Join Me for the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Now!


Are you ready?!

The ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower is officially here! I don’t know about you, but I am ready to celebrate!

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower

Over the next seven days, Eighty MPH Mom in partnership with Sampler and a handful of the web’s top bloggers will be showering expectant moms, new parents, and babies with amazing products from a slew of wondrous companies. It has been such a pleasure being a part of this event and I am so honored to be able to join the ranks as the one of the hosts of this fantastic event. With so many spectacular companies taking part in the celebration, it is sure to be THE must attend event of the week, month, and perhaps the year!

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower

Through a series of flash giveaways and Sampler events, there are a seemingly infinite number of fabulous prizes up for grabs and I know that you are sure to want in on the action. To join in on the fun, all you need to do is RSVP! By doing this, you will essentially be throwing your name into the hat to win one of two outrageously remarkable prize packages with a value totaling over $400! In addition to getting an in for one of the greatest giveaways, you will also gain access to the super exclusive ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower calendar. What do you need this for? Well, this will help guide you through the weeklong event letting you know where to virtually be and when so that you don’t miss a single second of the action and will, in turn, provide you with more opportunities to win big!

Now, of course, I bet you’re all wondering what is in that coveted ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower RSVP Prize Package, eh? Well, get ready to be blown away because this is surely a BIG one:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower

Not one, but TWO, ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower RSVP Prize Packages are up for grabs and will each include the following:

  • Babiators Sunglasses
  • Baby K’tan Carrier
  • Baby K’tan Hat
  • Balboa Baby Bib
  • Bamboosa Wash Cloth Pack
  • Bobo Buddy
  • Born Free 2-Pack Sippy Cups
  • Born Free 3-Pack Glass Bottles
  • HABA Upsala Baby Gift Set
  • Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops
  • LooHoo Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Lucy Darling Art Print
  • Lucy Darling Holiday Sticker Set
  • Mabel’s Labels Baby Combo Pack
  • My True Nature Bubble Bath
  • NeatCheeks Package
  • NuturMe Package
  • Tadpoles Organic Layette
  • Tadpoles Play Mat
  • Thinkbaby Sunscreen & Shampoo Bundle
  • Wee Can Too Tempera Paint Set
  • Wee Nurture Milkmade Nursing Cover
  • AND a few last minute additions as well! Surprise! 🙂


If this sounds as good to you as it does to me then head on over to the Eighty MPH Mom Facebook page and RSVP to win NOW!

As I mentioned before, though, the RSVP Prize Package is just the beginning of the fun that is to be had during the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower.

Let’s talk about the flash giveaways, people!

Starting today, November 14th, and running through Friday, November 21st there will be numerous chances for you to win, gift, and receive even more fantastic prizes from the amazing sponsors that we have on board! The flash giveaways will be hosted directly on the Facebook pages of the participating bloggers (some of the best momma bloggers in the business, might I add!), Eighty MPH Mom included! In addition to this, Sampler will be hosting their own events within the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower where you’ll have the opportunity to gift coupons and event products to your own friends and family members! How fun?!

One important note about these events: they are open to US residents only with the exception of a select few that will include our Canadian readers as well.

Now, I’m sure that I’ve overwhelmed you with the insane amount of information, right? And I am sure that your head is probably spinning as you wonder how you could possibly keep track of it all, right? Chasing around the toddlers, picking up children from school, feeding the baby, cleaning the house, making dinner… you have enough on your plate as it is!

No worries!

We have it all under control for you. All you need to do is RSVP! Let me emphasize that “NEED” there!

Again, by RSVPing to the event, you will gain exclusive access to the official ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower calendar. This will tell you EXACTLY where to be, for what events, and when. I will be doing my best to keep you all up to speed through the week but your absolute best bet is to grant yourself access to the top secret UOBS calendar so that you’ll have it readily available. Aside from that, liking all of our wonderful blogger friends will surely help to keep you well informed throughout the week. With a team of ten bloggers, with myself included, here to help you along the way, you won’t miss a beat between our frequent updates and your own following along of the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower calendar itself. Please allow me to introduce you to our team:


Now, the flash giveaways are relatively simple. Just follow along with the UOBS bloggers and you’ll be able to enter numerous times throughout the week right on each of our Facebook pages. The Sampler events, however, are another story. You see, Sampler is actually an app. A Facebook app at that! Within this app, you can send “samplers” or samples to your friends and family. Bouncing back and forth between simple coupon and discount codes to the usual sample sized products and even some great full sized products and even gift cards, you can send these goodies to whomever you think may like to “sample” something from a specific product line or company. Sampling is always fun but it is better when you can share and that is what Sampler is all about – sharing (and sending!) the sampling! With the holidays now just around the corner, it is always nice to give. Of course, at the same time, getting some goodies for yourself is always a great thing, too. How can you do this? With a friend of course!

