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Lunch time during the summer months was easy. There was never any rush, food decisions were made together, and we’d often find ourselves picnicking at the beach, playground, or even the backyard. And, really, anything that ends with family picnic time is more than okay in my book. Unfortunately, however, summer does not last forever and, with the passing of time, the fall weather and back-to-school season roll back around more quickly than one would wish.

Now, one thing in particular that I liked most about our summertime lunches is that everything was homemade and everything was healthy. These days, between work and school, it is hard to make sure that my family is making the most out of mealtime. Surely, everyone is a fan of “Pizza Fridays,” but what about Monday through Thursday? I can vividly remember my own school “lunches” back in the day. More often than not, I’d either skip out on it all together grab junk from the nearest vending machine, or I’d opt for nothing more than a side order of overly greasy French fries. Thankfully, school lunches have greatly improved since my own time there but I still prefer to send the kids with a packed lunch as opposed to have them purchase the school made meals. Not only does it allow me to provide them with a lunch that I feel is adequately nutritious but it also helps to give them a small variety of items for the day that I am confident they will enjoy. Surely, you know how kids are – picky. One thing that they love regardless of how it’s prepared is tuna.

Yes, tuna!

We often work tuna based recipes into our weekly meals here at home and, now that school is officially back in session, I regularly work it into the kids’ lunchboxes as well. My tuna of choice, you ask?

It is Chicken of the Sea.

Chicken of the Sea Logo

You see, they say that Chicken of the Sea was built on three important values – health, nutrition, and convenience. Now, I don’t know about you, but that is exactly what I have in mind when putting together the kids’ lunches every day. Of course we want to provide our children with a healthy, nutritious meal but the convenience factor is a must in today’s fast paced world.

For example, one of my family’s favorite tuna dishes is actually a double duty one! Not only do we enjoy a delicious dinner but the extras easily rollover into a tasty lunch for the kids. Best of all? There are only four ingredients!


  • 4 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna
  • box of Ronzoni Garden Delight Tricolor Rotini pasta (any pasta will work)
  • Mayonnaise (to taste)
  • Grated parmesan cheese (to taste)


  1. Cook the pasta according to the box directions.
  2. Open each can of Chicken of the Sea tuna and drain the water from the can.
  3. Empty each of the four cans into a bowl.
  4. Drain the pasta and pour into a large bowl or serving dish.
  5. Add the tuna and mix thoroughly.
  6. Add mayonnaise and parmesan cheese to taste.


And, enjoy!

Served warm or chilled, this is a SUPER easy and, yes, convenient dish that is not only healthy but enjoyable for the entire family. The kids absolutely love it, here at home and in their respective lunchboxes!

While this particular recipe may just be one of my own go-to tuna meals, it is really just the one of the many incredible tuna-based meals that one could dream up.

Chicken of the Sea Ocean Fresh Recipes

Did you know that you can find a vast array of spectacular recipe ideas right on the Chicken of the Sea website itself? It’s true! Featuring a collection that allows you to narrow recipes by six different meal courses, eight recipe collections, and eight various types of seafood (tuna included!), the possibilities are endless! I’ve even found a few of my personal lunchtime favorites!

Tuna Rice Bowl

Chicken of the Sea - Tuna Rice Bowl

The Chicken of the Sea Tuna Rice Bowl is a wondrous creation and mix of two incredible main ingredients. The nutritional benefits of, both, the tuna and the rice are outstanding and even more so when paired with one another. Much like my own recipe, it can work for a number of different meal times, lunch included.

Chicken of the Sea - Tuna Rice Bowl Header

With a ten minute prep time and providing 2-3 servings, it is the perfect meal for back-to-school lunches.


Tuna Caesar Wrap

Chicken of the Sea - Tuna Caesar Wrap

Yes, you read that correctly. I said “tuna” Caesar wrap. Now, while I’m sure that many of you are accustomed to the everyday chicken Caesar wraps, this is a new twist on an old classic. Personally, chicken Caesar anything is almost always a plus in my book so I was lenient when I first came across this particular recipe, I was a bit hesitant. Then again, I do tell my kids that you should at least try everything once so I bit the bullet and went for it. The result – mouthwatering deliciousness! Really!

Chicken of the Sea - Tuna Caesar Wrap Header

Another ten minute recipe, this serves four. Its wrap style makes it perfect for on the go and fits perfectly into your child’s lunchbox as well!

I truly cannot say enough about the Chicken of the Sea brand and its versatility especially in regard to lunch for, both, you and your children. I am thankful to have had my own back pocket full of some fun recipe ideas but am now thrilled to have learned of the wonderful recipe collection featured on the brand’s website itself. They say that it takes a village to raise a child and I, for one, am glad to have Chicken of the Sea on my side in terms of helping to provide deliciously nutritious meals for the entire family. With the chaos of the fall season officially underway, Chicken of the Sea helps to make heading back-to-school a bit easier with their easy to make recipes for lunchtime and every time! With a century under their belt (or fin?), let’s make this year the start of another 100 amazingly good years to come!

Chicken of the Sea 100 Years of Good

Be sure to keep up with Chicken of the Sea via social media on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages to stay up to date on all of the latest news, special promotions, new recipe ideas, giveaways, and so much more!

Speaking of giveaways, keep your eyes out for a fun Chicken of the Sea surprize right here on Eighty MPH Mom in the coming weeks!



*Randi received the product samples, free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only.


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  1. Clarissa Laskey on

    That tuna rice bowl looks delicious and simple to create a yummy, healthy meal. Thank you for the fun recipe ideas!

  2. Chicken of the Sea is my favorite tuna of all time. I like these awesome recipes. I will have to try some of them. I make a very good Tuna Salad that everyone in my house loves!

  3. shelly peterson on

    My family likes tuna but for some reason we don’t eat it very often. The Tuna Caesar Wraps look really good and would love to try them.

  4. My spouse works from home, so I’m always on the lookout for good lunch ideas for him. And since he loves tuna, I’ll be trying some of these recipes. The Chicken Caesar Wrap, in particular, sounds like something he’d like. Thanks!

  5. I love these recipes! We are the same way during summer, seems we have healthier, better choices for lunches. Fall arrives and my mind goes blank! I really love your tuna/pasta recipe, always have those ingredients in my panty, plus, it can be eaten warm or chilled, perfect for lunches 🙂

  6. wow super healthy. My family LOVES tuna!!! my kids especially so i’m not opposed to trying out some of these recipes.

    Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

  7. Tuna is one of my daughter’s favorite things to eat. I think she’d love that wrap, we’re definitely going to try it!

  8. My family absolutely LOVES tuna, my husband and 4 year old, especially! I didn’t realize that you could do so many different and unique recipes with tuna, but we will have to try these out! I’m sure my husband would love something different besides tuna and crackers or a tuna sandwich!

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