Non-traditional Wedding Shower Themes and Ideas


Non-traditional Wedding Shower Themes and Ideas

Lyndon Love BoxNon-traditional wedding shower themes are becoming more popular these days. One of the reasons is because many people choose to wed when they are older. Since this is the case, many couples have already moved out on their own and have all of the basics they need in their home. Therefore, the traditional “help the bride set up her new home” shower is no longer as practical as it once was.

When are non-traditional themed showers a good idea? They are an excellent idea for…

  • A bride who has already established herself in her own home
  • Brides who are given more than one shower
  • Brides getting married for the second time
  • Any bride who finds the idea of a classic shower to be a little too mundane.

With that in mind, the following are some non-traditional wedding shower theme ideas.

  • Honeymoon theme – Throw a shower that focuses on the fun and thrills the wedding couple will experience on their honeymoon. Base decoration, food, music, etc. on the destination. For instance, if they are headed to an island, make it a beach theme.
  • Stock – the-bar – This is a fun theme that involves asking guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages or mixers to assist the bride and groom in stocking their bar. Provide each guest with their own personalized mini cocktail shaker and welcome everyone to create their own signature drink for all to taste!
  • Pajama party – This fun theme is just like a slumber party. Have everyone dress up in their favorite pajamas and enjoy pink refreshments and have lots of laughs while you do one another’s hair, give each other pedicures, manicures and engage in other fun activities.
  • Stock the pantry – Have guests write down their favorite recipe on a card and bring all of the non-perishable ingredients for the recipe in a gift basket or box, so the bride can have these items ready and waiting in her pantry. Enjoy a potluck of all the different recipes.

Finally, keep these three important considerations in mind: The first is to make sure that you inform the guests of the theme on the invitation, as well as of any other details regarding the theme that you feel they should know. Secondly, gifts for the bride should be sensible, but should also reflect the theme of the party. This is also true for party favors given to guests. Last, but certainly not least, regardless of what type of theme you decide to choose, always remember to keep the bride in mind. Above all, the party is for her. Choose a theme that you know she will like.
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