derby Hostess will take pictures of you and your catch, after which your fish are cleaned, filleted, vacuum packed and flash frozen.

You’ll also explore th inlets and bays looking for whales, bald eagles, sea lions, etc. Boats return to the resort at 4:30 p.m. when the catched are unloaded and pictures are taken. Hopefully, one of your fish will qualify for one of the over 35 prizes in this year’s “$100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament.”

Your day of sport fishing concludes with another hearty Alaskan seafood dinner, complimentary wine and lots of laughter in our main dining room.

Waterfall Resort and Seaplane

Now, if that doesn’t sound like an absolutely extraordinary adventure and perfect day spent in the picturesque setting of Alaska, I don’t know what is.

Of course, some of us would prefer our vacations to be a bit more on the luxurious side and, for that, the Waterfall Group also brings to you the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club.

Steamboat Bay Logo

The Steamboat Bay Fishing Club, a secondary property of the Waterfall Group, is located on the pristine wilderness of Noyes Island, Alaska (equally as accessible from Ketchikan). This elite luxury sport fishing lodge offers many of the same adventures that the flagship Waterfall Resort location, just a few minutes away, has in addition to some added luxuries.

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Along with the spectacular guided saltwater fishing adventures, scenic journeys, and professional seafood processing (everything started with the Cannery after all!), guests are treated to an amazing personalized cuisine with that coveted Alaskan-inspired fine dining. Not only will the Steamboat Bay culinary team prepare each meal to your preferences but you can interact with the chef in the resort’s presentation kitchen! Looking for a great way to celebrate that huge catch of the day? Look no further! Did someone say open bar?

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club - Fine Dining

After an incredible day spent out on the water and chowing down on a superb meal, guests can further enjoy the resort with a few games of pool or even a good book in the Club Room. If you want some down time, you can even take a quick trek on the wilderness trails. Leading you through the natural beauty of the Tongass National Forest, you’ll witness spectacular sightings of such wildlife as deer, eagles, and sea otters. Want to get up close and personal with the sea life? Head out on your own single-person kayak to explore Steamboat Bay and go whale watching by paddle! Could you imagine just how amazing that experience would be?

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club - Whale Sighting

When your day is done, it’s the Steamboat Bay amenities that’ll put the icing on your cake. With everything from WiFi and big screen TVs to hot tubs, the sauna, and an oceanfront or forest-view room, you will feel right at home in the remarkably marvelous place that is Alaska.

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club - Oceanfront Room

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club - Forest-view Room

Both, the Waterfall Resort and the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club provide guests with an incredible insight and experience of fishing on Alaska’s Inside Passage. The resorts boast some of the best fishing locations and “secret spots” in the world and it is only here that you can get a true feel for the sport. With experienced crewmembers there to help you along on your journey, you are bound to catch on (and catch something!) rather quickly. Not only do they provide you with the experience of a lifetime and all the tools and gear needed for your journey but they take the messy work out of it by cleaning, trimming, packing, prepping, and even freezing your catch!

Waterfall Resort - Processing

As if that weren’t enough, they also provide an on-site Alaska Airlines agent to check in all fish that guests bring home!

How many of you have come home from a day of fishing with unbelievable stories of the great catches that got away? Now, you no longer have to fib to your family and friends because here, in Alaska, the “big ones” will be all around you. You’re bound to bring one home this time! And with the Waterfall Resort and the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club, you’re sure to bring home some believable stories of how truly amazing Alaska is.

Also, be sure to keep up with, both, the Waterfall Resort and the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club via their social media outlets to stay up to date on all of the latest news.

And next time you’re planning a family vacation, take some time to remember this:

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