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Halloween is such a magical night. The crisp fall air, leaves heard rustling on the ground and the darkness sets in pretty early. While I really enjoy it, there is something about that night sky that makes me feel unsettled. I honestly believe that it’s a safety issue, or lack of safety one might say.

My favorite Halloween costume!

My favorite Halloween costume!

This Halloween, we are hitting the streets and staying safe with solar power. But first, what is solar?

Solar energy is the radiant energy produced by the Sun.

I’m the first one to admit, that I’m not up to snuff regarding solar. I have heard the term, but we currently do not use solar for our home. So, I took the PURE Energies Halloween Quiz to find out exactly how much I know about energy savings and solar in the USA.

Turns out, I definitely needed a lesson on solar – this quiz was super helpful and gave me a lot of insight regarding solar power.

Paige the Penguin.

Paige the Penguin.

Solar is important to our future. Not only should I know about it, but my children should most definitely be in the know about solar. Johnny, my 14 year old, has a pretty good grasp on solar, simply because one of our close friends has solar panels installed on their house. This summer he helped re-roof their house, which included removing and replacing the solar panels. It’s impressive the amount of money it saves them each year (and how much value it gives their house!) Aside from the money savings, they like being eco-conscious. Using solar power is the smart way to go!

Halloween costume hint!

Halloween costume hint!

Simply taking the 10 question quiz, I was able to register for a free solar flashlight to use on Halloween! Take the PURE Energies Halloween Quiz with your children to gauge how much they know about solar! I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

You have the chance to get a flashlight too! Again, it’s simply. Just take the Halloween Quiz offered by PURE Energies and the first 1,000 respondents will receive their flashlight to use on Halloween night!

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