As a blogger, it is important to have a good network of friends and, as a mother, the same rings true. Sampler picks up on that and brings the good ol’ buddy system back to life. Send your friend some goodies and have them send some to you in return. It is a win-win for everyone involved and always fun to get to try out new things (trust me!). The only catch, make sure that you are Facebook friends with your “buddy” because, after all, Sampler is a Facebook app. Then, you can go back and forth as much as you’d like with the fun that is sampling… err… Sampler!

To make it even more exciting, especially so near to the holidays, Sampler even has a “Wish for It” option. This helps tie your buddies into the game. You see, after you RSVP, you can then browse and “Wish For” the samples that you’ve been anxious to try, are excited about, and have been wishing for.

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower
Making a wish for an item will then notify your Facebook friends and family members thus letting them know what is on your holiday wish list this year. For those pals that need a little more hinting, you can even tag your buddy to make it REALLY clear that you want a Sampler! Just be sure to spread the love – when you get one, give one! Happy Sampler sampling!

Now that we’ve got the official mumbo jumbo out of the way, it’s onto the good stuff!

Here it is!

This is what you’ve all been waiting for – the goodies!

As a mom and a blogger, many of my friends come to me for advice on baby gear. Though I’m no Jamie Grayson, I certainly know my way around a number of brands and products. With that being said, I could not be more excited about the superb lineup of brands that have joined up for this event. My dining room table is overflowing with oodles of goodies and I am so glad to be able to now share all of these great products and companies with you. So let me ask you again… are you ready?!

Up first…


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Babiators
Who doesn’t love a good pair of sunglasses? My kids absolutely love them! We go through sunglasses almost as much as your kids probably go through their Halloween candy, they just can’t have enough. This pair matches that outfit, that pair matches those shoes, those ones are just “super cool,” these ones are “airplane jet cool,” the blue ones are always a favorite… sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses! As adorable as the kids look with the little love of sunglasses, I love that Babiators help to not only protect their eyes from the sun’s harsh rays but they protect their skin as well. They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection (perfect in Mom’s eyes) and look amazingly cool (perfect in the kids’ eyes, literally!). And HUGE bonus points for the fact that they are impact AND shatter resistant. That in itself is a massive selling point for the mom of two rough and rowdy little boys!

Baby K’tan:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Baby K'tan

Can I just say that I absolutely wish that I had this when my own children were younger? Both of my boys absolutely LOVED being held and, as a new mom, I was perfectly okay with giving in to their wishes. Even now, I am more than happy to hold my big little kids but, when they were younger I will certainly admit that it was difficult. With Baby K’tan, it would’ve made life so much simpler. You see, it is the perfect combination of a wrap, sling, and baby carrier all tied into one incredible product. I love that they come sized and ready to wear as opposed to having to adjust any goofy straps as soon as you put baby in. The added fact that carrying in multiple positions is possible and its ability to accommodate for a child up to three-years-old, well, I’m sold! I would say that I am excited to be able to use this for our next baby if and when but I’m not sure how the mister would feel about that statement. They even have it in one of my favorite colors – coral – can anyone say “girl” next time around?! Wink wink!

Balboa Baby:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Balboa Baby
Before the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, I had actually not yet heard of Balboa Baby but I am so glad that I was able to try out some of their products. Their unique line of products offers parents (and babies!) a fabulous line of contemporary designs mixed with luxurious fabrics and beautifully distinctive prints. Best of all, they’re affordable. Whether you’re looking for a fashionable bib, cozy blankets, comfortable slings, beautiful nursing covers, stroller liners, shopping cart and high chair covers, stroller liners, or even a cute diaper bag for yourself, Balboa Baby is the place to go.


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Bamboosa
Can I just say that I love the name?! How cute, right? One of my favorite aspects of the Bamboosa brand is the fact that all products are made right here in the US. Creating high quality, comfortable and sustainable wash cloths and baby products right in the nation’s own backyard makes me love the company just as much as I love the products. My family is actually quite picky when it comes to things like washcloths. There is a need for them to be amazingly soft against our skin and Bamboosa has created a product that is exactly that!

Bobo Buddy:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Bobo Buddy
This is the binky saver of the century! I so, so, SO, wish I had this when my little ones were smaller. My kids absolutely LOVED their pacifiers but we lost them so often that I swore the laundry room’s sock thief had transitioned into the binky bandit! You should’ve seen the house when we moved out. I cannot even begin to tell you how many pacifiers we found behind and underneath the furniture and even appliances! Now, if we had the Bobo Buddy on hand, the situation would’ve been avoided entirely! You see, Bobo Buddy is an adorable plush toy that attaches to your child’s pacifier. Not only does this make it easier to find and harder to lose, but it also provides your sweet little one with an adorably cuddly stuffed toy that they can hang on to. Genius, right?!


