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Unilever Project Sunlight

Project Sunlight
The numbers are absolutely heartbreaking. There are 16 million children in America struggling with hunger. 16 million. Wow. Are you as speechless as I am? That is the population of Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago combined. Or take my state with a population of 1.8 million, that equals nine state of Nebraska’s. One in five children face hunger every single day.

Child Hunger In America
Unfortunately for these children, we do not see their injustice. We do not see their hunger. Did you know that there could be a hungry child in your very own neighborhood? We are proud to partner with Unilever’s Project Sunlight to encourage people from around the nation to Share A Meal to help fight childhood hunger in America.

Below is a short video to see just what child hunger looks like in America. Won’t you take a few moments to watch Going to Bed Hungry: The Changing Face of Child Hunger?

Together, we can fight this. Together we can Share A Meal to Help Turn the Tables on Child Hunger in America.   It’s easy to get involved!

  • Help a Family in Your Neighborhood: Simply sharing a meal with a neighbor either in the form of a simple lunch or dinner party, or even packing an extra lunch for your child to take to school, could go a long way.
  • Partner with Local Organizations: Local community organizations are great resources for sharing a meal in your area – simply tap into their networks to see how you can help.
  • Coordinate with Your Local Food Bank: Whether you wish to volunteer or host your own local food drive, use Feeding America’s online Food Bank Locator tool to get in touch with a food bank in your area.
  • Host a Virtual Food Drive: Feeding America’s Personal Fundraiser tool is a great place to start and to reach out to friends, family, and colleagues for contributions.
  • Donate: Consider swapping a night out with a night in and share those extra savings with children and families in need in the form of a donation to Feeding America.
  • You Buy One, We Give One: Look for the Unilever “You Buy One, We Give One” coupon offer in the Sunday paper on November 16. Redeem at participating stores from November 16 – 30 and Unilever will donate one meal* to Feeding America when you purchase any participating Unilever product.
  • Lend Your Voice: Inspire others by revealing why you’re helping to end child hunger on social media using, “I #ShareAMeal because…”

Visit Project Sunlight to get involved. We’re putting together plans to Share a Meal in our community. Stay tuned!

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Sky is the mother of two children, ages 16 and 9, and she resides in Nebraska. In addition to being a contributor at Eighty MPH Mom, she has plenty of blogging experience, as the owner and author of Seeryus Mama for over seven years.


  1. It is so important to do what we can to help fight hunger in our Community. This is one thing that I always participate in. We are having a big food drive for Thanksgiving in my Community, and I help do my part so others can have a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. Awesome program! We love to donate food to those in need. We do it every year when our community has a food collection drive.

  3. I donate food all the time. It breaks my heart to think of children going to bed hungry. Any program that helps this cause is good with me.

  4. We really all do need to help each other out, this is a fantastic project! How great to see a big corporate sponsor, thank you Unilever!

  5. Allison Downes on

    This looks like a great project! I try to help out when i can by donating at local food banks.

    thank you for sharing this!

  6. It amazes me that kids go hungry in this country. We must all support the wonderful programs available to help stop hunger. I volunteer in our local soup kitchen and it is heartbreaking to see how many families with kids come in.

  7. Recently one of the food banks in our community was completely out of food. This is tragic but so much of it is due to lack of jobs and inappropriate spending.

  8. We donate to a food bank and also to church fundraisers that raise money for needy families. It’s all about helping your community.

  9. I totally SO appreciate our local Grocery store, a local chain, an owner who lives right in our town, so they have regular food drives for our local pantry. It is SO super super painless to give ONE dollar or five dollars from time to time, right at the checkout, for our pantry. SO painless. So needed, really. What does it hurt? everyone one of us can afford to give.

  10. I was a single mom for a long time & appreciated all the help I received along the way. Now that I’m no my feet, I love giving back & supporting organizations that help people.

  11. We are doing what we can. I helped students raise over $20,000 in the last 2 years to run a weekend food program for 120 children.

  12. I will be watching for the “You Buy One, We Give One” coupon offer in the Sunday paper on November 16. I volunteer at a food giveaway site and the food insecurity in our country is inexcusable. Thanks Unilever for helping!

    tweeted out

  13. Well, I’m completely shocked that so many kids go to bed hungry each night and never realized that it was such a huge issue here in America. How heartbreaking! I am absolutely in love with Unilever even more now, knowing that they are trying to make a difference and spread the word and feed these kids! I will be sure to lookout for the coupon in the paper tomorrow and use it next time I’m at the store so a child can get a meal! Thank you for this post because it definitely opened my eyes to the severity of hunger among children here in America, as well as told me a way I can help! 🙂

  14. This is a great idea. When my son was almost 4, his father passed away and it was difficult to make ends meet. It’s important to remember these children after the holidays as well. Thank you for sharing!

  15. sounds like a great program.we take boxes of food to my brothers neighbor who has a couple of kids whose husband recently passed away

  16. Melissa Shirley on

    I work for a school and see it first hand that some kids are hungry. If some did not get the meals at school they would not have anything to eat. It is very sad. This should not be happening in America!!!!

  17. this is a great cause. we donate food when we can but we never feel like it is enough. Good that corporations are taking an interest.

  18. This is an awesome program! I just donated some food for Thanksgiving baskets. I’ve had help when I needed it years ago, I’m just trying to pay it forward.

  19. Thanks for sharing the information about Project Sunlight. I’ll definitely look for that coupon in today’s newspaper–what an easy way to help out a much-needed cause.

  20. What a wonderful project right here at home in the USA. There are so many hungry people right here at home that I love to see ones like this.

  21. This is definitely a cause close to my heart. I donate goods to the local food pantry when possible, but it’s heartening to see efforts undertaken by corporations.

  22. I’d never thought of the possibility of a virtual food drive — what a fantastic idea, and one that would definitely be a great way to collect canned goods and non-perishables for an entire community or network of friends or colleagues!

  23. This is something that we should have in America. We all need to do what we can to help fight hunger in our own communities, so very important to get behind this project! 🙂

  24. These are wonderful tips and it would be nice if people got involved on this level. If you can’t donate your time, donate a can or more. Remember, people getting help are often embarrassed to be seen there getting help. Something greater that you can offer is compassion and understanding.

  25. Most of the schools in our area hold food drives at this time of the year. No one in this country should go to bed hungry.

  26. Most of the schools and colleges in our area hold food drives at this time of the year. No one in this country should have to go hungry.

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