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A few years ago I read an article in a magazine that listed children’s age groups and the different types of jokes each age group would go for.  My oldest fell into the 4-8 year old age group.  Want to know the best jokes for that age group?  Potty and fart jokes.  I laughed about it, but decided to try it out.  Sure enough, she laughed the hardest at the fart jokes.  She also happened to remember those jokes the best because she paid closest attention to them.

Bastei Entertainment has taken a child’s love for silly pooting and turned it into a fun, educational game: Little Luna, Big Talent.  In Little Luna, Big Talent children get to explore with Luna, a Bombardier beetle, and her family, who all have a very special talent- tooting!  Along with Luna, children get to accomplish mini-missions like making a garden, they play music with Luna’s brothers, and get to make shadow puppets with Luna.  By playing with Luna and her unique family, children get to explore, engage their creative side, and learn to appreciate their own unique special talents.

My seven year old loved playing Little Luna, Big Talent.  The beautiful graphics and extremely interactive environment kept her engaged and entertained.  My kiddo also enjoyed how even mundane objects in the game, such as Luna’s toilet, came alive when they were touched.  I’m lucky to have downloaded this app, since we are about to depart on a cross-country plane trip, you can bet my little one will be playing along with Luna!

One of my kiddo’s favorite games is target practice with Luna’s dad.  This mini game has children aim Luna’s father’s bottom at targets, then power up and let out a toot to try to knock down the targets!  Through this sillyness, my little one also got to learn about Bombardier Beetles and how they are able to use their unique gift of farting to ward off predators.  She also had to learn how to gauge how much power was needed for each toot to knock down the target and how to aim Luna’s father’s bottom.  Although she was learning while playing, I still think the silly tooting noises were the biggest hit of the game.

Little Luna, Big Talent’s wonderful main character, Luna, is a very sweet and encouraging character.  I appreciate how Luna is able to explain things and help the child while playing throughout the game, without making it seem as if the child has done anything wrong.  I know that some kiddos are sensitive to doing something they perceive as “wrong”, like my seven year old does, but Luna simply cheers your kiddo on and allows them to play the game as they wish.

I’m looking forward to playing Little Luna, Big Talent for myself as well.  Who am I kidding- I can appreciate a good toot joke as much as my kiddos!  Once I’m done playing, I can use Little Luna, Big Talent’s parental controls to put a time limit for my little one into place, so I won’t have to worry about her playing for too long.  I also don’t have to worry about anything being purchased without my approval- as there’s NO in-app purchases.  Take a look below at the trailer for this fun and silly game:

BUY:  You can purchase Little Luna, Big Talent in the iTunes app store for $2.99.  Be sure to keep an eye out for this app to be available for Android devices in the next few weeks as well.

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