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, BornFree
“Sippy cup, sippy cup, I love my sippy cup!” That was one of my kids’ favorite jingles when they were little. And, really, sippy cups drove me nuts because they didn’t love them. We went through so many until we finally found the right one. What was it? BornFree of course! Now, they have their new line of BornFree Grow with Me Training Cups and, not only are they guaranteed to be leak-free, but they truly do grow with your child since the innovative Easy Sip rim allows for open to use as your child grows. Expecting or have a newborn? The Bornfree line of bottles would be perfect for you! They even offer a glass option!


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, HABA
HABA, HABA, HABA! Really now! I absolutely love the HABA lineup of toys available for children. All of their items are eco-friendly and beyond creative. The impeccable design is not only aesthetically pleasing but their products also help to stimulate the minds of children by encouraging learning through play. Better yet, they’re durable!

Hyland’s Baby:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Hyland's Baby
When younger, my son was colicky. Almost everything was bothersome to him. Add in the chaos of teething and my days and nights were spent almost entirely trying to soothe him. We had to have tried almost everything and only a handful of items were ever actually helpful. One of these products was from Hyland’s Baby. Their teething tablets were a life saver and I am so thankful to have found them. Having natural products for my children has always been rather important to me and Hyland’s Baby offered exactly that. Whether it was the teething tablets back in the day, their gas drops, or one of their other fantastic products, Hyland’s Baby is here to help!


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Loohoo
Okay, with the holidays nearing, I’m sure that the first thing coming to mind is a certain little girl named Cindy with a particularly furry green friend, right? I will admit that it was a first thought of my own, too, but this particular LooHoo is not here to help you save Christmas (though it very well may) but, instead, here to help you save your laundry! To put it simply, they are wool dryer balls. Apparently this is a rather big trend that I’ve somehow missed out on but, now, I am so, SO glad to have jumped on the bandwagon. I will spare you the nitty gritty details but do yourself a favor and spend some time researching those dryer sheets that we all use. The list of chemicals may just surprise you. Again, wanting to opt for the more natural products that are, in turn, safer for my family, I am thrilled to learn about the benefits of wool dryer balls. LooHoo’s product is made from 100% wool and nothing more. These sustainable, biodegradable, chemical free dryer balls that you simply (and quite literally!) toss into your dryer will help keep your clothes coming out just as soft, fluffy, and static free as you wish. And – bonus!- they’re also proven to reduce drying time thus saving you time and money!

Lucy Darling:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Lucy Darling
How many of you have seen all of those adorable Pinterest pictures with sweet little babies wearing milestone stickers to celebrate their age, their firsts, current holidays, and life milestones? Seriously, how cute are they?! That is where Lucy Darling comes in. With a collection featuring sixty (yes, sixty!) different stickers to help you and your little one celebrate his or her own milestones, they are sure to be a hit for pictures, first steps, holidays, first birthdays, and so much more! With my sister-in-law celebrating the recent birth of her very first grandchild, I cannot wait to put my own set to good use helping this sweet baby girl celebrate her own first year milestones with help from Lucy Darling!

Mabel’s Labels:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Mablel's Labels
Okay, this is one of my favorites from the bunch. When you have little ones that are often around other children, their possessions can quickly get mixed up. Think about it – day care, school, the playground. Just about every child has the same items or, at least, something relatively close. Mix-up situations happen and, while many of them can be easily corrected, things can get a bit tricky where germs are concerned. You don’t want one child using another’s sippy cup or someone else accidentally going home with your child’s favorite toy. Thankfully, Mabel’s Labels are here to help. With a fantastic selection of personalized labels in a large variety of sizes, colors, and designs, it is finally easy to separate your child’s items from the bunch. With label options spanning from the usual nametag type to those that are UV resistant and even waterproof, Mabel’s Labels truly has something for everyone!

My True Nature:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, My True Nature
With their inclusion in the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, this was actually my first time being introduced to the My True Nature brand. To my surprise (and my kids’ thrill) we had a package with bubble bath show up on our doorstep. The My True Nature Dewey’s Bubble Bath was a nice addition to our bath time routine. While I often opt against bubble baths after reading the chemical labels, My True Nature breaks that habit. You see, they offer a pure and natural formula that uses plant-based cleansers and botanicals as opposed to the chemical counterparts. The results? Your kids will get to bathe (and play!) in a towering mountain of bubbles that are actually safe for them and their skin! Not only is it fun, but it is good for them!


