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My seven-month-old is one of those babies that is incredibly aware of everything around her.  While this can be fun during play time, other activities tend to overwhelm her easily.  Primarily, she hates riding in the car.  I think the noise of the car and the motion of everything going by the window ends up overwhelming her and she gets very frustrated.  That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to try out Merdy’s new baby blanket line, Twinkles of Joy.

I was able to try out Merdy’s Twinkle Star Security Blanket, the Owl on the Moon Baby Blanket, and the Star Fisher Baby Blanket.  Right out of the box these blankets are incredibly soft.  Each one is trimmed with a Charmeuse satin ruffle that babies and toddlers love rubbing between their fingers.

Owl on the moon
The Owl on the Moon Baby Blanket has a beautiful pattern of roses embroidered throughout the blanket that also provides interesting texture for baby to feel.  Both the Star Fisher Baby Blanket and the Twinkle Star Security Blanket are made up of patchwork colors to be visually stimulating for baby.

Star Fisher
Each blanket includes a very detailed design in one corner.  In each design of the blankets that I tried, there is a star that lights up and plays classical music.  The lights also get brighter and dimmer in a very soothing pattern as the music plays.

Twinkle Star
My daughter instantly fell in love with her blankets.  On a long car trip, I will take one with us and play the music for her.  At times, it is the only thing that will calm her down.  She will sit and stare at the lights as the music softly plays and ends up falling asleep every time.

baby blanket
As you can see from the picture above, she also likes to use her blankets during play time.  I’m glad I have multiple blankets around the house because I have a feeling they are going to get worn out with how much she plays with them.  Luckily, each Merdy blanket is machine washable, won’t shrink when washed, and the batteries have a 2 year life span.

merdy blanket
Merdy also offers wearable security blankets, “shake and giggle” blankets, and even blankets in the shape of a large teddy bear.  Merdy has spent the last two years working to create these very unique blankets that integrate light, touch, music, color ans sound as well as comfort.  The blankets are extensively child product safety tested as well, so you can feel secure in knowing you are providing your child with a wonderful, and safe product.  These blankets are also a wonderful gift for a baby shower, a welcome home baby gift, or even a first birthday.  I know our blankets will be cherished items in our home for years to come.

Buy: You can purchase these unique baby blankets directly from their website.  Also, between now and October 31, 2014, Merdy is offering 20% off to all our readers!  Just enter coupon code Q7O1097S5KK at checkout to receive your discount.

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  1. I have to agree that these blankets really soothes babies. I have one of their blankets and my daughter will not let go. It’s a great way to keep the blanket on her covered at all times without her throwing it when riding on her stroller etc.

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