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I grew up with a love of animals.  So naturally, I watched Animal Planet pretty much every day.  I spent my days learning about every animal I could, playing with my pets, and daydreaming about my future career as a veterinarian.  Unfortunately, I found out I’m a bit too squeamish to be a vet, but my love of animals has stuck around and is something I enjoy sharing with my children.  That’s why I was so excited to see Animal Planet’s holiday gifts for 2014.

animal planet
I was able to receive and try out the Animal Planet Smoke Breathing Ice Dragon.  First of all, can I just say how completely awesome this dragon is?!  This is a gift that would have blown me away as a child!  It looks realistic, it roars, it walks, and did I mention that it breathes smoke?!  I have a feeling that my seven year old, my husband, and I will be fighting over who gets to play with the Animal Planet Smoke Breathing Ice Dragon for awhile.

ice dragon
We also got to try out Animal Planet’s Hatch ‘Ems.  The pack we received was a three pack of rain forest animals.  All you need to do is place the eggs in room temperature water and they do all the work.  After watching your animals hatch out of their eggs, you can take them out and play with them, or leave them in the water and see them grow for up to three weeks!  I love the mystery of which animals are in the eggs.

Animal Planet also has a variety of gifts available for all animal lovers.  Have a dog you love to travel with?  The Water Resistant Hammock Style Backseat Cover is great for allowing your furry friend to go with you without having to worry about destroying the interior of your car.  If you know someone who has a special kitty in their life, they would love the Animal Planet Cat Laser Toy.  This fun toy will provide their feline friend with hours of entertainment.

cat laser
There are also some great stocking stuffers offered by Animal Planet, such as the Animal Planet Gummy Bears or Animal Planet Sticker Activities.  For those in your life that love to read, there is a book about the Animal Planet hit series, Tanked, that goes behind the scenes into how Brett and Wade became successful and never-before-told stories of some of their tank builds.

Animal Planet has really outdone themselves this year making sure there’s pretty much something for everyone on your list.  I know my kiddos will be finding a few things from Animal Planet under the tree this year, and I may even treat myself, too!

BUY: You can purchase items from the Animal Planet Holiday Guide from their website, and toys available at Toys “R” Us.  Prices range from $1.00 to $79.99.

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*Mia received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer only.


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  1. Animal Planet has some of the neatest shows, I love watch Wade on Tanked and I love the scientific learning fun toys they have to offer

  2. i didnt know animal planet had toys for kids that dragon is really neat.or the cat laser toy my cat would like that.

  3. susan mccollum on

    We love animal planet, I didn’t know they had toys though! I really think I need that laser for my cat, I have seen them around, but haven’t purchased one yet. People say great things about them.

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