How to Use an Antique Picture Frame to Frame a Bulletin Board or Chalkboard


How to Use an Antique Picture Frame to Frame a Bulletin Board or Chalkboard

view of the frame from the front
Who hasn’t seen or owned a beautiful frame that they simply adored, but wasn’t sure how to put to use? Whether you are a flea market or yard sale fan, have inherited antique picture frames, or simply have frames you bought, but never found a purpose for, frames are an almost universally owned item that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

This project is a perfect antidote for this problem! Why not pull those frames out of hiding and repurpose them to create a functional and attractive bulletin board or chalkboard?

While the following tutorial describes the process for a bulletin board or corkboard, you can follow the exact same steps for a chalkboard, too.

Let’s assume that you are starting off with a frame that has already been used to display art. Start off with your frame lying face down on a clean work surface.

The next step is to remove any points that are located on the frame’s back, which makes it possible for any existing artwork to be removed. Using the right tools, such as a Fletcher PullMate Point Remover, can make this process much simpler. The point can be fitted into the opening of the tool. Then, the draw the tool straight back in order to bring the point out with it. Continue around the frame until all of the points have been removed.

Once your frame is ready to go, it’s time to gather everything you need to assemble your project. This includes the picture frame, a corkboard sized to fit your frame, a point driver (or other way to secure the corkboard), points, double-sided adhesive tape, a screwdriver, and either an Xacto knife or a dust cover paper trimmer.

Set the corkboard piece face down into the frame so that it is evenly aligned when viewed from the front. When you have found the right position for the corkboard, use a point driver to insert the points around the frame’s perimeter. Other ways to secure the corkboard include glazing points or wire brads.

It may look like the job is finished, but not yet! Create a truly professional look by adding dust-proof backing. To create a dust cover, apply double-sided adhesive tape (such as ATG tape) to the back of the frame. Then, place a piece of kraft paper down onto the work surface, setting the frame on top of it. You will want the kraft paper to be a little bit larger than the picture frame. Turn the frame paper side up and gently press the paper along the adhesive covered frame to create a smooth, firm bond. Now turn your knife on a slight angle and begin to trim away the excess paper on the inside and outside of the frame. Your goal is to make sure the paper is the right size for full coverage without being seen when the frame is viewed from its front. This step can also be completed by using a dust cover paper trimmer, which ensure your edges are hidden automatically.

Last, but not least, fasten a hanging wire on your piece. Adding a wire is a matter of simply marking a spot on the frame for each hanger, about one quarter of the way down the top of the frame on either side. Attach screws to that point and string wire through the hanger holes, bending it in on itself and twisting. Do this on both sides to secure it.

The result is a simple, attractive, and functional corkboard or chalkboard that you can hang on your wall.

This article was written by the American Frame framing team for the Ask Mike blog. Read more framing tips on Mike’s blog – Ask Mike.


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  1. The diy project i could do is this antique-picture-frame-to-bulletin-board. My family could use it to we have many dr appointments and have to keep up on them so being able to leave business cards on here and post would be great will have to make one too.

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