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, NeatCheeks
Since having my children, there is almost always a package of baby wipes within reach despite the fact that neither of my children are in diapers any longer. Let’s face it, wipes are good for just about everything. From sticky hands and messy faces to runny noses, spills, and even simple dirtiness, wipes can seemingly handle it all. Admit it though, you’ve cleaned your child’s face with whatever wipe you had on hand without second thought of how horrible it may taste across their mouths or how icky it must feel on their sweet, chubby cheeks. Neat Cheeks fixes that. Their line of facial wipes offers a super soft and even sweet alternative to the any-old-wipe-will-do routine. And, to make them even greater, they offer a great moisturizing aspect as well!


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, NuturMe
Snacks, snacks, snacks! All kids enjoy snacks but finding one that passes the “Mom test” is another story. Between their ready-to-eat fruit and veggie snacks to their meal packets, there is something for everyone. They are even quite fantastic in their ability to help you provide great meal options for your child in numerous stages of life. Their quinoa, for example, is an alternative to the traditional rice cereal for babies. Though, like rice cereal, it can be mixed with breast milk, store-bought milk, or even water to help you create a healthy meal that perfectly suits your child’s needs.

Summer Infant:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Summer Infant
Summer Infant is the sister brand of the aforementioned BornFree.  I cannot even begin to tell you how big of a fan I am of the Summer Infant brand. They have so many fantastic products that, really, I don’t even know where to begin. We still use our monitor that we’ve had on hand since our children were small, we recently gifted some items to an expecting friend, and I always – ALWAYS – recommend the brand to anyone wanting to know who has a variety of great items for baby.


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Tadpoles
Tadpoles is actually the baby and kids’ division of the larger Sleeping Partners and they have done a fantastic job of providing children with spectacular, beautifully crafted products. Included in the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower and my own package were their Quilted Nylon Puffer Blanket and coinciding Stroller Cover. While I can no longer use the stroller cover for my own children, I am over the moon about the blanket. With many all-weather blankets, you get one or the other – comfort or convenience. They’re either incredibly comfortable but horrible at staying dry or they protect you from the elements but are horribly uncomfortable. Tadpoles breaks that merry-go-round. The underside is ridiculously plush and incredibly comfortable while the outer side is equivalent to that of a puffer jacket and helps to keep the elements away from you and baby.


ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, ThinkBaby
“Think baby.” Go ahead, do exactly that. Think of what is available to you but, instead, “think baby.” That is the underlying mission of ThinkBaby, to provide our little ones with alternative products that are just as good, if not better, than their adult counterparts. With baby wash, sunscreen, and a slew of products that are all free of harmful chemicals, ThinkBaby products are not only great for their individual uses but they are truly good for baby and his or her skin and, in turn, their health.

Wee Can Too:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Wee Can Too
Okay, so I am still kicking myself for not thinking of this one myself. How many times have you told your children NOT to play with their food? What if I told you that doing so may not be such a bad idea after all? Wee Can Too would be on my side of that argument and for good reason. They have created an incredible lineup of art supplies that use plant based ingredients that aren’t only safe for children to use but to also ingest! Not that I am encouraging you to allow your children to devour paint but, really, how could this not have been thought of sooner. Kids love to make messes, they love to get crafty, and above all else, they LOVE to put things in their mouths. With Wee Can Too, they can do exactly that. And it isn’t only paint that they can use. Wee Can Too even offers natural options for crayons and even sidewalk chalk that are equally as kid-free, safe, and (yes!) even edible! I don’t know about you, but I think that Santa may very well be overhauling the kids’ craft room with some great gear from Wee Can Too!

Wee Nurture:

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, Wee Nurture
Ah, breastfeeding, a topic for the ages. Both of my children were breastfed for quite some time and while I am all for a mother’s right to feed her child whenever and wherever, I am quite the private person myself. Despite my own kids not being all too fond of nursing covers, for me, they were imperative. My boys could’ve been easily compared to champion contortionists while nursing and as much as they enjoyed playing the wiggle game, I enjoyed keeping my lady parts private. Having only been introduced to Wee Nurture through the ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, I can only imagine how amazing it would’ve been to have on hand during my own baby nursing days. Unlike traditional nursing covers, the Wee Nurture Milkmade Nursing Cover is the only breastfeeding cover currently on the market that does not enclose the baby. Instead, its sleek hourglass shape simply hugs mom’s neck and offers a hidden pouch of sorts that holds the goods. Whenever baby is ready to eat, simply flip open the flap and voila! Baby can eat comfortably and you are not flashing your goods to the world of bystanders!


That was a LOT!

So now, I ask you once more… are YOU ready?!

The ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower is officially here and I want YOU to join me in all of the fun! Make sure to RSVP here and follow along with the entire team on social media using the #UOBS hashtag so that you don’t miss out on a single second of the action!

Best of luck to each and every one of you!

ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower, RSVP Now

*Randi is a participating blogger in the November 2014 ULTIMATE Online Baby Shower event. She has received the above products at no cost as well as monetary compensation in return for her work throughout this event. All thoughts and opinions are hers alone.


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