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Now that the holidays are winding down I’d like to share with you all what was quite easily my seven-year-old’s favorite gift.  Back in September, I asked her that if she could create a stuffed animal, no matter how crazy it was, to draw it for me.  She spent about an hour in her room and after, she came out to me with the below image.

This, my friends, is Billy the cat.  Billy is a mixture of colors, with several belly buttons, a heart shaped birth mark, and bunny ears.  She loved her creation, and was quite proud of what her imagination had thought up.  Little did she know that later that night, I sent her creation over to PillowPals.  Once received, they began making what would be my little one’s favorite new pal.

Just in time for Christmas, our package arrived.  As a special treat, I allowed my kiddo to open her package on Christmas eve, not letting on who it was from.  As you can see below, her reaction was priceless.

She LOVED her new best friend, Billy the cat.  Being able to see something she imagined come to life was like a magical experience for her.  Even the baby loved playing with the PillowPal, and the three of them became fast friends.

Having expected a tiny little stuffed animal, I was pleasantly surprised with how big the PillowPal turned out to be. It is large enough for my kiddo to hug and cuddle with, but still lightweight enough that she has been taking him everywhere with him.  By everywhere, I mean the car, the dinner table, while watching tv… you get the picture.

The PillowPal is very soft and well-made.  The baby particularly enjoys chewing on Billy’s nose and ears.  She usually is able to break things by chewing on them, but so far the PillowPal is holding up well.

PillowPals also takes part in giving back to the community as well, which makes me feel even better about supporting this business.  One dollar from every purchase is donated to The Dana-Farber Cancer Center at BostonChildren’s Hospital.  They also take donations from those willing to sponsor PillowPals for children in need.

PillowPals are unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that would delight any child.  They have the ability to let children make their imaginary friend come to life!

BUY:  You can purchase a PillowPal by following the directions on their website.  Please note it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a PillowPal to be made since they are individually handmade.

CONNECT:  Keep in touch with PillowPals on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.


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