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I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my house clean without the use of harsh chemicals, while also saving money for my family.  I recently found Zabada, and am in love with their products!

Not only do Zabada products clean your home, they remove 99% of bacteria without the use of any harsh chemicals.  The cleaning process is a breeze, too.  Simply use water and wipe.  That’s it!

The secret to Zabada’s cleaning success is their unique thick-pile fibers.  The fibers clean and lock in the dirt, without spreading the mess like some other wipes do.  Zabada’s goal is to leave homes clean and rid the world of harsh chemical cleaners.

bathroom glove
I was given the opportunity to try out Zabada’s Bathroom Glove and Bathroom Marvel.  The Bathroom Glove’s fibers scrub to remove dirt, grime, and germs while leaving your bathroom surfaces clean.  You can then use the Bathroom Marvel to dry the surfaces, to prevent mold and mildew, and to shine your fixtures.

Here is a before and after of my husband’s sink, which is generally the dirtiest sink in the house.  Before cleaning with Zabada:

And after:

It took me a total of 3 three minutes to clean, dry, and shine the sink and fixtures.  I also appreciated the fact that, unlike other cloths I’ve tried in the past, the Zabada glove did not move around the dirt, but trapped it in the glove without leaving behind any lint or fuzz.  Best of all, I ended up with a clean bathroom and no harsh chemical smell.  I particularly like the idea of not having those fumes in the air, as I can feel comfortable cleaning the bathroom and having my baby in the same room as me so I can keep an eye on her.

After cleaning my bathrooms, all I had to do was throw the Zabada glove and marvel into the laundry to be cleaned, and they were like new again!  Zabada products are designed to last up to 3 years, so you no longer have to throw your money away on cleaning supplies every month.

Zabada offers products for every room in your home, from top to bottom.  From surface cleaners, to window cleaners, to floor cleaners, Zabada has you covered to help you keep your home clean while protecting them from bacteria and harsh chemicals.  Take a look at the video below to see how it works:

Be sure to check out all the different products offered by Zabada.  I’m looking forward to trying out their kitchen glove, which works on kitchen counters, cook tops, tiles and ovens.  Using the Zabada kitchen glove, while being versitile, will also eliminate the need to buy sponges that get gross and constantly have to be replaced.

With the different bundles offered, along with running special promotions, Zabada has many ways to make keeping your home clean and chemical-free affordable for every budget.  And with the life of each product, you won’t have to worry about replacing any items for a long time.

BUY: You can purchase Zabada products directly from their website.  Product costs vary.  The Bathroom glove retails for $40.00 and the bathroom marvel for $30.00.

CONNECT:  Stay up to date on all Zabada products via their Facebook or join their mailing list through their website.


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